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  • Genes

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    Intro -The concept of the gene has been the focus of some hundred years of work to establish the basis of heredity, however there is no simple one line answer to the question what exactly is a gene. Genes have a variety of different functions a gene is a sequence of dna that carries information representing a protein. The sequence of dna can be identified as a continuous stretch stretch of nucleotides and chromosomes. Genes are made up of dna and act as instructions to make the molecule called proteins

  • Gene Therapy Vs Gene Therapy

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    the differentially between gene therapy and gene enhancement. His argument fails because gene therapy and genetic enhancement is morally impermissible because its manipulation and destruction of embryos shows disrespect for human life and discrimination against people with disabilities. According to Walter Glannon, he argues that gene therapy must be distinguished from genetic enhancement. He states that there is a clear difference between both for the reason that gene therapy is morally acceptable

  • Gene And DNA: The Evolution Of DNA And Genes

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    Many people have wondered what it is exactly that makes us...human. What is it that separates us from one another that makes us unique? DNA and Genes is what makes every person up. Everyone is different because of it. Humans are different from each other by their skin color, their facial features, and it’s all due to Deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a molecule that contains the genetic instructions that are used in the functioning, the development, and the reproduction that

  • Gene Therapy

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    Gene Therapy Gene therapy offers a new treatment paradigm for curing human disease. Rather than altering the disease phenotype by using agents who interact with gene products, or are themselves gene products, gene therapy can theoretically modify specific genes resulting in disease cure following a single administration. Initially gene therapy was envisioned for the treatment of genetic disorders, but is currently being studied in a wide range of diseases, including cancer, peripheral vascular

  • Gene Therapy

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    Genes are a big part of the body. They control the production of particular proteins that help perform important functions of the body. Genes control the proteins that help repair skin and bones, heal wounds and transport oxygen from the lungs and the rest of the body. When a person has recovered from a hereditary disease their genes are damaged or mutated and the production of certain proteins can be at dangerous levels or be blocked causing symptoms or be life threatening. Researchers try to treat

  • Gene Thearapy: The Usage of Gene as Medicine

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    usage of genes as medicine give rise to the concept of 'Gene Therapy'. In the process of Gene therapy, a defective gene copy is repaired by transmitting therapeutic gene copy into those cells of an individual. So thereby, a faulty gene could be replaced or a medical condition may be corrected by introducing a new gene. Gene therapy has a promising future as it is powerful enough to treat many genetic conditions and also other deathly disease like AIDS, cancer etc. Though the potential of "gene therapy"

  • The Kohen Gene

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    The Kohen Gene In a world where Jews have assimilated so much into other cultures, is it possible to trace the lineage of an elite group of Jewish men all the way back to a man who lived three-thousand and five-hundred years ago? According to Karl Skorecki, a scientist at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, and Michael Hammer, a geneticist from the University of Arizona at Tuscan, the possibility is alive (1). In Jewish tradition, as written in the Hebrew Bible, the Children of Israel

  • The Dangers Of Gene Therapy And The Effects Of Gene Therapy

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    Effects of Gene Therapy Imagine if there was a cure for cancer right at our fingertips… Gene therapy is attempting to achieve that goal by replacing a mutated gene, such as a cancer gene, with a healthier copy of it. However gene therapy is still very new in the medical field and as such comes with plenty of risks with one being that it may cause a tumor to grow. How can gene therapy act as a potential cure for cancer and what are the potential harms that can come out of treatment? Gene therapy is

  • Gene Therapy

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    Gene therapy. These words to some seem frightening and new, but make no mistake, research has shown that gene therapy used on terrible diseases such a cystic fibrosis provide promising results to finding cures in the future (“How Does Gene Therapy Work?”). Cystic fibrosis is a terrifying hereditary condition that affects a person’s endocrine gland causing thick mucus to block one’s bronchi, pancreatic ducts, and intestines (About Cystic Fibrosis). It is a recessive trait, which means that two people

  • The Hox Genes

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    The Hox genes are a set of related genes that code for transcription factors involved in determining the general body plan of an organism along the anterior to posterior axis. One unique feature of the hox gene is that its function and presence is highly conserved in a wide range of species, including the model organism Drosophila, amphibians, and mammals. Because of such a high level of homology amongst species where this gene cluster exists, conducting research using model organisms containing