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  • Friday

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    The movie Friday was one of the best comedies I have ever seen. It had a great director, a talented cast, a good plot, a spectacular soundtrack, and is filled with funny gags and jokes. It was by far the most hilarious movie of the decade. I have never laughed so hard in all of my life. I loved this movie. The cast of the movie was sensational. Playing the main character was famous musician and actor, Ice Cube. He is such a serious person that at first I was skeptical of his performance in a comedy

  • Friday

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    FRIDAY A handsome, in about 26 years old, with straight and strong limbs, tall and well shaped fellow who bare name Friday which he got for the memory of a day he was rescued. The native who was saved from a certain death by Robinson Crusoe during one of the cannibal rituals of a local tribe. By the man who was actually on his way to Africa to buy Negroes! His hair was long and black but not curled, he had very high forehead and great sparkling sharp eyes. Friday’s appearance was somewhere in between

  • Friday

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    Friday Every Monday at work, I hear people complaining that they wish it would be Friday already. Everyone waits for this last day of the working week with excitement and eagerness. Friday represents the completion of the week, and at the same time, the beginning of the weekend. The origins of the word "Friday" take their roots from Norse mythology, when this day signified rejuvenation, and at the same time loss, death or completion. In various cultures, this day has numerous meanings and is perceived

  • On A Friday

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          On a Friday            It was a cool sunny Friday morning, the air was crisp blended with a hint of winter. There was smell of warm fresh oatmeal, bacon, and scrambled eggs. The smell made its way into my room. Although it was early I still decided to get up and see what was brewing in the kitchen.       I got up out of bed and shuffled in my slippers to where the scent was originating. As

  • Friday 13th

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    normal teenage life, just six months ago; at least, as normal as teenage life can ever be. I went to school, I had a best friend. Yes, I had my ups and downs, but it never resulted in anything so gruesome, evil or sick as what happened the night of Friday 13th five months ago. It all began the night my best friend Daisy killed herself. Not to mention her five-year-old twin brother and sister seconds before. She butchered them with a kitchen knife, before turning the blade on herself. All three

  • Black Friday

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    headache. I could feel myself getting dizzy because I kept seeing duplicates of people fleeing around me. Aimlessly waved my arm in my area of vicinity, I finally found a clothing rack to lean my arm on for a short time. I soon began to sense why Black Friday shopping was a perilous adventure. As another person dashed into the crowd and slipped onto his butt, people began to trample over him. Customers didn’t even notice that they were stepping someone while others didn’t even bother to help him up. I

  • Black Friday : The Dark Side Of Black Friday

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    The Darkside of Black Friday For most, Thanksgiving is a holiday spent with family and delicious food, but for others, it is a day consisting of tremendous planning in hopes for a major haul of “discounted” items. In the United States, it is safe to say that Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events each year. In recent years the public's participation in Black Friday has continued to decline, stated by the National Retail Federation. ”Thirty-five percent of consumers who plan to shop during

  • Freaky Friday

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    “Freaky Friday” The movie that I chose to review was titled “Freaky Friday.” It stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as a mother and daughter who switch bodies for a day. In this film, Tess Coleman (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is a widowed psychiatrist juggling her job and family while planning her second marriage. Anna Coleman (played by Lindsay Lohan), who disapproves of her mother’s second marriage plans, is of no help to her mother at all during her stressful situations. Anna is a rebellious

  • Friday Paper

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    Throughout the Progressive Era (1890-1928) poverty, industrialization and high immigration levels induced child labor and over-populated tenements in New York. Efforts to alleviate the effects of poverty among working-class and poor families through direct action and government reform became known as “progressivism.” Industrialization seemed to be a good thing; it offered more jobs which in turn seemed to offer more money and would cause more spending to support the economy. The construction of

  • Black and Blue Friday

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    The Friday after Thanksgiving is everything from a bargain hunter’s dream come true to a husband’s worst nightmare. Since the early to mid-sixties it was been given the name “Black Friday.” Black Friday is day where stores around the country open their doors early to welcome the start of the Christmas shopping season. This is the day if you get to the mall by five a.m., you are late and will not find a parking place. It is the same day where you start off by being cussed by a pregnant woman,