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  • The Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand : Trigger for War

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    The Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand : Trigger for War Bosnia and Herzegovina were provinces just south of Austria, which had, until 1878, been governed by the Turks. The Treaty of Berlin, in 1878, settled the disposition of lands lost by the Turks following their disastrous war with Russia. Austria was granted the power to administer the two provinces indefinitely. Many Bosnian-Serbs felt a strong nationalistic desire to have their province joined with that of their Serb brothers

  • What sparked WW1, How Did it End?

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    the people and funding to build their forces. Serbia also wanted a South Slav empire, at this they would not stop for. A terrorist group called the Black Hand planned to kill the Archduke of Hungary Francis Ferdinand who planned to visit Sarajevo. On June 28th Gavrilo Princip assassinated Francis. Since he was under 20 years of age he was not executed. Instead he was sentenced to life in prison. He died in 1918 of tuberculosis. This severely angered the Austrians. They issued the Serbians an ultimatum

  • September 11 Was Mass Murder, Not an Act of War

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    the language of war, but of crime. The analogy with Pearl Harbor limps badly and leads to policy judgments of dubious value. The recent atrocities have a much closer precedent in the events leading up to World War I. On June 28, 1914, Francis Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was assassinated in Sarajevo. The Austrian investigation into the terrorist attack could not establish a firm connection with Serbia, the likeliest suspect in harboring, if not organizing the

  • Causes Of World War I 3

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    a long period of time and indirectly leads to a specific event, and an immediate cause is a specific short-term event that directly leads to another event or series of events. While the immediate cause of World War I was the assassination of Francis Ferdinand, the archduke of Austria, by a Serbian member of the Black Hand secret society, there were various basic causes of the war. Three of them were nationalism, alliances between European powers, and militarism. Nationalism is a devotion and loyalty

  • Causes And Effects Of World Wa

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    generations after the war. It is not a rare occasion that when a person is asked what the causes of World War I were, that they answer with the simple comment of an Austrian Prince being shot in Serbia. However the assignation of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie , in Sarajevo was not the main cause of the Great War. Rather, it was the breaking point for Austria in its dealings with Serbia. The truth of the matter is that several factors played a role in the outbreak of the catastrophic

  • The Spark of World War I

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    the war everyone expected. That spark was touched off in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In an attempt to ease tensions between Austria-Hungary and people in the Balkans, the Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife made a ceremonial trip to Sarajevo. Ferdinand was in line to be the next emperor of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. The Archduke had made enemies in the neighboring kingdom of Serbia because he once favored the reorganization of the empire to create a third kingdom

  • Essay On Origins Of World War

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    country was responsible for the creation of the war. His first explanation is that of how Serbia was partly responsible. Fay explains that Serbia knew that by not co-operating with the Austrian government over the implications of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand assassination they were indirectly preparing for a war they would fight but did not want. Fay says that Austria was more responsible for the war than any other power but not in military attack, but more in the form of self-defence. He makes it

  • Assassination at Sarajevo

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    Assassination at Sarajevo Important Places/Dates of event: April,1914- Narodna Obrandna recieves paper that says that Francis Ferdinand will be coming to Sarajevo on June 28, 1914 Sarajevo-June28, 1914- Francis Ferdinand and Sofia Chotek are assassinated July 23- Austria sends ultimatum to Serbian leaders July 28-Austria declares war on Serbia August 1, 1914- Germany declares war on Russia August 2, 1914- Germany asks for free transit in Belgium; Belgium refuses, but German’s enter

  • Causes of World War One

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    The Germans were also intent on challenging the naval superiority of Britain. However, it was rampant nationalism-especially evident in the Austro-Hungarian empire-that furnished the immediate cause of hostilities. On June 28, 1914, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir apparent to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated at Sarajevo by a Serbian nationalist. One month later, after its humiliating demands were refused, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Other declarations of war followed quickly

  • Spanish Social and Political Structure

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    explorations to the New World (specifically that of Christopher Columbus in 1492) was a Spain vastly different from what it had been a mere couple of decades pre-exploration. This "new" Spain is actualized by the union of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon in 1469. Before the marriage of the two major kingdoms of Spain (Aragon and Castile), Spain was in near anarchy. Weak kings and small local communities of feudal rule (medieval systems of local government, a feudal lord ruled over the