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  • Fairytale Essay

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    Fairytale is one of the intricate genres in literary history. It is impossible to say exactly when the first fairytale was created. They have been in practice since the beginning of time. The famous scholar Jack Zipes agreed that evolution of fairytales could not be determined. In his book The Irresistible Fairytales, he says: “It is impossible to trace the historical origins and evolution of fairytales to a particular time and place; we do know that humans began telling tales as soon as they developed

  • The Importance of Fairytales

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    Introduction: I chose to research the genre of fairytales because the genre retold by Grimm’s caught my attention. Fairytales in modern day usually have a happy ending after the good versus evil concept. Rapunzel specifically, isn’t told in its original form.Theres much more darkness and even though happily ever after is in play, not all fairytales end that way. Fairytales have much more depth than people realize in modern day. It portrays the real struggles we face growing up. In Rapunzel

  • Grimm's Fairytales

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    childhood. Fairytales give me a sense of empowerment and hope for the future. The stories mold my imagination and resiliency to who I am today. The Search: The mission to write a research paper on the basis of my childhood began. As I was walking towards the school library, different ideas of what stories to find, what I wanted to focus on my research paper popped into my head. I became frustrated because of the vast amount of fairytales; I wanted to focus on five important fairytales. Mr. Boardman

  • Symbolism in Fairytales

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    Symbolism in Fairytales Fairytales are as ancient as communal living. However, the symbolism of fairytales is very controversial. In the case of Cinderella, I believe that it symbolizes the role of women in society and the characteristics that women should have. In Bruno Bettelheim's article "'Cinderella:' A Story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts," he depicts the fairytale as a case of sibling rivalry. Feminist Madonna Kolbenschlag, says in her article "A Feminist View of `Cinderella

  • Grimm's Fairytales

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    many authors that would rather write books for children than for adults. Some of the most famous writers in history are the Grimm Brothers; they were only one year apart in age, and they wrote brilliantly together for all of their life. The Grimm’s Fairytales are probably one of their most famous pieces of work. These stories really changed the way people could tell their stories accurately and present them to children without being inappropriate. The two brothers were Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm.

  • Fairytales and Folktales

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    Fairytales and folktales have been told around the campfire, in the living room, the class room, and before bedtime for centuries. First told orally, the “… stories had to have remarkable features in order to remain memorable (Nodelman 246).” These stories were passed down from storyteller to audience until they were eventually written down and collected for consumption by the public. Due to the passing of time and fallibility the stories have changed throughout the years and slightly differ from

  • Fairytale

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    Once upon a time in a land of mysteries, a soldier dwarf not like any other soldier was traveling through the forest and trips on a log, creating a loud thunderous thud. Awakening all of the forest as the wave of force moved throughout. The man dizzily stood up clinging on to a nearby tree to steady him. The man took effort to continue walking again. But the pain in his side from being slashed was too much to bear. The man then fell back down but to his knees weeping in pain from the gruesome

  • Fairytales Essay

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    Narratives in Fairytales Individuals often use stories to pass down knowledge to future generations. Stories such as fairy tales are easily transferable and enjoyable to different age groups. One of the important uses of fairytales is that fairytales have the capacity teach life lesson without the physical experience. Traditionally stories exemplify cultural traditions or norms transmitting social knowledge. Children’s stories and fairytales are used primarily as a way to adapt children into the

  • The Importance of Fairytales

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    Introduction: It’s impossible for me to say I don’t know anything about fairytales, but what I do know about them, there isn’t anything I don’t love! Between the knight and shining armor, the damsel in distress and the infamous rescuing scene, you can’t help but hope to one day find your prince charming! Let’s be honest, we love to hate fairytales, they are so unbelievably unrealistic with the romance, the happy endings, the prince and princess, but we all live to have something come

  • Flowers and Fairytale

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    Flowers and Fairytale By the school, there is a little garden with a water fountain and several little trees around it. Each tree is grounded in a two-foot high cement block. The tree is covered with leaves, and the leaves have scattered flowers around them. The fountain contains several little water shooters, shooting out forms of water, which resembles the flower as a dancing fairy. The flowers start at the bottom of the tree. The ring of flowers surround the tree. They are made up of