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  • Leonardo Dreams of Hid Flying Machine

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    Alan Sylvestri can be set to music in wildly different ways to accentuate different aspects of the plot. The first text setting described portrays a dramatic story of Leonardo conquering his dreams of flight (or so it seems), and the second, by Eric Whitacre, telling the same story in a less dramatic and more ethereal style. This text provides a great example of how the musical setting can completely change not only the listener’s experience, but the story itself.

  • Eric Hoover's Honor for Honor's Sake

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    Eric Hoover's Honor for Honor's Sake The idea of being judged by your peers has long been accepted as the best way of regulating a population. Even the Constitution uses a peer based judicial system when laying down the framework for the United States government. There are, however, some limits to when and where this system can be effectively implemented. Eric Hoover challenges the use of peer review in universities by telling the testimonials of several students who have been hurt by a system

  • Eric's Wacky World of Words

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    Eric's Wacky World of Words I don't work with small children with any frequency, nor have I been related to any for some years now. I am focusing instead on my own linguistic development, which is in fact rather complicated. I was born in the United States, but raised speaking French. French was my first language, and by all accounts I was a precociously fluent speaker. I learned English more or less in parallel because I needed it to talk to my father, but I used French more often in conversing

  • Eric Eazy-E Wright A Life Interrupted by Taylor Evans

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    Eric Eazy-E Wright A Life Interrupted by Taylor Evans Born September 7, 1963, Eric "Eazy-E" Wright's early reputation on the streets of Compton, California, was a hustler eager to apply his street knowledge to his legitimate game. He dropped out of high school in the tenth grade, but refused that to interrupt his success. In the late `80's he turned to rap music. Along with Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, and M.C. Ren established the most successful and controversial rap group in history. As N.W.A

  • Chariots of Fire

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    Chariots of Fire Assignment 1. In the movie, Chariots of Fire, Eric Liddell most strongly observed the 3rd commandment of not playing sport on the Sabbath, as the Sabbath is seen as a day of rest. This was seen on the Sunday of the Olympics when he refused to race. The second commandment Eric Liddell most strongly observed was the … 2. The Sabbath is designed as a day of rest after working for six days, no work including sport is to be performed on this day. When God created the earth, he

  • Tactics During The Revolutionary War

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                             ___________ Content                         ___________ Originality                         ___________ Style of writing                    ___________ Prove thesis                          ___________ Eric Heppen                              American History Term Paper December 13, 1999                                        Period 7 The American Tactics of the Revolutionary War Most of Europe thought that the British with their immense

  • Eric Arthur Blair

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    Eric Blair’s fictional name was George Orwell , born June 25,1903 in Motihari, India . At that time “India was part of the British Empire”(Orwell page 1 of 4). This was near the turn of the century, so not many people could afford to move to India with out the “British Empire”(Orwell pg. 1 of 4). Eric’s father Richard Blair was an agent of the Opium Department of the Indian Civil Service.Blair’s Grandfather served in the Indian Army for sometime before Blair’s birth. His family was “ not very wealthy

  • Seven Sins of Deadly Meetings by Eric Matson

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    Seven Sins of Deadly Meetings by Eric Matson Sin #1: People don't take meetings seriously. They arrive late, leave early, and spend most of their time doodling. Salvation: Adopt the mind-set that meetings are real work. There are as many techniques to improve the "crispness" of meetings as there are items on the typical meeting agenda. Some companies punish latecomers with a penalty fee or reprimand them in the minutes of the meeting. But these techniques address symptoms, not the disease

  • FireArt, Inc.

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    FireArt, Inc. has asked Eric Holt to put "together a team…one person from each division, and have a comprehensive plan for the company’s strategic realignment up, running, and winning within six months." Eric, being the newly appointed Director of Strategy, knew his overall goal and creates a formal group in order to fulfill the overall organizational mission of turning the company around. However even though a formal group is created, there is a lack of specific goals and tasks. Eric who only had experience

  • George Orwell, Book Jacket

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    Eric Arthur Blair, known as George Orwell, was born in 1903 near Nepal in the Indian Village Moithari. "This is exactly what he tried to do: he tried to change himself from Eric Blair, old Etonian and English colonial policemen, into George Orwell, classless antiauthoritarian." ( His two most famous work were Animal Farm(1943) and 1984(1946). Other books he has written have been Why I Write, Road to Wigan Pier, Down and Out(which was almost destroyed), Burmese Days, The Clergyman's Daughter