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  • Ephedra (Ma Huang)

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    Ephedra (Ma Huang) Ephedras species are an evergreen shrub, native to North China and Inner Mongolia. It's yellow/green branching shrub growing to an average of 20 inches (50cm) with long narrow, sprawling stems and tiny leaves, can be found in desert or arid regions throughout the world. Its color can be green, gray, or red, depending on the species. The plant has small greenish yellow flowers and tiny nodes (joints) on the stalks (2). Ephedra is propagated from seed or by root division in autumn

  • Ephedra: Asking For Trouble?

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    Ephedra: Asking For Trouble? A member of the phylum Gnetophyta, the Ephedra genus is a perennial, dioecious shrub that reaches 1 1/2 to 4 feet tall (7). There are multiple species of this genus that inhabit the desert regions in certain parts of the world. The three species E. sinica, E. intermedia, and E. equisetina are found in Asia, particularly China and Mongolia. Ephedra distacha is from Europe. India and Pakistan are home to E. gerardiana. North American species consist of E. nevadensis

  • The Miracle Cure or Nightmare Drug?

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    weakness, the desire to be physically fit with little or no effort? The answers to these questions can be answered by asking yet another question, “What is ephedra?” II. What Is Ephedra? Ephedra is an herb native to central Asia, which can also be found under the name Ma Huang. Many people get confused about the difference between ephedra and ephedrine, but the answer to ... ... middle of paper ... ...tical diet in combination with exercise. [i] A Serious Supplemental Hazard http://www

  • Drug Use in Sports

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    couple of games. Drugs should be banned because they are harmful to a person’s health. The long-term effects of these drugs are outrageous. The most commonly abused drugs are steroids, ephedra, marijuana, and cocaine. Most steroids and ephedra are illegal. They are usually sold illegally on the black market. Ephedra can be bought in your local GNC or other places White 2 sell dietary supplements. Steroids are usually smuggled like other illegal drugs. They are smuggled through the Mexican border each

  • Ephedrine: The Weight Loss Wonder Drug?

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    Ephedrine: The Weight Loss Wonder Drug An increasing number of people are using products to enhance their diets. A recent estimate indicates, “Americans are spending some $6 billion annually on nutritional supplements, and the market is growing by 20% every year” (Zahn, 1997). Of these supplements, the increase in herbal remedy use is most dramatic. Zahn holds that the increase can be attributed to the widely held belief that herbal substances are healthy and harmless because of their natural

  • From the Bigs to NU: Performance Enhancement

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    NU: Performance Enhancement From the very first time he touched the newest and hottest in a long line of drug fads, Justin Hedrick, then high school running back, now star pitcher for the Northeastern baseball team, was swept up in the craze of ephedra. Looking back, he realizes what a fortunate decision he made to stop using the common muscle supplement linked to as many as 155 deaths around the country since its introduction in the mid-1990s. “Before (football) season, we used to cut down

  • Creatine

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    Creatine and Ephedrine Bill Romanowski, Shannon Sharpe, and Mark McGwire, are just a few of the professional athletes that use and endorse fitness supplements such as Androstendione, Creatine, and other products. Every on camera interview that you see Shannon Sharpe he is wearing an EAS mock turtleneck. EAS is one of the leading manufacturers of Creatine and other supplements. The hottest supplement in Hollywood is Ephedrine; an herbal based drug designed to increase fat loss. Why do so many athletes

  • Regulating Dietary Supplements

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    According to the 2002 Harris poll, seven out of ten adults in the United States take vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other supplements (Schardt 2). Due to media advertising, dietary supplements are becoming more popular. Companies compete to have the best supplements. It is said that forty percent of American adults take vitamin supplements and over the counter products, which total in several billion dollars (Farley 2). Although many of the supplements claim to be healthy and help lose weight, the

  • Regulating Natural Health Research Paper

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    In my opinion, all natural health products including traditional Chinese herbal medicines should all be regulated because of the possible side effects that they may have. Children, pregnant, breast feeding women and elderly with serious illness may be particularly affected by products side effects. The ideal system for regulating the natural health products, in my opinion, is a system that considers the safety and the efficacy of the product and evaluate the product of the possibility of side effects

  • Ripped Fuel (Case Study #3)

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    while taking Ripped Fuel, their body will experience dehydration. Given that the original Ripped Fuel formula contained ephedra, it had been banned by the FDA, the NCA, the IOC and professional sporting associations. As a result, the producers of Ripped Fuel have taken ephedra out of their formula, however, they have added in other ingredients that mimic the effects of ephedra. One of the ingredients now used is bitte...

  • The Price paid for an Image not our Own

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    Fitness has been the pinnacle of individual achievement and perfection for ages. Through advertisements and marketing, fitness has received renewed momentum by people of all shapes, builds and sizes. People, through innovations in nutrition, science, health and fitness have engineered new and creative ways to get fit easier and faster. The market is flooded with products that claim to help a person build muscle, lose weight, increase adrenaline and improve stamina. One such product, Hydroxycut,

  • Argumentative Essay On Diet Pills

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    “Deadly Diet Pills” Even though, diet pills could be used for anyone who is trying to lose weight, they are bad for you because if diet pills are not used properly, they could be deadly and diet pills are not meant for people who just want to lose weight for fun. Diet pills are supplements that were created to reduce unhealthy and unsafe fat on your body. Most people who are NOT prescribed dietary supplements intend to get addicted. What people do not understand is that if you consume diet pills

  • Weight-Loss and the Weight of the Media

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    Weight-Loss and the Weight of the Media The media bombards us with advertisements and articles about weight-loss supplements. We cannot turn on the television or radio without seeing or hearing an advertisement for Dexatrim, and we cannot flip through a magazine without seeing an advertisement or article about Metabolife. The manner in which different media sources treat weight-loss supplements greatly influences the public's perception of these products. This essay will examine a Newsweek article

  • Diet Pills: The Miraculous Weight Loss Formula?

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    seemed to suck up the fat, and people were losing anywhere between 25-50 pounds in months. The FDA no longer approves the use of Redux or fen/phen, but new ingredients have made diet pills just as popular. An herb called ephedra is currently the most common substance in diet pills. Ephedra is still available for over the counter distribution, but the FDA is researching the side effects. Many cases of heart diseases and strokes have been linked to the herb. The use of diet pills is not recommended, but

  • Weight Loss Research Project

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    of combining all elements to have great success while others are searching for the “miracle” pill. In recent years weight loss supplements have exploded into the market of fitness. Some of the supplements like ephedra and yohimbine have been used for weight loss and other purposes. Ephedra is a drug used traditionally in ... ... middle of paper ... ... and Fitness Magazine May 2009: 124+. Print. CDC - Data & Statistics. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 30 June 2010. Web. 26

  • Persuasive Essay On Dietary Supplements

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    “About 150 million people in the US use dietary supplements; about 79% use it on a daily bases, and 10% taking 5 or more per day” (Ranjani 478). Dietary supplements range from sports performance products, weight loss products, to a variety of herbal remedies. These supplements are used widely to help maintain or improve the health of the human body. While buying these products many assume that they are regulated and are safe for human consumption, however it may not be the case. “Supplements face

  • Hydrox Slim Research

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    Tea extract, and Citrus Aurantium which boosts thermo genesis when working together. The product also contains L-Carnitine. Unlike some of the diet pills marketed before, Hydrox Slim is free from thermo genesis-promoting ingredient, Ephedrine or Ephedra which is now considered as harmful. One of the advantages of the capsule formula is that its full ingredient list is available. Also, intake of Hydrox Slim encourages ample water consumption. However, there are also disadvantages in choosing this

  • Meth Informative Speech

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    Lily Blondin Ehlers Communications 21 March 2017 Methamphetamine For many, once they try it, they are hooked for life. This devastating, addictive drug, which is increasingly becoming available across the United States, not only takes the lives of its users, it tears apart families and friendships and poses health and safety risks to entire neighborhoods and communities. This drug is methamphetamine. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the very real and devastating effects of meth and

  • Performance Enhancing Drugs: Steroids

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    Steroids: No Pain No Gain? The problems with performance enhancing drugs are that they give the user unfair advantages over other athletes and come with many health risks such as baldness. Steroid use can result in very substantial legal consequences and can ruin the user’s reputation. There are many alternatives to steroids but not all of them are safe. Different organizations have different rules on steroids, but in most cases, the user can get suspended, fined, or even both. Various types of steroids

  • Role Models: Beyoncé, Carrie Underwood, And Marilyn Monroe

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    baby weight she used a personal trail and often sometimes worked out with her son in her arms. The first time, ten years ago, she used supplements with dangerous herds in it to help her loss weight after she won American Idol. The supplements had Ephedra in it, Underwood said “If I could go back and talk to myself I’d be like, ‘Here’s how you do it the right way’” (Heller). “Throw caution to the wind and just do it” – Carrie Underwood (“Carrie