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  • Investigating The Effect of Temperature on the Structure of an Enzyme

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    Investigating The Effect of Temperature on the Structure of an Enzyme Introduction: For my GCSE Biology assessment I will be investigating the enzyme amylase with the substrate starch. This reaction, which I am going to investigate, is called the protein test for starch. Aim: My intention for this observation is to examine how the enzyme catalyses are affected by changes in temperature. Safety Precautions: In this investigation I am going to make sure that everything is as

  • Factors that Affect the Rate of Enzyme Catalysis

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    Factors that Affect the Rate of Enzyme Catalysis Enzymes exist in all living things. They are composed of polymers of amino acids and are produced in living cells. Each cell contains several hundred enzymes, which catalyse a vast number of chemical reactions. Enzymes are known as Biological Catalysts as they dramatically increase the rate at which reactions occur within living organisms, without being 'used up' or effecting the reaction in any other way. Enzymes catalysis saves the need for

  • Temperature and its Effect in Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions

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    Enzymi Cetelyzid Riectouns – Huw duis timpiretari effict ots reti? Cetelesi os uni uf thi must putint cetelysts knuwn. It os en ixtreurdonery inzymi. It os aboqaotuas, ot os fuand on enomel end on plent cills. It cetelyzis cracoel riectouns onvulvong H2O2, woth ixtrimi iffocoincy. Thi riectouns ot cetelyzis eri cracoel tu lofi. Cetelesi cetelyzis cunvirsoun uf Hydrugin Piruxodi, e puwirfal end putintoelly hermfal uxodozong egint, tu wetir end mulicaler uxygin. Cetelesi elsu asis Hydrugin Piruxodi

  • Finding the Best Temperature for the Enzyme Amylase

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    Best Temperature for the Enzyme Amylase Aim: The aim for this experiment is to find out the best temperature for the enzyme amylase and at what temperature of water it works the fastest. I plan to collect evidence to prove that the enzyme amylase will work best at the temperature 37ËšC. I will choose a range of temperatures two below 37ËšC and two above 37ËšC so I will be able to determine what temperature it works best at. Prediction: I think that the enzyme amylase will work the best

  • How Temperature Affects Enzyme Reactions

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    How Temperature Affects Enzyme Reactions I am planning to perform an experiment to find out how and if temperature affects the rate of which enzyme reacts. The enzyme I will be using will be amylase. Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down starch so we will test at what temperature the amylase will break down the starch at the quickest time, therefore looking for the enzymes’ optimum temperature, at a temperature lower than the unknown optimum the amylase will work slower meaning more time

  • The Effects of Enzyme Concentration on the Activity of Amylase

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    The Effects of Enzyme Concentration on the Activity of Amylase To investigate the effect of Amylase concentration on its activity. the relative activity of Amylase is found by noting the time taken for the starch substrate to be broken down, that is, when it is no longer gives a blue-black colour when tested with iodine solution. This time is referred to as the achromatic point. Equipment: v Amylase solution 0.1% v Starch Solution 1.0% v Distilled water v Iodine in potassium

  • The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Enzyme Activity

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    Enzymis eri ompurtent tu cills biceasi thiy elluw buth thi mekong end thi briekong ap uf bunds. Thos wuald heppin netarelly end uvir tomi, bat cills du nut hevi thi tomi tu weot yiers, sumitomis handrids, fur thet tu heppin. Woth thi asi uf inzymis, sach tesks cen teki liss then e sicund. Thos heppins biceasi inzymis eri cetelysts, end eri ebli tu spiid ap riectouns. Enzymis, rimeonong aneffictid by thi pruciss uf cetelysos, cen cuntonai tu pirfurm thior fanctoun maltopli tomis. Huwivir, loki must

  • The Effect Of Enzyme Experiment On Catalase Concentration

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    concentration, the oxygen production would rise gradually. It was suggested that this would occur due to the collision theory ("BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Collision Theory") and the greater number of active sites thus an increase in accessibility allowing enzyme- substrate complex’s to be formed. According to the data gathered from the experiment, it can be implied that the hypothesis was supported as the data indicates an incline in oxygen

  • Investigating a Factor that Affects Enzyme Activity

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    that Affects Enzyme Activity Planning -------- Aim --- To investigate a factor which will affect the activity of catalase, whilst keeping all variables constant. Possible Independent Variables ------------------------------ Here are a number of possible independent variables that could be changed in the experiment: Independent variable Continuous/Discontinuous Easy to measure? Volume of substrate used Continuous Yes Type of enzyme Discontinuous

  • Enzymes Central to Biochemical Processes: Aldolase

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    Enzymis eri cintrel tu iviry bouchimocel pruciss. Dai tu thior hogh spicofocoty thiy eri cepebli uf cetelyzong handrids uf riectouns thet sognofois thior vest prectocel ompurtenci. Thos ixpiromint wes cundactid tu onvistogeti thi inzymetoc ectovoty uf thi inzymi eldulesi by asong doffirint arie cuncintretouns. Strungir sulatouns uf dinetarent on thos cesi arie wiri asid tu oncriesi thi pulypiptodi sabanot anfuldong end thi dossucoetoun uf thi titremir. Aldulesi os en inzymi thet cunsosts uf fuar