Environmentalist Essays

  • The Urban Environmentalist

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    important question to me as I now consider myself an environmentalist.  This is the "career" that I have finally prepared to commit to.  A big change for a boy raised amongst the glitz of a big city, where money, fame and toys define your status.  As such, I'm wondering now if I really am making a difference and what I can do to make the biggest impact while being able to live my life in the urban realm.  Is it possible to be an environmentalist in a big city, where we are so dependent on "consumption"

  • Environmental Air Pollution

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    the environment are rooted in my belief in creation. I do not believe that life on earth began spontaneously, nor do I believe that the earth is so delicately balanced. I don’t believe that the earth and its ecosystem are fragile. Many radical environmentalists do, they believe man can come along, all by themselves and change everything for worse. After hundreds of millions of years, they believe that we are the last two generations of human existence. And they think we can destroy the earth all by

  • Environment Essay: Off-Road Vehicles on Public Lands

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    time with friends and family outside.  Environmentalists insist that much harsher restrictions of OHV use on public lands are vital to preserving fragile ecosystems.  OHV users say they follow the rules already in place and don't need any more. Many members of each group see the issue as black and white.  However, OHV use on public land is much, much more complex than that.  Many parties are involved, ranging from government agencies, environmentalists, private landowners, various recreation

  • What Is An Environmentalist?

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    What does it means to be an environmentalist. To be an environmentalist means an individual advocates the preservation of natural resources and helps insure the natural beauty of the land. Unfortunately, too many West Virginia officials take the state’s natural resources for granted and are leading its people to believe there is an endless source of cheap energy in mountain top removal mining. As a West Virginia native this writer knows all to well what happens when big business wins out over land

  • Opinions of Radical Environmentalism

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    Opinions of Radical Environmentalism The two articles I am going to look at are Radical Environmentalists vs. the Beavers by Jack Alan Brown Jr. and Environmentalists are Mean Green Joes by F.R. Duplantier. Radical Environmentalism is now a common term in our vocabulary. When you here the term what do you think about? I think about all the things that the environmentalists talk about and all the ideas brought to the table, good and bad. In the two articles I read they are both on the same subject

  • Our Environment is Doomed

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    Some environmentalist doomsday scenarios have already saved our lives -- for example, the alarm sounded about the ozone layer. Environmental science is like any other branch of science; it is a human activity that finds consensus on powerfully-supported theories, and disagreement on weakly-supported ones. That some conservatives would take only the disagreements that later proved wrong, compile them into a list and provide this as "proof" that environmentalists are conducting "junk science" is highly

  • Lessons from a Third World Perspective on Environmentalism

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    Third World Critique" made me think. In analyzing the Western deep ecology movement, he criticized its focus on preservation of wild areas. By doing this, he was directly criticizing what I have long thought of as my main goal as an "environmentalist." One of the first things that turned me on to environmental issues when I was younger was my horror at the soaring rate of rainforest destruction so dramatically portrayed to us in 9th grade biology class. Since then, by following a

  • Abenaki Indians As Environment

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    Many people are under a false impression that early Native Americans are the original environmentalists. This is an impression that many people share. The Abenaki tribes that resided in Maine from 3700 BP were not by our traditional definition, environmentalists. In fact they were far from ecologically sound. This paper is meant not to criticize the Native Americans of the age, but to clarify their roles in the environment. To better understand this subject some background is needed. The Abenaki

  • Environmentalism in Manga and Anime

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    residing in trees and rocks and even household items. The sum of these philosophis suggests that humans should work within nature --- and this belief can be seen reflected in even some of today's modern manga. Whatever the reason, though, the environmentalist call comes up loud and clear in many places. Perhaps the best example is in the works of the father of manga himself, Tezuka Osamu. Some are familiar with his Jungle Taitei series ("Kimba the White Lion"). But Tezuka's fondness for animals

  • Conceptualizing Global Environmental Politics

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    has already worked towards constructing a theoretical consensus among global environmentalists with an aim towards conceptualizing what global cooperation might look like. Take, for example, Guha’s pairing of the environmentalism of India’s Mahatma Ghandi with the “back-to-the-land” movement in the “North.” This is significant for two reasons. First, Guha argues that Ghandi and the earliest of modern environmentalists in 19th century Britain are united by their shared disgust of the Industrial Revolution

  • A Modest Proposal Protecting The Environment Essay

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    A Modest Proposal Concerning the Environment * Based on Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” (1729). It is a melancholy object to those who travel through this great country to see isolated corners of this fair realm still devoted to protecting the environment. The wretched advocators of these ideals are frequently seen doling out petitions and begging at their neighbours’ doors to feed their obsession, which keeps them in the contemptible poverty that they so richly deserve.

  • Artemis

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    her. First of all, Artemis had many different characteristics. Many people call Artemis wonder women, because she can do almost anything. She is brave as any man, as strong as any man, and can hunt and kill any beast. She can be described as an environmentalist. Artemis was not know to have a satisfying relationship with men, not including her brother. She always was responsive to the needs or the vulnerable and the suffering. Artemis was the most independent of the goddesses, and one who lived for

  • Invent a Writing Technology

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    be found in nature a magnifying glass, which I used. My ultimate method was to burn the letters, words and sentences into leaves from a tree. Though I did not weep, I did think twice about plucking the greenery from the tree. (Hey, those environmentalists have been hitting us hard since birth with idealistic guilt trips.) There can be a quite powerful little beam of light produced by the focusing of sunlight through glass, but since the magnifying glass cannot be found in nature it was considered

  • Pollution and Environment Essay - Man Has No Responsibility to the Environment

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    deal with, the environment?" Environmentalists frequently answer that we should, in some sense, live in harmony with nature, or respect the rights of natural beings, such as trees, birds, mountains, and rivers. In this essay, I present an opposing viewpoint: I propose that there are no moral obligations which direct how "humans" should deal with the environment, because the concept "human" is an arbitrary class with no real meaning. The problem with this environmentalist viewpoint is that the presupposition

  • Nature and Society in The Dharma Bums and Goodbye, Columbus

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    older writers concerned with living a life in harmony with nature. By mentioning such writers as Muir, Thoreau, and Whitman, Kerouac makes a statement about man and nature. The behavior of the characters in the book is in keeping with this environmentalist message. The high points of the book are characterized by a nearness to nature. A good example of this is when Ray and Japhy climb the Matterhorn. The fact that Kerouac peoples his book with characters inspired by people important to the

  • Noah's Ark vs. Jurassic Park

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    Noah's Ark vs. Jurassic Park As the human population of the world continues to increase the flora and fauna of the planet are becoming an increasingly smaller part of the picture. Environmentalist and conservationists all over the globe are working hard to find strategies and methods for the preservation of disappearing creatures and species. An increasingly popular idea that would allow for great benefits in the field of conservation became apparent in 1996 with the cloning of sheep by the

  • Management of Old-growth Forests in the Pacific Northwest

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    succumb to chainsaws to feed the ever-increasing foreign and domestic demands for lumber (Time 21). To profitably satisfy these demands, old-growth trees, those of two hundred years or more, are sought by Northwest logging companies. At this rate, environmentalists believe the unique ecosystem created by old-growth forests is in danger of being destroyed. To protect the old-growth forests and the plants and animals found there, a reduction must be made in the amount of old-growth trees logged each year

  • Summary Of Sand County Almanac By Aldo Leopold

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    “There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot.” This essay is about one who cannot. Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold exposes a profound and fundamental detachment between contemporary people and the land. This detachment based on mechanization, individualization, consumerism, materialism, and capitalism is leading mankind down an un-returnable path that seeks to destroy the land that we love. Nevertheless, Aldo Leopold writes about the delicate intricacies that intertwine

  • Shinto As An Environmentalist Religion

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    heavily use natural elements in their prayer; both the origin of Shinto belief, and the historical transformation Shinto has undergone. Also, I will explore the new perspective scholars have of Shinto as an environmentalist religion and the impact this has on Shinto becoming more environmentalist. Sonoda Minoru defined Shinto as ‘The ritual means by which early Japanese transformed their natural surroundings into a cultural landscape infused with religious

  • The Taxing of Larger Vehicles

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    see why they should pay more, the minority of so called "Chelsea tractors" are used in the country by people who use them for the purpose of their design and these people feel they would be being penalised for owning a working vehicle. Many environmentalists believe that taxing these ‘Chelsea tractors' higher will stop people from buying them, but the question comes where to tax these vehicles more, the suppliers or consumers. If suppliers are taxed this will increase the price of the cars at the