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  • Traditional Enterprise And Social Enterprise

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    Social enterprise is an organization with a clear social mission that aim to financially self-sufficient. Most of its revenue come from the primary activity of trading goods or services. Social businesses should realize who their target market is, what goods or services they should trade, why it is important in the environment, and how their strategy can accomplish their objectives. Commercial approach is important for social businesses to meet their target market needs, also maximize profit for

  • Putting The Enterprise Into The Enterprise System

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    Enterprise Systems are software packages, offering solutions for integration of basic business function information such as financial data, marketing and sales figures, human resources, and logistics; in one database, reachable throughout the company's departments. Thus, enterprise systems help organizations to defrag and transfer vast amounts of data. The preceding legacy systems used to store the data locally; therefore the information is fragmented and may be conflicting with the data from

  • Social Enterprise

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    Want to make a living out of doing good works? If so, what's right for you is starting a social enterprise. If you don't know how to set one up, here's a great source ( that might help. Social enterprise, by definition, is a kind of organisation that uses commercial strategies in order to maximise improvements in the environment and human welfare. This is in contrast to a for-profit business, wherein its aim is to generate revenues with little regard

  • Enterprise Networks

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    Today’s enterprise networks are more and more likely to be Windows based or at the very least have large Windows components coexisting with other network operating systems (NOS) such as the many UNIX/Linux variants, or Novell’s NetWare. Since the time that Microsoft began offering Windows NT Server version 3.51 through today’s Windows 2003 Server and its upcoming successor, codenamed “Longhorn”, the job of centralized network authentication and administration has been built around Microsoft’s domain

  • Enterprises in Singapore

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    Today, there are a variety of forms of Small & Medium Enterprises in Singapore, such as companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships. Usually, the following taxes tend to be applicable on them: 1. Income Tax: Income that is earned within Singapore or comes from outside is subject to income tax. 2. Goods and Services Tax (GST): Goods that are imported into Singapore, and goods and services that are supplied in Singapore are subject to GST. Income Tax Limited tax exemption scheme This scheme exempts

  • Enterprise Architecture

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    Enterprise architecture can be used in a diverse number of ways. It can be used to describe a certain business practice in an organization and the aspects or elements of that specific business practice under description. The environment under which companies or business organizations operate in is always in constant change. This means that the managers should always introduce new enterprise solutions, which can directly contribute to the linkage to the measures of improvement of business practices

  • Enterprise IT Architecture

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    Zachman was one of the pioneers of enterprise IT architecture. His article, "Business Systems Planning and Business Information Control Study: A comparison”, was an early effort to suggest that businesses should think more carefully about how they integrated systems and data. He used the analogy of architecture, since, as Hurley and Tompkins summarise, “each stage in the building of a house requires different levels of detail. At each stage, decisions need to be made about what materials compromise

  • Cox Enterprises

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    Cox Enterprises Media Corporations in the Global Marketplace Cox Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) is an Atlanta-based media conglomerate that has ties into nearly all media forms today. Since the founding of Cox Enterprises by James M. Cox in 1898, CEI has been established as a media staple through newspapers, radio, television, cable, telephone, and Internet communications . As of 2000, Cox Enterprises was ranked seventh in AdAge’s “100 Leading Media Companies” . Cox Enterprises is listed on the

  • Free Enterprise

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    Free Enterprise Final Exam 2. The six M’s of modern industrial organizations are: money, manufacturing, machinery, manpower, market, management. These are all related in a way because in order to be successful in a business you must focus on all six of these equally. Mass production x efficiency = success. 3. Demings 14 points method: 1) Create a statement of aims and purposes of the company to give to the employees. 2) Learn the new philosophy. 3) Understand the purpose of inspection

  • Delivering Enterprise

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    Introduction This paper will discuss Delivering Enterprise-wide Decision Support systems through E-business Application; Decision Support system (DSS) is a system that provides information and knowledge to the end-users carrying out important decisions. This paper will also show the growing demand for a “true” enterprise model in the healthcare system. Lastly identify how the healthcare system can anticipate market changes and stay ahead of the business needs. Web-enable Decision Support System