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  • Nietzsche's Utile Philosophy of History

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    Nietzsche's Utile Philosophy of History History, contends Nietzsche, is not something to be wholly embraced for its own sake, but something which when used in moderation to further the activity of man motivates his life towards justice. Always, though, history must serve life and never the converse. To lead a healthy and happy life, man must be capable not only of historical though but also of unhistorical thought; Nietzsche likens the superhistorical being who never forgets to one who cannot

  • The Rules of the Game

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    The Rules of the Game Jean Renoir’s 1939 film is a powerfully directed movie and functions historically with just as much flare and enthusiasm as it functions aesthetically. Even though it begins with a disclaimer regarding the unintentionality of any possible social commentary that could be derived from it, the disclaimer is more lip service than anything else. The film is as highly focused on the social facet as any that has ever been made, which is evident even on the first viewing. The

  • Summary: The Worlding Of Third World In Jane Eyre

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    The worlding of third world in Jane Eyre Portrayal of bertha mason Wide Sargasso sea by Jean Rhys- prequel to Jane Eyre 1966 Jane’s English identity is manifested in the savage identity of Bertha Mason perpetuate a belief in British, Christian-based moral and spiritual superiority. Bertha mason the Jamaican creole Rochester specifically mentions that Bertha's family wished for him to marry Bertha because of his "racial" superiority. "Her family wished to secure me because I was of good race, and

  • Combating HIV/AIDS in Developing Nations

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    strange disease only infected gay men. However, in 1982 scientists discovered that the disease could also be sexually transmitted by both homosexual and heterosexual individuals. In September 1982 the U.S. Center of Disease Control defined this once enigmatic and arcane disease as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus/ Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease. ("History of AIDS Up to 1986"). Despite the many scientific advancements researchers have made pertaining to HIV, the specific origin of the disease has

  • The Inspector

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    Inspector Calls’ it is clear that Priestly uses all of the characters to relay a message to the audience, the Inspector included. Although he initially appears nothing more than an ordinary inspector, he soon proves to be something more mysterious and enigmatic. None of the Birlings have committed a crime, but the Inspector questions their morality and contradicts Birling’s speech about only looking after yourself. Upon entering into the Birlings’ cosy family get together, it is assumed that, as Mr Birling

  • The Gothic Writings of Sylvia Plath

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    Sylvia Plath has been one of the literary world’s most controversial figures in the past century, celebrated as well as panned by literati for her enigmatic work. She is well known for the brutality and suffering apparent in the morbid world of her poetry. The prominent poet and critic, Al Alvarez, claimed that the Ariel poems “manage to make death and poetry inseparable” and Charles Newton described Plath as “courting experience that kills.”1 However, in spite of the immense scholarship dedicated

  • Paul Cezanne

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    better than the first one. "Unlike his artist friends, he generally avoided depiction's of modern life and instead painted landscapes and still-lives of more classical conception"(Lallemand 10). Cezanne had many different characteristics of his work enigmatic quality, the look of someone who were essentially a sculptor, no seasonal variance in his landscapes. In the painting The House of the Hanged Man ,painted in 1872-1873, there is an eerie feeling

  • A Tense Atmosphere in the Opening Scenes of The Matrix

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    not aware what is happening, and then one by one the columns of numbers stop alternating and fix on one number, creating a tense atmosphere as the viewer is unsure what numbers will be shown, or what will happen once they have stopped. This is enigmatic as the viewer does not know what this number signifies or what the green digits are there for. The dialogue between two people on the phone is also used to create a gripping atmosphere as they begin to talk about killing somebody, but the conversation

  • To See or Not to See

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    reality theme also created new paths for the storyline to go through which ultimately led to the demise of many of the major characters, and attracted the audience to the supernatural air of “Macbeth”. The witches gave the play the most sense of an enigmatic feel through their direct uses of illusions to portray to Macbeth what was to come. They produced four mirages for Macbeth which warned him of the dangers that were surrounding him and when his kingship would be tested. They first produced an armed

  • Metaphorical Analysis of Thomas Wolfe’s Short Story ‘Only the Dead Know Brooklyn’

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    live life to the fullest, can we merely wait for our ‘train t’ come’ or must we “thrust our feelers in distressful ooze” in order to truly appreciate the world around us, even if we end up ‘drownin’? The aim of this essay is to consider how Wolfe’s enigmatic story, expounded by metaphor, delivers an urgent defence of our threatened individuality, one which transcends the ordinary encounter at a Brooklyn subway station. The ideal platform for the metaphor in ‘Only the Dead Know Brooklyn’ is the utterly