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  • Philosophic Thought in Whitman's Song of Myself

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    Literature repeatedly refers to Walt Whitman and his poetry in terms of being American, yet as I read Song of Myself, my thoughts are continually drawn to the philosophies and religions of the Far East. Like the Tao Te Ching ideas are expressed in enigmatic verse and each stanza is a Zen koan waiting to be meditated on and puzzled out. Even Emerson called Whitman's poetry "a remarkable mixture of the Bhagvat Gita and the New York Herald" ("The Whitman Project"). Song of Myself contains multitudes of

  • the women of shakespeare

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    grandiose displays of love. These dramatic and sometimes conniving exhibits of emotion were often spoken through long soliloquys that further added to the depth of the female character. The roles of women in Shakespeare’s tragedies still prove to be enigmatic even to the most adept scholar; there motives and actions provide necessary rising actions and prove to be essential to the plot. Shakespeare’s shrewd use of assigning the ability to conjure powerful emotions in their male counterparts truly testifies

  • Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot and The Theatre of the Absurd

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    Samuel Becket is a famous writer who introduced the concept of absurdity, nothingness, nihilism and meaninglessness of life in the art of drama. He corresponded to the absurdity in the day today life of the common people. He believed that life is circle, from where it starts, it ends at the same point. There is no concept of religion, no moral values, no concept of time and space in this life. Absurdity is a word that can be explained by reasoning however the fault is a familiar world that in the

  • The Sun Also Rises Analysis

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    Spring.” Though this exposition was later cut from the novel at the suggestion of F. Scott Fitzgerald—one of Hemingway’s contemporaries—nevertheless it still serves to reveal the objective center around which The Sun Also Rises revolves. As an enigmatic amalgamation of feminine charm, unapologetic androgyny, and sexual promiscuity, Brett captivates the attention of all the other characters of the novel—be it Jake Barnes or Mike Campbell or even Pedro Romero—as she attempts to find individual freedom

  • Gender Inequalities in Victorian England: Robert Browning’s Porphyria’s Lover

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    how his times came to play a major role in some of his greatest works, in particular his revered poem Porphyria’s Lover. Released in 1836 (Catherine Maxwell, 1993, p.27), this esteemed text follows the murder of beloved Porphyria, the lover of the enigmatic speaker who, after inviting her to his cottage for a romantic rendezvous, strangles her. Stay tuned, for tonight we explore just how this poem come to be a perfect representation of a society that was obsessed with the dominate preoccupation of male

  • An Ethics of Reading

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    An Ethics of Reading At the age of nine, Edith Wharton fell ill with typhoid. The local doctor told her parents nothing could be done and that their daughter would soon die. Only the ministrations of another physician, who happened to be passing through town and was prevailed upon to examine the girl, saved her life. Her fever fell, and the young Wharton began to recover. During her convalescence, she read voraciously. One of the books she was given contained a “super-natural” tale — a story which

  • Essay On Narcissism

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    Personality disorder: Effects of narcissism at work Previous studies identify the pathological differences and the relationship of interpersonal dysfunctions and its effect on people who are diagnosed with this personality disorder (Pincus, Roche, Conroy, Hyde, & Ram, 2013). Biological factors also play an important role in the diagnosis of this disorder. Similarly, another huge factor involved with differences among the behaviors of narcissists is the type of narcissistic personality disorder the

  • The Crypto Currency: Bitcoin

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    by assigning a trusted intermediary. Visa, MasterCard, and every other bank and payment processor make sure you cannot spend the same dollars twice by deducting them from your account before they get added to someone else’s account. However, the enigmatic creator specifically tried to avoid this centralized approach in the original bitcoin design. His idea was to use cryptography to create verifiable transaction records without the need to trust anyone but your own calculations, immune to printing-press-happy

  • Marnie 1964 Film Analysis

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    Narrative Report – Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Marnie’ 1964 Marnie 1964 is about a woman suffering repressed childhood trauma. As a child, she killed a man and has a difficult relationship with her mother. In adult life, Marnie cannot bare intimacy and commits larceny under false identities. Marnie is blackmailed into marriage and her husband attempts to resolve her behaviour. Marnie confronts repressed memories resulting in newfound self-awareness and possibility of love and stability. I. Story and Plot

  • Stanley Kubrick Analysis

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    is the illumination that Kubrick aimed for in his films” (11). Therefore, Kubrick’s films are hard to digest at first because of their complex subject matter. Films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, and The Shining were perceived as enigmatic ones for their time, yet they gained a cult following and became part of popular culture. In Kubrick’s film adaptation of Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange, the different locations in the movie such as “The Korova Milk Bar”, Alex’s bedroom, the