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    Introduction Electricity is generated by the use of energy. Before going further, it will be necessary to talk briefly on what energy is all about. In this modern day, the standard scientific definition of energy is the capacity to do work, which means ability to move an object against a resisting force (Boyle 2003). According to (Beggs 2009) a physicist or an engineer will best describe energy in a form of an illustration. I.e. consider a mass of 1kg which is raised 1m above a surface on which

  • Energy Sources

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    Turbines A turbine is a rotary engine that gets energy from a fluid flow. The word turbine comes from the Latin word turbo, turbines; mean a “whirling or vortex” motion. Water turbines generate very reliable energy and have very simple designs. A runner, or propeller, is attached to a shaft that spins to operate alternator that generates power when the water turns the runner. These turbines fall into two categories, impulse and reaction. Impulse turbines are generated above the water, in the air

  • Alternative Energy Sources

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    warming. As gas prices steadily rise, people need a newer, cleaner source of energy. The alternatives are numerous and would be beneficial to the well being of the whole world. The human race must replace its fossil fuel use with renewable resources in order to prosper economically and to improve the world ecologically. Renewable resources are much cleaner and more ecologically friendly than fossil fuels. Renewable sources of energy do not pollute the environment and also do not release toxic carbon

  • Alternate Sources of Energy

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    Energy has become an important aspect of our life. Without energy our nights would be dark. Without energy transportation wouldn’t move. Without energy there would be no civilization. Without energy everything we use in our daily lives wouldn’t work. Without energy we would be living a primitive life. It is something like the building blocks of what we are today. We get energy through many ways. The most common method used to get it is the burning of hydrocarbons (fossil fuels). 85% of the worlds

  • Renewable Energy Sources

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    What if the world ran out of the resources used to make these activities possible? What if heating your house was not a simple task that could be done by pressing a button? This could be the case if we continue to use nonrenewable energy resources. The article, Energy Resources states that the use of these resources "is increasing at an unprecedented rate due to the rapid industrialization of a number of formerly third world countries." At this rate, the oil sand and oil shales will undoubtedly be

  • Renewable Energy Sources

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    of the world’s energy came from fossil fuels. According to David Suzuki, “If we want to address global warming, along with the other environmental problems associated with our continued rush to burn our precious fossil fuels as quickly as possible, we must learn to use our resources more wisely, kick our addiction, and quickly start turning to sources of energy that have fewer negative impacts” (Suzuki). If renewable energy use does not take over fossil fuel use, our energy sources will inevitably

  • Alternate Energy Sources

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    Alternate Energy Sources Over the past two decades the United States has been searching for an alternate energy source. We need a new safer form renewable energy, but why do we need a new form of energy? Simply because the fossil fuels we use every day (e.g. Petroleum/crude oil, gas, coal, and even nuclear fuels). Another reason we need to find a new source of energy is because the use of fossil fuels has been proven to cause harm to the earth and its environment. At the moment ninety-eight percent

  • Energy Sources Advantages

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    Renewable energy sources have been found to cost more than the benefits that are received from the energy sources. There are many different resources that you can use including water, wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass. These energy sources can differ in cost depending on capital, fuel, and operations and maintenance. Some of these sources are not cheap to build but once they are up and running, they have no fuel cost. There are many reasons to determine when, where, or how an energy source is used

  • Renewable Energy Sources

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    the United States uses massive amounts of energy. Only about 8% of the United States’ energy needs are met by renewable energy sources. That means that eventually 92% of the nation’s energy resources will run out. Recently this problem has been brought into the public’s eye and the American people’s attention has shifted to renewable and “green” energy resources. President Jimmy Carter (1977) said that “[w]ith the exception of preventing war, this (the energy crisis) is the greatest challenge our country

  • Types or Energy Sources

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    The current UK energy supply sector constitute about 38% greenhouse gas emissions (Allen et al. 2007). Approximately 65% of the primary energy is lost as wasted heat during the production of electricity using centralised production system. (Allen et al. 2007). Renewable energy technologies have the potential to dramatically reduce these losses because when fossil fuels are used, the heat generated by localised electricity production can be captured and utilised for space and water heating. Heat