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  • Strategic Energy Plan for South Korea

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    Strategic Energy Plan’ was discussed in Korea, which is that the share of the renewable energy will grow from 2.7 in 2014 to 11% by 2035. Korean government mentioned that it is difficult to increase the percentage of firepower because of the greenhouse gas and energy prices. Therefore, nuclear plants are to be under the minimum required percentage, but the share of renewable energy is planned to be at the highest level possible. In Germany, for example, there is a village called win de bio-energy village

  • Hydrogen Energy Sources

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    Introduction America is built on available energy There is nothing wrong with America that the faith, love of freedom, intelligence and energy of her citizens cannot cure Dwight D. Eisenhower US general & Republican politician (1890 - 1969) When President Eisenhower uttered those words, I don't imagine he would have envisioned the critical role which energy plays in 21st Century America. Everywhere we look, energy is being transformed and consumed. Our cars need it. Our emails to

  • Recent Advances in Artificial Photosynthesis

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    Introduction: Artificial photosynthesis could revolutionize our energy source and could solve the global warming crisis. Since the artificial photosynthesis is a renewable and clean energy with zero carbon dioxide emission and only harnessing the sun energy. This innovative works that mimic the process of plants by splitting the water molecules and produce products of Hydrogen and oxygen only by using the energy from the sunlight. With this the technology, it can produce products of hydrogen that

  • Natural Gas And Natural Macroeconomics In The Natural Gas Industry

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    gas resources, economic barriers and government action/intervention. The possible problems that are likely to occur during the development are when the Natural Gas industry price of gas is higher than the market price. The first factor is for the natural gas industry to have control over the resource: The control over the gas resource is a prime source of monopoly power that is critical to the production of the final gas. If the natural gas industry can be the single owner of the gas resources, its

  • Canada's Ecological Footprint

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    by people's lifestyle, they can reduce the footprint and help slow climate change on Earth. Canadian's are starting to get accustomed to using a surplus amount of energy when it is never needed and throwing garbage on the ground because the trash can is too far away for them reach. Canadian's are also using up the little natural resources left on this planet for sustainability. Crops, oil, trees are being used so much, that there might not be enough for the future generations. Canada must realize that

  • Disadvantages Of Green Computing

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    Green computing is the “practice and procedures of using computing resources in an environmentally friendly way while maintaining overall computing performance” (Saha, 2014, p. 46). When the earth’s temperature continues to rise and starts to have an effect this is referred to as global warming. This is a large problem we are facing today. As described by Saha (2014), “Green computing is a well-balanced and sustainable approach towards the achievement of a greener, healthier and safer environment

  • Nuclear Energy

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    Nuclear Energy One of the key factors needed to continue human progress is an energy source that is not only adequate but plentiful and unharmful to our environment. These requirements are very difficult to meet. As of right now, most of our energy comes from the combustion of coal, oil and natural gas. “They will last quite a while but will probably run out or become harmful in tens to hundreds of years.”(Source 2) The effects they have on the environment are also an issue. Many scientists

  • Thermochemical Water Splitting as a Means for a Clean Energy Source

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    Thermochemical Water Splitting as a Means for a Clean Energy Source Introduction Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution fossil fuels and oil have been our main sources of energy, and until recently that has been acceptable. After the oil crisis in the 1970’s, people began to grow concerned about the future state of our energy supplies. That culminating concern combined with the new concern of human initiated alteration of the atmospheric composition, encouraged scientists to try and come

  • The Viability of Fission and Fusion for our Planet

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    worlds energy consumption will increase by an estimated 54 percent by 2025. Energy demand in the industrialized world is projected to grow 1.2 percent per year. Energy is a critical component of sustained economic growth and improved standards of living. One of the major requirements for sustaining human progress is an adequate source of energy. As the world’s technological enhancements and standards of living improve, so too does their appetite for electricity. The largest sources of energy at the

  • Wind Energy and its Environmental Effects

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    Wind Energy and its Environmental Effects Wind energy can play a critical role in saving our planet from the negative effects of energy powered by fossil fuels. Wind turbines work effectively at reducing carbon dioxide emissions. For instance, a single utility scale wind turbine can prevent the emission of 5,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere a year by displacing the power generated by fossil fuels. Also, a single 750-kilowatt turbine can produce roughly 2 million kilowatt hours of electricity