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  • Rap Music and Gun Violence

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    In the modern world today crime is at an all time high. Gangs are now becoming more like organizations and ruling parts of cities. Some people, mostly politicians blame this on the music that is about today. On New Years Eve 2003 two young girls were killed by gun shot. They got caught up in a shoot out between two gangs. Politicians and ministers were quick to point the finger at today’s music for influencing gun crime. The minister for tourism said, ‘The hateful lyrics almost connote a culture

  • Analysis of Hip-Hop and Youth Culture

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    Analysis of Hip-Hop and Youth Culture Throughout the last twenty-five years, a new form of expression has continued to evolve. Hip-Hop, once limited to urban music and dance has become a widespread form of communication exhibited and enjoyed by young people throughout the world. Hip-Hop is no longer limited to rap music and break dancing; today it represents a multi-billion dollar industry that influences everything from fashion to prime- time television programming, professional sports

  • Multiculturalism In Music

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    audience, and a heavy influence in the futu... ... middle of paper ... ...These artists are respected through the hip-hop community and are all currently working with black hip-hop and rap artists on collaborations. This would include Dr. Dre and Eminem, Fred Durst and Method Man, Kid Rock and Lil Kim, and Everlast and Santana, which is more rock and hip-hop, but color lines are still crossed. In conclusion, if multiculturalism is the collaboration of different ethnic groups ideas and cultures, then

  • Eminem Comparison

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    told you she’d wait for you and she didn’t. Even though you’re no longer together, you can still remember the smell of her hair and how it felt when she kissed you, and everything reminds you of her and how you used to be. In his song, “Superman,” Eminem

  • Finding True Identity

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    fulfill what we want to accomplish in life. Works Cited McBride, James. The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother. New York: Riverhead, 1996. Print. Eminem. "Till I Collapse." Rec. 2002. The Eminem Show. Eminem, 2002. CD. Eminem. "Lose Yourself." Rec. Sept. 2002. Lose Yourself. Eminem & Jeff Bass, 2002. CD.

  • Rap Vs Rap Poetry

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    unquestionably a discrete genre and cannot be mixed with poetry. In rap, vulgar and offensive language appears often. Frequently, rap includes inappropriate vocabulary that degrades women or promotes drugs and violence. An excerpt from 13 time Grammy winner, Eminem, displayed a wide range of inappropriate ideas: “I smoke a fat pound of grass and fall on my ass faster than a fat bitch who sat down too fast. C‘mere slut. Shady, wait a minute, that‘s my girl dog. I don‘t give a fuck; God sent me to piss the world

  • Traditional Gender Roles in Media

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    The role of women in media is based upon traditional gender roles and are seen as being empowered only sexually and through the use of their bodies. Males are depicted as dominate and controlling only relinquishing power to women before and during sex, but not after. The music video for the song “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent shows the nature of these relationships in popular culture. The video begins with 50 Cent driving into the gates of a mansion in his sports car. When he enters the doors he is greeted

  • popopopopopopo

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    misogyny by glorifying the sexual objectification and abuse of women. (Mackinnon, 1993). The use of offensive terms such as ‘bitch’ were once severely frowned upon, but have now become part of everyday language. (Schneider, 2011, pg 45). Popular rapper Eminem makes reference to women as “vile, venomous, volatile bitches” in his song ‘Kill You’, sending the message that this type of message is ok (Weitzner & Kubrin, 2009, pg. 11). Not only is misogynistic rap a form of hate speech, but it can gender roles

  • Rap Music VS Youth

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    Rap Music vs. Youth Culture The term ‘pop culture’ refers to the ideas, style, and images that are popular and familiar in today’s society. Different things such as clothing, cars, music, technology and decorative accessories are considered pop culture. All of these things have changed throughout the decades. Guys now like to drive big trucks and sports cars and wear pants that look as if they are about to fall of. Girls are obsessed with being thin and need to have to latest style of clothing whether

  • Is it right for celebrities to make a lot of money?

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    seems to be growing larger and larger year by year. A person may not have to go through four years of college to be able to sing a song, but either way they must work to earn what they do. An example of that would be the famous rapper Eminem. While growing up, Eminem had to work to support his mother because his f... ... middle of paper ... ... so the people who complain will stop complaining about how those famous people get money, but will then begin to complain about why there are no good shows