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  • Fate in Antigone, Beowulf, and the World

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    know the true path of people’s lives. Religion is something that has been interwoven with fate, however the concept can be too easily manipulated in the world for it to tell the story of an entire life. In the end, the only thing that all men and women are fated to do is die, and even that is not determined until the day that it happens. In the two epics, Antigone and Beowulf, fate plays a major part in determining the events that happen to the two main roles of these stories, Antigone and Beowulf

  • Conflicting Depictions of Female Characters in Mahfouz’s 1966 Novel Adrift on the Nile and Hussein Kamal’s 1971 Film Adaptation

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    will undoubtedly notice the stark contrast between the portrayals of women in each of these works. Critics like Ibrahim El- Sheikh and Pamela Allegretto–Diiulio have argued that by realistically depicting the social condition of Egyptian women, Mahfouz’s literature is protesting the country’s patriarchal society and challenging the notion that women are not equal to men. The novel is clearly in line with these criticisms. The women in the novel are depicted as strong, independent, intellectual and

  • Agriculture and Food Production in the Old Kingdom Egypt

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    farming and food production possible in Egypt. These waters provided the minerals, humidity, and irrigation that the Egyptians needed to grow their fields, as well as the drinking water necessary for animals. Literally speaking, the Nile made life possible in Egypt. The Nile tended to follow a constant cycle of flooding and receding. This pattern was particularly important for Egyptian agriculture. II.A) Inundation Inundation was a process pivotal to the success of an Egyptian’s field crop. Inundation

  • Growing Up During the Egyptian Revolution

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    may say I was lucky to have experienced and been a part of. I took part in helping a nation overthrow its dictator who reigned with tyranny longer than I had been alive. I am an Egyptian youth, who fought for my people’s stolen prosperity and withheld freedom against the famous thirty year old Mubarak regime. The Egyptian revolution was televised and kept under the global eye throughout each of its progressions, from start to end yet not holistic in merit. Stories of glory and success seem to be

  • Ancient Egypt: The Building Of A Country

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    many different counties to internal strife and independent desires of monarchies the country has seen its share of dark times. As Egypt is trying to rid itself of corruption it is also setting an example for the entire region to see and follow. Egyptian history dates back to about the Pharaonic Era, when the already sophisticated upper and lower kingdoms of Egypt united. The countries golden age took place during the 18th and 19th dynasties. At this time is when the empire was established and

  • People's Revolution Or Military Coup D État

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    the past few years, the people of Egypt have worked to make several changes in their government after years of oppression. Recently, the people of Egypt removed former President Morsi from office. In order to do this, the Egyptian opposition worked concomitantly with the Egyptian military, leaving the question: was this the act of peoples’ revolution or military coup d’état? According to BBC, (bbc, google what sparked the arab spring-4th down) the Arab Spring began in December of 2010 in Tunisia and

  • Best Western History

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    Best Western international is the largest hotel company operating under a single company brand name with 4,200 independently owned and operated hotels. Western employed over 1,076 people and offers more than 316,095 quality guest rooms located in 80 countries and territories throughout the world. The Western founded in 1946 by M.K. Guertin, a California-based hotelier with 23 years of experience in the lodging industry. By 1963, Best Western was the largest chain in the industry with 699 member hotels

  • Midaq Alley

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    The theme of "Midaq Alley" cuts to the heart of Arab society. Namely, it shows how a group of characters living in the same slum neighborhood responds to the combined promise and threat of Western-influenced modernization. Midaq Alley is about the Egyptian residents of a hustling, packed back alley in Cairo in the 1940's. The attempts of several residents to escape the alley and move up in status end with dreams broken and unfulfilled. The opening sentences of "Midaq Alley" points to a world bypassed

  • Ancient Egyptian Women: Gender Roles In Ancient Egypt

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    of change for ancient Egypt was the Ptolemaic Dynasty, which lasted from 332-30 BCE, in which the ancient Athenian influence was incorporated into the Egyptian values. Likewise, ancient Egyptians influenced ancient Athens during this era. Ancient Egyptian women were given larger roles in society than ancient Athenian women however; Egyptian women lost some of their power in society during the Ptolemaic Dynasty when Athenian influence entered Egypt. In ancient Athens,

  • Essay On Egyptian Culture

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    investigation is to determine the influence of feminine stature in the Egyptian culture. I explored in deeper into this topic because the Egyptian culture had a lot of facets in their own culture that had disappeared for some time, only to be assimilated into modern day culture. Their culture was before their time. The period of the Egyptians was from 3500 - 525 B.C., where in 525 B.C. the Persians conquered the Egyptians (more on that later). The method that I am using that determine the feminine