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  • The Cause And Effects Of Alcoholism And Its Causes

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    just a hopelessness. These are the reasons of alcoholism. However there is regularity among modern developed countries that alcoholism increases at the same time with the growth of economic well-being. Alcoholism is a soul illness first of all. The worries of the soul are the starting point of the drunkenness. And the soul worries begin with the realizing of absolute loneliness. The period of neuroses, phobias, affects usually comes before alcoholism. A person finds the way out in an alcohol. All

  • Symptoms, Causes, and Effects of Alcoholism

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    Symptoms, Causes, and Effects of Alcoholism Alcoholism is a disease that affects many people in the United States today. It not only affects the alcoholic, but also their family, friends, co-workers, and eventually total strangers. The symptoms are many, as are the causes and the effects. Alcoholism is defined as a pattern of drinking in which harmful consequences result for the drinker, yet, they continue to drink. There are two types of drinkers. The first type, the casual or social drinker

  • The Effects Of Parental Alcoholism On Children

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    Effects of Parental Alcoholism Alcoholism is defined as a disease or disorder where an individual is physically and mentally dependent on alcohol (Aziz, Naz, 2016, p.680). This disorder affects not only behavior by preventing the fulfillment of basic social and occupational tasks, but it also harms aspects of the brain such as memory (Aziz, Naz, 2016, p.680). According to Aziz (2016), alcohol abuse is also linked to depression and anxiety. However, it is important to recognize that these effects

  • Alcoholism and Its Effects: Craig Ferguson

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    drinking comes alcoholism: a term to describe the disease formed by the continuous misuse of alcohol. Although it is considered a disease, it is specifically an addictive illness (Benton). Those affected by alcoholism range wider than just the person who has developed it. Thus, persons with alcoholism are a detriment in today’s society by not only damaging their own bodies, but also martyring their families mentally and physically. It can be troublesome to recover from alcoholism, for it is a chronic

  • The Causes Of Alcoholism: Cause And Effects

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    Cause and Effects of Alcohol What is alcohol and how does it effect a person and the family members around them. Alcoholism is a long term chronic disease. We all know what alcohol is. The medical term is someone who drinks frequently too much and becomes unable to maintain a normal healthy life. An individual who can’t control his need for alcohol. Alcoholism is a symptom of a psychological or social problem, or is a learned behavior used to cope with everyday people’s lives. This is a serious

  • The Effects of Alcoholism on Family and Children

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    The Effects of Alcoholism on Family and Children Society faces problems everyday, however individuals learn to deal with these problems and solve them in the best way they can. One of societies problems that has plagued human kind for generations and still is left unsolved is the problem of alcohol abuse or Alcoholism. Alcoholism has been called the most serious drug problem in terms of number of victims and cost to society. Why people get hooked and why they betray family

  • Effects Of Alcoholism On Your Life

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    seems that the few health effects and actions like drunk driving are the only worries for us. We are thankful that is what they believe because if they knew the truth they would be terrified of you. In actuality these are far from being the only things your family has to fear. Your addiction effects us daily by creating anxiety, embarrassment, and many broken hearts. I know from personal experiences the effects alcoholism has on your life and the lives of your family. Effects like the anxiety your family

  • Symptoms, Effects, and Treatments of Alcoholism

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    Symptoms, Effects, and Treatments of Alcoholism When the words “substance abuse” are heard, most frequently the thought of using marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or some other illegal drug pops into mind. Alcohol, however, can be abused in the same manner as the above mentioned illegal drugs. Abnormal craving for alcohol can be averted using many techniques, even including drug therapy. Alcoholism is defined as “a disorder characterized by the excessive consumption of and dependence on alcoholic

  • The Effects of Alcoholism During Pregnancy

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    The Effects of Alcoholism During Pregnancy The hazardous dangers of alcoholism during pregnancy have been known for decades. However, even with the vast information given to pregnant mothers, with labeled warnings on every alcoholic beverage, pregnant women still continue to pick up the bottle of alcohol, continuing their journey to the destruction of their bodies and the road of dangers for the unborn child. Perhaps every person who has little to no knowledge in health care, are still

  • The Effects Of Alcoholism Among College Students

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    Alcoholism Amongst College Students College is a time of trying new things. For the most part, it’s the first time young adults are living off on their own and away from parental guidance. Most of the students can handle this new lifestyle. Some take a while to adjust to the conditions of their new environment. And for others, this new experience can be too much for them. Suddenly they are thrown into close living quarters with people from other areas, even other countries. They’re surrounded by