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  • The Theme of Responsibility in J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls

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    The Theme of Responsibility in J.B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls Every member of our society should be equivalent and adjusted to each other. Other people’s actions, suggestions and reactions make a considerable difference to our lives. This has great significance and concludes that we need to care about each other. The playwright of “An Inspector Calls”, J.B. Priestley, wrote this play for several essential and specific reasons. One of the key ideas was based on the theme of responsibility

  • The Kingdom Of England Versus Valois Capetians For Control Of The French Throne

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    Has Been Divided Into Three Separate Phases: 1. The Edwardian Era War (1337 – 1360) 2. The Caroline War (1369 – 1389) 3. The Lancastrian War (1415 – 1453) It Was During This War That Saw The Burning Murder Of St Joan Of Arc. The Key Battles Of This Conflict. The War Of Two Peters Was Fought From 1356 – 1375 Between The Kingdoms Of Castile And Aragon. The Two Rulers Were Peter Of Castile And Peter IV Of Aragon. This Was During The Edwardian War The 1383 – 1385 Crisis Was A Period Of Civil


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    At the start of the 20th century, England experienced a noticeable decline in interest towards religion, known as the Edwardian Era. The society as a whole desired money for comfortable living, and wished to appear Christian without upholding the moral values of Christianity. Theatre in England during the Edwardian Era contained diverse audiences due to the rise in size, wealth, and influence of the middle class. Theatre deliberately sought to change social perceptions, Major Barbra written by George

  • Book Review of The Classic Slum

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    stories, plays, and scripts. Roberts became a farmer for sixteen years before beginning a career teaching in prisons. Roberts... ... middle of paper ... British history. The Classic Slum is the most credible source on the lifestyle in the Edwardian slums and the impact of World War I because Roberts is able to give a firsthand account. WORKS CITED Roberts, Robert. The Classic Slum: Salford Life in the First Quarter of the Century. Manchester: University of Manchester Press, 1971. Suttles

  • Virginia Woolf

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    'duties'. Victorians and Edwardians believed that there should be no awkward silences or pauses during conversations, it was considered impolite. It was also believed that people should dress for dinner every night regardless of the presence of company. It was uncommon to express one's feelings or to hold an opinion or point of view other than the norm. These were among the many rules that made up the foundation of Victorian society. Virginia was born during the Victorian/Edwardian Era and lived under

  • To what extent the characters in depth at Sheila from ‘An Inspector Calls’ and Lady Macbeth from ‘Macbeth’ and be comparing the relationship betwe...

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    cowardly. In contrast to this, Sheila seems to have no influence in her relationship with her finance at the start. Her character in the play was that ... ... middle of paper ... ...elligence and emotional strength to become a powerful atypical Edwardian girl who is in control of her situation and her role in society. It can be observed that the women’s attitudes to the ‘chain of events’ in each play are in stark contrast to each other; As William Cowper states, ‘Glory built on selfish principles

  • The Hundred Years War

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    “What a hundred years is not enough to build, one day is more than enough to destroy”-author unknown ( This quotation explains how during the Hundred Years War there were battles where thousands of people died and whole towns were destroyed, and all of this was happening while a better country was trying to be built. The Hundred Years War was a very significant time in European history. The Hundred Years War brought the Middle Ages to a close and changed warfare considerably

  • The Women 's Suffrage Movement

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    creating a new space for their participation as citizens. After the First World War during the 1920s and 1930s new histories of women suffragettes have been written. During that period of time some activist groups were created, for instance, the Edwardian women’s suffrage movement that created in women a ‘Suffragette Spirit’ with the same goals and purposes even with the same militant procedures such as radical feminism that involved hunger strike and forcible feeding. This argument have become controversial

  • Priestley’s Main Aim in An Inspector Calls

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    seemingly insignificant, always affect others. He uses the downfall of Eva Smith and a chain of events to demonstrate this. This leads to a very convincing and well-devised play, which puts across JB Priestley’s views clearly and precisely. In Edwardian Britain there was a great difference in the roles of men and women in society and the outlook of what and was not accepted differed substantially. A prime example of this in the play is when Mr Birling says ‘Nothing to do with you, Sheila. Run

  • Reinventing Africa's Impact Of Colonialism In The Late 19th Century

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    European countries in the late 19th century has had a large impact on the culture of those colonized countries and how they are perceived around the world. In Reinventing Africa: Museums, Material Culture and Popular Imagination in late Victorian and Edwardian England, author Annie E. Coombes explores these effects, specifically in Africa, through thorough research. Coombes’ main argument is that the original views held by Europeans towards African civilizations still have a major influence on attitudes