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  • Continuing in the Field of Ethnic Studies

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    "It is better to die standing up than to live kneeling down.” Emiliana Zapata. It is easy to live life kneeling down, and it is frightening to take the initiative to act against many and to fight for the rights of our community. This quote constantly reminds me of why I need to go to graduate school and further my education in learning about oppressions. As a freshman at Cal-State Fullerton I began to ask my self where inequalities come from and what causes them, why does society use the term

  • Gender Discrimination Essay

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    the backbone of life. Eventually there must come change to the stereo types. Gender stereotypes have damaged communities by backing people into a corner. Both genders should be treated equally because there is something they have in common, having humanity. Gender roles have been defined and it seems almost impossible to shift the scale of the role for men and women. Men are supposed to be strong and women are supposed to be fragile. Michael Kimmel said when asking young women what they think it means

  • Ethical Decision Making in Education

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    morally obliged to serve the interests of humanity, even at their own expense (Abruzzi & McGandy, 2006). In contrast, Utilitarianism is when the actions of a person provide the most practical, workable outcome for the greatest number of people, including the decision maker (Mill, n.d). A possibility from the consequentialist framework would reflect utilitarianism theory. This ought to involve; declining the sponsorship, adhering to school policy, continue educating students on healthy choices and suggest

  • The Weight of the World: Overpoluation on Planet Earth

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    doesn't mean they won't pick back up again maybe very soon. And with that fact some argue that overpopulation and over depletion of natural resources won't be a big issue in the future. But the bigger question we seem to be facing is whether or not humanity really wants to risk this issue based on the few reporters and scientist that say so? In order to be successful we are going have to take various precautions and steps in order to preserve our natural resources we rely on such as incentives or rewards

  • The Power of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues

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    The Power of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues When Obie award-winning author and playwright, Eve Ensler, began collecting testimonials from women across the country regarding their experiences with sexuality, she had no idea what would eventually occur as a result of her innovative ideas. Ensler gathered 200 monologues from women, and wove them into a play that represents the strength and vitality of female sexuality. The Vagina Monologues were first performed in the basement of New York

  • OVERPOPULATION: An Overlooked Factor in Global Health

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    The media has mentioned overpopulation tons of time, but it’s not a big problem, it is? Overpopulation is a growing problem in many nations. The world’s current population is 7.15 billion people, there is an estimated in 50 years the current population will double. In the United States, there’s is one birth every eight minutes and one death every 12 minutes. The death rates have decreased significantly, because medical services have advances. A few people do care for their future generation, but

  • Essay About Human Trafficking

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    At any given moment, 27 million people are victims to human trafficking. More people are trafficked each year than were trafficked in the entire 350 yearlong transatlantic slave trade. Slavery did not end in December of 1865, as it continues on an unprecedented scale. Today, human trafficking involves not only slavery, but blackmail, kidnap, rape and murder. It is the 2nd most lucrative form of organized crime in the world, raking in an average 36 billion annually. It has no bounds. It is not restricted

  • Analysis Of Syndesyism

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    Mother of Existence. The Foundations of the Mother of Existence consisted of four statements. First the creator identifies as the mother of existence, the gift given to humans’ acts as the natural environment, the rise of technology harms the gift and humanity must protect the gift. Furthermore, the large bird spoke to Drago saying the mother of existence told her son, the sun god Sunya, to send a phoenix, known simply as “The Great Ally”, to the chosen one as a warning and to assist him on the foretold

  • The Definition of Education

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    The Definition of Education Education what is it? It is defined as: 1. The act or process of educating or being educated. 2. The knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process. 3. A program of instruction of a specified kind or level. 4. The field of study that is concerned with the pedagogy of teaching and learning, according to the American Heritage dictionary. Its etymology comes from the Latin word "educatio which means to bring up"1 But what does that tell us. It says

  • Life Of Pi In Shakespeare's Film 'The Tempest'

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    discoveries. Miranda, having lived on the secluded island her whole life, is astounded by the newcomers, “O brave new world, that has such people in’t!” This line personifies her ‘new world’ to accentuate Miranda’s astonishment at her discovery of humanity and the diversity of it. Her discovery of feeling such as love and lust as a result of her interactions with Ferdinand demonstrate how other individuals can provoke discovery within one’ self. Shakespeare’s setting; the deserted island, allows each