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  • Natural Gas And Natural Macroeconomics In The Natural Gas Industry

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    but not how much to sell the gas). However, they are factors that determine how a Natural gas industry can develop into a natural monopoly. These factors are, when the industry has control over the gas resources, economic barriers and government action/intervention. The possible problems that are likely to occur during the development are when the Natural Gas industry price of gas is higher than the market price. The first factor is for the natural gas industry to have control over the resource: The

  • goods

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    It has been a year since Prime Minister Abe launched Abenomics. The three arrows plan of monetary, fiscal stimulus and structural reform took place in Japan with the hope of lifting up Japan’s economy from deflation and economic depression that lasted for two decades. The depression began early 90s when the global rise of Japanese corporation such as the Mitsubishi, Sony, and Toyota suddenly ended and the fall of the stock market price lasted for long. The Japanese asset price bubble, left people

  • Child Labour

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    this has to do with the understanding that a wide variety of factors, such as economic, cultural, social, political and legal concerns, are part of any child labour problems as well as the solution to these problems. With this in mind, the purpose of this paper will be to discuss the issue of child labour on a national and an international scale. This will not only include an evaluation of it prominence and any problems that are associated with the use of child labour, but also an examination of the

  • Formalization Of Formalization

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    Formalization of informal economies took decades to reach relative economic growth in comparison with the industrial economies of the developed world. Initiatives, taken by the pioneering states, to help poor economies grow and catch up with them ended in some cases with success and mostly with failures. In the paper we discussed three cases. The first case was presented by Brazil as a success story of Structural Adjustment Programs, leaving many developing countries far behind and getting closer

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Accessing Finance

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    Difficulty in Accessing Finance SMEs globally face difficulty in accessing finance from conventional financial institutions and the International Finance Corporation and World Bank efforts at improving the finance problems of SMEs reveals that different environment face contextual finance problems requiring home-grown, tailor made strategies to manage and overcome this predicament. SMEs in the two continents find it very difficult to access loans from the banks; most credit officers lack an in-depth understanding

  • Agricultural Economics, the Area I Want to Pursue in College

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    Statement of Purpose My earliest exposure to economics came from my dad, a logistics manager. The interesting stories he told me from his work stimulated my youthful sense of curiosity and passion on economics. At the same time, I observed the antiquated and ineffective technology they use to make decisions and hoped that one day I could be able to tackle the problems. The first Agricultural Economics class I took at Purdue was Microeconomics for Food and Agribusiness, by Dr. Frank Dooley. His heuristic

  • ada

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    Task1: A) Economic allocation of resources: it is the analysing of how scarce resources are distributed among its producers and how scarce goods and services are apportioned among consumers. • Scarce resources: The basic economic problem is the resources are limited and the wants of people are unlimited. In short scarce resources mean something that is not readily available. Sometimes organizations intentionally create scarcity which is known as artificial scarcity so that the cost goes higher and

  • British Budget Deficit

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    6 billion higher. At the end of January 2010, the public sector net debt has amounted to £848.5 billion, which is equal to 59.9% of GDP of UK. One may question the source of this deficit and debt. Over the past few years, the UK had a booming economic outlook. In the early 2000s until before the recession strikes in 2008, the unemployment rate in the UK was generally low, as shown below. Data Source: National Statistics The GDP growth of UK also stayed fairly stable from 1999 until the

  • Evaluation of Economists

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    All the twelve great economists had great contributions to economics and they all showed great enthusiasm in studying economics. There were some differences between their concepts of economics, but all of these concepts built up the basic ideas of the economics we studied today. There were several criterion employed in ranking the economists. First of all, the economist should have great influences in economics. He / she should have substantial theories which could be applied in the real world

  • Why the Rich are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer

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    them. The author has stated that the only people whose jobs are on the rise are symbol analysts. As stated in the report, symbol analysts are the real problem solvers. Their skills are highly in demand worldwide because they are the ones who first analyze the problem and then solve it. The Hart Report, on the other hand, also states the same problem of unemployment and the global recession which has left employers focusing on employees not only with specialists’ skills but also a “broader range of