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  • Neo-liberal model of economic policy-making

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    arguments in regards to Neo-liberal approaches to planning. The three fundamental arguments of the author included criticisms of Neo-liberal model of economic policy-making, as well as the planning and planners during the era, and the possible ways to reconstruct through planning. The article started with criticisms of Neo-liberal model of economic policy-making. In this section, the first argument the author clearly stated that the Neo-liberal model is over, as well as its opportunity-driven pseudo-planning

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    the parliament's “right to dismiss a prime minister at any time simply by take a vote…” (O’Neil 2010 pg. 147). This is called a vote of no confidence. This article in itself is a real world example of the vote of no confidence. Somalia instituted a policy specific to the parliamentary form of democracy. The vote of no confidence is not present in a presidential system. All that was need was the vote of the majority. No other explanation was offered other than that the prime minister was ineffective

  • The Conservative Approach to State Intervention after 1979 the Labours Response Since 1997

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    The conservative approach to state intervention post 1979 has been on the whole to go for the minimum as is illustrated in their economic policy and this was included in their critique of government economic policy at that time. On the whole the government felt that levels of state intervention were far too high in regards to the economy which led to various negative consequences such as making industry uncompetitive and laid back since the government would bail them out at the first sign of smoke

  • The American Empire: Exceptionalist Political, Economic, and Public Policies

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    that it had an exceptional part to play in protecting freedom in the world. In the following essay, I will look at the consequences of the American political and economic system as well as its public policies. Furthermore, I claim that America has built itself as an exceptional global empire, through political, economic and public policies, that center on capitalism. There are two parts to this argument. The first is about America’s exceptional global situation in which I will discuss the way in which

  • Norway's Oil industry

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    any other country in the world. Since the discovery of oil on its coast in 1969, the country has experienced steady economic growth. Accordingly, Norway’s massive GDP is a reflection of this growth; as of 2012, it ranked in the top 25 of the world in terms of GDP (World Bank, 2012). The cohesion between oil and economics in Norway has worked for a number of reasons. Firstly, policy making has kept a close eye on how to manage the massive oil reserves. Strict guidelines are implemented so that the

  • The Canadian Government's Economic Policies in Response to The Great Depression

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    The Canadian Government's Economic Policies in Response to The Great Depression The Depression was a decade of abject misery. Everything ill seemed to have fallen at once: stock market crashed; demand for goods dropped and exports plummeted; production lines stopped, factories closed, and unemployment rate skyrocket; even drought, famine, and other natural disasters decided to make themselves

  • Policy Makers in Hong Kong

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    this paper is trying to find out the main strategic priorities for policy makers of the chosen city: Hong Kong, China, to strong and development sustainably the economic and planning over the next 20 years. As the urban economy is a key factor of city planning, so the changing of city economy would affect the social, political and commercial life in a city. This essay would select Hong Kong as a study object to think about policy and planning for a city, which provide a practical exercise that might

  • The Importance Of Diplomatic Diplomacy

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    Trade Center. These events were driven and responded by foreign policy advisors in the U.S. who utilized a number of instruments available to them including: conventional diplomacy, economic, and military power in order to create the desired outcome. However, it takes much more to navigate and traverse the intricacies of negotiating with foreign nations, whether they be adversaries or friends. The United States has a history of foreign policy blunders, the most notable of them being its military failures

  • French Mercantilism

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    governmental policies that regulated economic- mainly commercial - activities, by and for the state, that spread throughout Europe, especially in France, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This theory held that a nation's international power was based upon it's wealth, specifically it's gold and silver supply. The mercantilist theory, also known as Colbertism or Bullionism, that swept though France had a major impact upon its changing domestic and foreign policies throughout

  • The Extent to Which the Principle of Sustainability Guides Land Use Policy Development

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    The Extent to Which the Principle of Sustainability Guides Land Use Policy Development The idea of developing in such a way that the present can meet their needs without future generations needs being compromised is not a new one. It has been practiced and continues to be practiced by many groups of people across the world. For example, this principle is embedded in Aboriginal beliefs that they come from the land, and must return to the land and so must be custodians to the land. The