Easy Task Essays

  • My Examination as a Writer

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    My Examination as a Writer The process of examining me as a writer is not easy. Writing, for me, has never been an easy task. Many times I sat for hours contemplating my blank piece of paper just trying to figure out how to begin to write the creative writing assignment due in a few days for my high school English class. I knew that learning to write well took patience and practice, much like learning any other skill. I remember the long hard hours I spent developing my skills as a skateboarder

  • The Coup de Grace

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    means that the world around him is moving on and time does not stop for no one. Finally he moves aimlessly for a long time. This shows that to try to find someone in such a situation is not an easy task to do. He choose to do it alone even though he could have gather some soldiers to help him make the task faster if not easier. Perhaps he was afraid of the outcome and how he would handle it emotionally thus losing his bearing in front of his men. As he is searching, he is very gentle and careful

  • Preparing for the Olympics

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    Olympics Every two years, countries around the world join together in excitement for the Olympic Games. Either winter or summer, the Olympics are something everyone seems to look forward to in one way or another. Olympic preparation is no easy task, for the athletes, nor for the event staff. When the idea of Olympic preparation is brought up, two main ideas come to mind. How is the site for the Olympics picked? And how is it decided who carries the Olympic torch? After careful research

  • Project Scheduling

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    Project Scheduling Managing a project is no easy task. A project is a series of tasks or jobs that are related to each other and directed toward a common goal or output. Projects usually require a significant time commitment, and tend to be handled by groups of workers. The employees at Craft Construction, a small business that deals with complete remodeling and some small commercial buildings, generally divide into groups of two or three workers per project. The number of employees assigned to

  • Bonds between Mothers and Daughters in Breath, Eyes, Memory and the Joy Luck Club

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    philosophy. After reading Breath, Eyes, Memory, I have no interest in learning more about Haiti. The culture seems very dark, depressing and void of intelligent thought. For many immirgrants, leaving home is not an easy task. For Sophie leaving everything that she has ever known was not very easy for her. It is also very difficult to remove someone or something for an envoirment that they a grown very acustom too; however not ever knowing you mother and the only way that you can see her is by leaving you

  • Frankenstein: Victor

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    Frankenstein: Victor Victor Frankenstein has always been fascinated by nature. By the time he was in his late teens he was at a school of science. This school sparked his obsession with recreating human life. This was not an easy task because of the minuteness of the organs, etc, which forced him to design an oversized human, about eight feet tall. After many unhealthy months of labor, he finally achieved his goal. The hideous creature sat up and grinned at Victor. Victor fled immediately. When

  • Humorous Wedding Speech by the Best Man

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    job as a Policeman requires him to keep calm in stressful situations, so it was a bit of a surprise when he asked the shop owner if he could throw in a spare pair of underpants too. My second duty was to get Daniel to the church on time. Not an easy task, particularly since Kim's nickname for Daniel is 'Everlast' - not for his bedroom skills, but for his time keeping. We have GMT, we have BST, but is anyone here familiar with PWT? Well, Daniel Wilson Time runs about 40 minutes behind either ...

  • Le Mont Saint Michel

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    mainland at high tide. At low tide, however, it is separated from the mainland by approximately one kilometer of sand. Before a causeway was built in 1879, the only approach to the Mont was by foot over this causeway. However this crossing was no easy task and a poorly timed crossing could easily end in drowning by the sudden changing tides. The island is about one kilometer in diameter and about 80 meters high, jutting defiantly above the ocean. The steep cliffs that ascended from the crashing surf

  • Problems in the United States Educational System

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    high. This has always been a government function. Being democratic, the government is trying to fit the qualities of democracy into the way to set these standards. Of course, this is not an easy task since this country has a very diverse population. To please everybody has always been an almost impossible task. Despite this impossibility, national standards have already been set. "If a visitor from another nation was dropped into an American public school classroom without knowing the state or the

  • Pi

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    The area of a circle is one of the first formulas that you learn as a young math student. It is simply taught as, . There is no explanation as to why the area of a circle is this arbitrary formula. As it turns out the area of a circle is not an easy task to figure out by your self. Early mathematicians knew that area was, in general to four sided polygons, length times width. But a circle was different, it could not be simply divided into length and width for it had no sides. As it turns out, finding

  • Effect Of The Environment On Western Settlers

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    increase in the population of these regions at the time. These trails, such as the Oregon Trail to the north, the Mormon and Spanish Trail to the south, and the California and Overland trails in between were very rough and bumpy, making the trek no easy task. On the home front, the environment played an important role on the family life as well.. Women had a more prominent role in society as w...

  • Racism - After The Civil War

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    proposed and passed within five years of the Civil War’s conclusion. These amendments were to create equality throughout the United States, especially in the south where slavery had been most abundant. Making equality a realization would not be an easy task. This is because many problems were not perceived before and during the war. The reunification of the country would prove to be harder than expected, and entry into a new lifestyle would be difficult for both the freedmen and their former oppressors

  • Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James

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    Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James Michael Jordan, in his prime, was thought of as one of the greatest basketball champions of all time. A shooting guard, standing at six-six, Jordan was able to out play anyone in his position. He started his career at the University of North Carolina, where he helped his team win a national championship. He then was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in the 1984-85 season. While playing for the Bulls, Jordan received many awards such as, MVP, five championships, Olympic

  • World War Two

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    it was not for them to intervene for they felt that the Jewish problem classified as an internal affair within a sovereign state. The attempt to discover what exactly the people around the world did to save the Jewish race is not going to be an easy task but it is going to be a worthwhile one which should uncover a lot of unknown facts to many people. II. The thing that interested me the most in this topic is basically outlined in the introduction paragraph but it can be further progressed as

  • New Freedom Vs. New Nationalism

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    day. In Theodore Roosevelt's opinion, trusts are inevitable. As said in his 1910 "New Nationalism" speech, "There can be no effective control of corporation while their political activity remains. To put an end it will be neither a short nor an easy task, but it can be done". Woodrow Wilson had a somewhat different view on how trusts react in our society. He believes that trusts are natural but not inevitable. Wilson states in his speech in 1912 that trusts are manmade and believes they're intolerable

  • LA Gear Case Sudy

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    to its female customers due to their fashionable shoe line. To be able to gain some ground on the other shoe manufacturers L.A. Gear is going to have to develop a men's shoe line and capture some of the male buyers. This is not going to be an easy task since Nike and Reebok spend an extensive amount of money on their advertising campaigns including celebrity spokesmen. L.A. gear not only needs to capture the male buyers but they also need to maintain their female customers so a delicate balance

  • Battle Of The Little Big Horn

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    The journey of exploration to the western territories brought the white man many great things, but they did face some opposition. The US government made plans to explore the Black Hills, after hearing of the gold it contained. This was not an easy task. The Sioux, with strong force, were not giving up their sacred land easily. The only way to gain the territory of the Black Hills was to wage war against the Sioux. The Battle of the Little Big Horn was one battle that the US will never forget. General

  • Capital Punishment

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    CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Crime is a part of our lives, it is everywhere! Controlling or eliminating crime and criminals is no easy task but it can not be ignored. Making sure those that are rightly accused to a just punishment is very important. There are many reasons why people commit crimes; some do it for the shear of enjoyment others do it to be able to survive. The death penalty should not be used for every crime, although I strongly believe it should be used for those who commit very violent crimes

  • Forecasting Methods

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    Forecasting Methods Forecasting demand is not an easy task. The market is constantly changing and it makes the product demand difficult to predict. Therefore, there is not such as perfect product forecast of what customers will need in the future. However, there are several methods that help attenuating the uncertainty of forecasting demand. Since, the forecast methods or techniques differ from one another; the objective is to compare and contrast several forecasting methods, and how they are

  • Directing William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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    Directing Romeo and Juliet Being a director in a production such as Romeo and Juliet is no easy task, and I enter into this paper with that in mind. My goals are to be creative, and do things differently from the many versions of the play we have viewed in class.      Each of those directors took the original text, written by William Shakespeare, and turned it into a unique version of their own; unique in the sense that they changed the tragedy by taking out lines, conversation or even entire scenes