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  • Overcoming Procrastination is Not an Easy Task

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    coming to the realization that one is a procrastinator, make a to do list with low priority tasks; work out why you procrastinate, by understanding the reasons for procrastination for each situation, then get over it; find ways to motivate yourself to do what is needed to be done. One can do this by making up rewards for a job well done, for instance, “I am going to have me a cup of ice cream when I finish my task”. Ask some one else to check up on you, which is know to work because of the pressure the

  • Young Adult Is No Easy Task

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    Like many people have personally experienced being a adolescent or young adult is no easy task. However, what most people fail to come to terms with is that the elderly suffer from the same hardship. Elderly people must learn to adjust to the profound role changes that they later find themselves. This transition can be extreme difficult for some because it normally revolves around a loss of status, prestige and responsibility. Through my personal interview with Nelda, a recently retired Shelby County

  • The Importance Of Time Pressure On Decision Making

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    information processing, and cognition. Time pressure has been shown to impair performance on a decision-making task. Even a perceived time pressure is enough to impair performance, as shown by DeDonne and Demaree (2008) when they had subjects participate in the Iowa Gambling Task and exerted a perceived time pressure by informing the subjects that they would not have enough time to complete the task. Perceived time pressure is an important variable to note, as many studies are concerned with exerting actual

  • Social Facilitation Essay

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    Social facilitation, also known as the audience effect, is the tendency to act or perform differently when surrounded by others than when they are alone. Studies have shown that people tend to perform better when doing a simple or well-rehearsed task rather than complex or new ones. These two articles discuss the phenomena of social facilitation and how it affects different situations. In the article, Social Facilitation Effects of Virtual Humans written by Sung Park and Richard Catrambone, they

  • Bad Habit

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    harder tasks would mean all the same as long as I get to cross something out of the list. I give my utmost attention to the easiest or stress-free things (regardless of their priority status) on my to-do list. Rather than put more efforts into getting the more important tasks done, I judge each thing-to-do based on the date of submission. As a result, I end up cramming for the major project a night or a few hours before the deadline. In my head, I seem to escape the anxiety that a straining task is sure

  • The Effects Of Multitasking On Learning

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    devices increases as they are a very convenient distraction. According to Carrier et al. (2015), everything from the apps, texting, beeps and vibrations make for an easy distraction that may interfere with learning. They attribute the use of electronic devices with impacting some key aspects of learning such as understanding the learning task, as well as compromise students’ ability to understand information during lectures. It was also noted that distraction in a classroom setting can cause students

  • Reflection Paper On Internet Banking

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    It offers me to accomplish number of banking activities. It gives me greater control over various banking activities. It makes my task easier to do. It saves my time in performing different task. It saves my effort in performing different task. It increases my task effectiveness. It increases my task performances. It increases my task productivity. It is useful in managing finances conveniently. It is useful to find state of my account faster. It provides me fast

  • Task Descriptions as Functional Requirements

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    Title -: Task Descriptions as Functional Requirements Article summary A software system is built based on the requirements. Therefore requirement elicitation is an important aspect. Functional requirements outline what the system do in order to achieve its goal. A functional requirement is an action which is performed by user / system to achieve a specific goal. The authors Marianne Mathiassen and had developed the Tasks & Support method, which uses annotated task descriptions. As per authors

  • The Importance Of Motivation

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    that relying only on the basic form of motivation planning in place right now is effective for getting people to do things momentarily. For complicated task it is not effective and it often has poor results in the long run. Where as intrinsic motivation is much better overall. External motivations do work in the short term and are also really easy to use. However, tapping into someone’s intrinsic motivation is a much harder thing to do overall. There is need for autonomy, mastery, purpose, and it

  • Analysis Of Hare's The Genius Of Dogs

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    When the word “domestication” is used when talking about dogs, most people have the misconception that humans brought dogs into their homes on purpose, and that is was something they did consciously. However, after reading about Hare’s research it is easy to understand that this previous statement is completely inaccurate. Domestication is the change of a certain genetic trait that enables the animal (in this case a dog) to become more friendly with humans than its ancestors, and the two groups go through