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  • An Easy Job

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    An Easy Job The smoldering campfire burned throughout the night, flames licking against the chilly mountain air. The camp was of a fair size; surely not as big as an Imperial Camp of Stormcloak Camp, no, but there were an adequate amount of people present. They were all snuggled up in their bedrolls in the grass, the silence drifting between them as they all slept peacefully. The pale blue orbs that had been intently watching from the darkness landed on the inert form of a blonde woman, watching

  • Breathe Easy

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    In 2006 Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act went into effect banning indoor smoking within restaurants, bars, and the majority of indoor facilities. The law also includes a ban on smoking within 15 feet of a public place, although according to a tobacco study by Stanford University, 25 feet is the recommended distance to avoid inhalation of second hand smoke. The Clean Indoor Air Act resulted in an estimated 100,000 fewer smokers state-wide and has protected bystanders from the danger of second-hand

  • Too Easy

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    I could kill them. I so could… Callan’s hateful thoughts were triggered every time he saw those two men. They were just kids who knew nothing about suffering. They had no sympathy towards a war veteran. Why would they? Killing them was all too easy for Callan who had years of experience, but he tried to abstain from those thoughts. He hated it. Why did he have to associate everything with killing? Callan just stood there, and watched the kids take off with a dozen of his calves. He went back

  • Easy Rider

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    stories that can easily be compared and contrasted to the movie Easy Rider. Easy Rider is the 1960’s "Road Film" tale of a search for freedom in a corrupt and conformist America. "The Crucible" can relate to the world seen in Easy Rider. Unlike "The Crucible" Edith Wharton’s "Roman Fever" would not understand the world represented in Easy Rider.      In the movie Easy Rider Jack Nicholoson’s character George Hanson comes in contact


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    EASY ON THE RELISH The two characters I have chosen to write about, apart from Tofler, are Ray and Brian. The reason for my choice is that both of these characters play a large and significant part in the play, particularly Ray. They compliment each other because, Brian is serious, whereas Ray is carefree and has a sense of humor. RAY is 18 years of age and was a butcher’s apprentice, until he lost his job. He is a cockney, fairly well built and a jack-the-lad type of character, who no

  • Being A Teacher Is Easy

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    “Being a teacher is easy” a stereotype that us teacher or soon to be teachers hear so much. Certain people do not understand that there is much more to being a teacher than just summers off. Becoming a teacher requires a lot of responsibility. Not just the responsibility, but dealing with the issues that come with being a part of the education foundation. Being a part of CI 204 class has opened my eye s tremendously. Each article I have read; I have learned something new that in the future will

  • Alcoholism - No Easy Solution

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    Alcoholism - No Easy Solution Mike Brake’s “Needed: A License to Drink” is a well-written essay that covers the serious issue of alcoholism and goes on to offer a creative proposal to solve the situation. Brake addresses alcoholism as a “primary public health-problem” which holds merit, considering Brake sites alcohol is the cause of 19,000 auto fatalities each year. To remedy these preventable fatalities, Brake proposes to institute a national system of licensing with appropriate penalties

  • Easy A, A Young Girl

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    In the movie, Easy A, a young girl decides to follow and experience the plot of The Scarlett Letter in her high school. She starts rumors that she has had sexual intercourse with a guy she knows. The rumor gets out and soon she is the talk of the school. The class Christian is then determined to save her and keeps her accountable for her actions, claiming that she will go to Hell. The girl then starts to get offers where she pretends to pleasure her other classmates in return for gift cards and coupons

  • Comrades of Easy Company

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    Comrades of Easy Company Easy Company from its inception in July of 1942 to its disbandment at the end of World War II was an elite paratrooper force made up of “voluntary citizen soldiers” meaning they were in Easy Company of their own accord and for the most part where all previously not in any form of military. (Ambrose p. 16-17) "Easy company included three rifle platoons and a headquarters section. Each platoon contained three twelve-man rifle squads and a six-man mortar team squad.” Easy also

  • Identity Management in Easy A

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    For my media analysis I intended to investigate how identity management, including theories of social comparison, reflection appraisal, stereotyping and self-esteem are reflected in the 2010 teen comedy Easy A, written by Bert V. Royal. Throughout the film, the themes of identity management are discussed at length; majority of the characters are given “identifiers” on their social standing in high school, communication patterns between the characters show social comparison through lies and truths