East Germany Essays

  • An Idealized East Germany in Becker’s Good Bye Lenin!

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    fallen. The movie was released in 2003, but is set from October 1989 to roughly a year later highlighting the time period just before the fall of the wall and the social, political, and economic changes that happened in Germany as a result of unification. Good Bye Lenin! is set in East Berlin, and was filmed mainly at the Karl-Marx-Allee in Eastern Berlin, and in an apartment building near Alexanderplatz. The film’s subject matter is portrayed through the juxtaposition of dramatic and sad moments against

  • The Pros and Cons of Life in Communist East Germany in Goodbye, Lenin

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    On the whole, does Goodbye, Lenin paint a positive or negative picture of life in communist East Germany? East Germany, its demise relayed through the mass media of recent history, has in popular consciousness been posited as negative, a corrupt bulwark of the last dying days of Communism in Eastern Europe, barren and silent. The other Germany to its West, its citizens free, was striding confidently ahead into the millennium. Recent cinema has sought to examine re-unification, the Wolfgang Becker

  • History Of The Berlin Airlift

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    city divided - 1945 The separation of Berlin began in 1945 when Germany collapsed after the Nazi Germany era had come to a close. Germany was divided into four zones, each section was occupied by the allied powers who defeated Germany in WW2 (the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, United States and France). Berlin was divided into four zones when at the Yalta Conference, the leaders of the USA, the USSR and Britain agreed that Germany and its capital, Berlin would all be divided into four zones, this

  • Importance Of The Berlin Wall

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    The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 during the Cold War between Soviet Russia and the United States. The wall was built to separate Soviet controlled East Berlin from US controlled West Berlin. It soon became a physical barrier that symbolized the differing political and social ideologies of the two superpowers. The Berlin wall stood for 28 years separating a city into two very different sections with differing governments, economies and social organization. The importance of Berlin in International

  • Why Did We Build The Berlin Wall Of 1961

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    communist government of East Germany built the Berlin Wall to divide the East and West Berlin. Building the wall caused a short term crisis in U.S. Soviet blockade relations, and the wall itself began to symbolize the Cold War. Throughout the 1950s and into the East Berlin crossed over into West Berlin to reunite with families and escape communist oppression. The government of East Germany on the night of 1961 began to seal off all points of entrance into West Berlin from East Berlin by putting barbed

  • Fall Of The Berlin Wall Essay

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    weakened the already unstable East German government. The fall of the Berlin wall impacted the social,economic, and political throughout the time period of the starting stages of the Berlin wall falling. On August 13,1961,The Berlin Wall was built by a barbed wire and concrete Antifaschistischer Schutzwall between East and West Berlin by the communist government of the German Democratic Republic. The purpose of the wall was to keep western “fascists” from entering East Germany and undermining the socialist

  • Essay On Marx And Engels

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    communism published their experiences to the public through media. These personal accounts tell, for the most part, of repressive and manipulative governments that constantly abused their power. Since the original goal for communism was equality, the East German government clearly corrupted the hopes that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels had for the future of the Eastern European government and society. Marx and Engels lived in the nineteenth century, and they witnessed the atrocities of the Industrial

  • The Berlin Wall: An Important Turning Point In History

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    the division in the world that took place during the Cold A few days after the fence appeared, August 17, 1961, the United States issued a note to the USSR reacting to the Berlin Wall. Within this note the US declared, “…that the measures which the East German authorities have taken are illegal” and “The United States Government solemnly protests against the measures referred to above, for which it holds the Soviet Government responsible. The United States Government expects the Soviet Government

  • Brandenburg Gate Address Summary

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    that went through every heart and mind in Berlin, Germany. Throughout most of the speech Reagan is talking about the Berlin wall that for over 2 decade separated the communist East germany from the free west germany. In August 1961 during the Cold War, East Germany built a 100 mile long wall separating the soviet union part of Berlin from the UN part of Berlin. Berlin was originally all part of the soviet Union because of the separation of Germany it self, but it was agreed to share Berlin. The soviet

  • Berlin Wall Dbq

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    not only stopped the flow of refugees but also it cut the economic links between East and West Berlin, and it deprived thousands of East Germans of their livelihoods. Moreover, many East Berliners were cut off from their jobs; many families were split and chances for financial betterment (Buckley 2006, p.63. In such a situation, it is probably only due to a strong state support and aid from the USSR that prevent East Berlin and the GDR from unpredictable economic, political and social consequences

  • Outline On The Berlin Wall

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    countries? This wall slashed through the rights of the people of Germany. People have the right to go and live where they choose. Constructing a wall to trap and limit people was wrong. The people of Germany were oppressed economically and politically. The Berlin Wall split a city, of people, tearing apart families and friends for decades, and becoming a powerful symbol of the Cold War, representing the deepening divide between East and West. The building of the Berlin Wall in August 1961, dividing

  • The Berlin Wall Research Paper

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    many feel the need to build a wall to shut the nations out, which has been successful in few occasions but a complete failure in many others. The Berlin Wall was created in 1961 to stop emigration from the east to the west. It had originally been easy to cross the border, for many people from East Berlin started doing just that, but it eventually got harder. The book The Berlin Wall: How It Rose and Why It Fell states: The crossers received

  • Berlin Wall Dbq

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    although the conflict ended in the 1990, some differences between the citizens remain in the present. A hand reaches above the broken glass-covered top of the Berlin Wall is a photograph by Paul Schutzer that shows Berliners trying to escape from the east side, where the Soviet Union governed, because of

  • History Of The Berlin Wall

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    War II in 1945, Germany was divided into four sections. Each section was controlled by a different country; United States, France, Britain, and the Soviet Union. The Capital Berlin, being inside the Soviet controlled East Germany, was also divided into two sections, East and West Berlin. West Berlin was controlled by the United States and East Berlin was controlled by the Soviet Union. Starting on August 13 1961, Berliners woke up to a barrier separating the east from the west. East Germans had closed

  • Berlin Wall Research Paper

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    It is August 1961, and at the border between East and West Germany there is twenty-eight long miles of barbed wire(Heaps 1964). Hence, the Berlin Wall was born. Even though its background is sometimes overlooked, the Berlin Wall is still an interesting landmark representation of history. The Cold War was the main reason the Berlin Wall was built, Berlin being the “center stage.” At the beginning, the Allies (who won World War II) divided Germany into four zones of ownership(History.com Staff

  • Why Was The Berlin Wall Important

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    The Berlin Wall was a large concrete structure that divided East and West Berlin from 1961 to 1989. It caused many problems between the two countries, with the East being government controlled and the West being separated from families. The tearing down of this wall was important because it signified the end of Communist rule, it brought East and West Berlin back together, and it showed the supremacy of the Capitalist government. If this wall wasn’t torn down, communism could’ve spread to larger

  • The Causes and Consequences of the Berlin Crisis 1948

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    The Causes and Consequences of the Berlin Crisis 1948 After the collapse of Germany in 1945, the Allied Powers of Russia, France, Britain and the United States divided the city of Berlin among themselves. However, relations began to go sour and the British, French and American zones merged in 1947. A series of events after that led to the Blockade of Berlin and the Berlin Airlift. The Berlin Blockade represented the first heightening of Cold War tensions. There was a series of key events

  • Ronald Reagan's Proposal At The Brandenburg Gate

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    In 1961, Soviet Germany conceived the idea of the building of the Berlin Wall and therefore started to assemble this historical monument. Of the twenty-eight years the wall stood, it established maturity, witnessed innocent deaths and later took on annihilation, thus eventually being taken apart and demolished. Even today, pieces still stand and are on display all around the world as a symbol for the catastrophe. This took time, endless efforts, constant rioting and one very important speech. Ronald

  • Kennedy Ich Bin Ein Berliner Speech Summary

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    German people using the words “Ich bin ein Berliner” [1] (I am a Berliner) to make a connection between he himself and the people of Berlin although he was not born there and in broader terms between the United State of America and the country of Germany. He also compared being a Berliner to being a Roman citizen “civis Romanus sum”[1] denoting the how special it is to be a citizen of Berlin as Rome was a power of the ancient

  • The Berlin Wall

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    pressure from East German leader Walter Ulbricht, who regarded the Wall as the first step to resolving East Germany’s political and economic difficulties. The most pressing of these difficulties was the refugee problem, which was at its height in the summer of 1961 as thousands of East Germans reacted to the increased tensions by fleeing westward. But Ulbricht also saw the Wall as a way to assert East German primacy in Berlin, and thus as a way to increase the pressure on the West to accept East German