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  • Electronic Mail (e-mail)

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    Electronic Mail (e-mail) Electronic Mail, a means of communication that is growing at a very rapid rate. In this paper, I will write about introduction of e-mail, the advantage and disadvantage of e-mail, mailing lists, sending an e-mail message, sending attachments, e-mail improvement, and security features. Introduction of Electronic Mail Electronic mail (E-mail) has become popular and easy way of communication in this decade. E-mail is a method of sending and receiving document or message from

  • E-mail

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    Email is the most widely used communication tool within companies today. Email has been described as a curse and a blessing. Email reaches its recipients quickly and can be sent across the globe within seconds. Companies with multiple locations find this essential in communicating. Email can also reach a large number of individuals within a matter of keystrokes. Sending a mass email reaches many recipients with one consistent message. While there are many praises of email, its drawbacks must

  • e-mail and electronic mail

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    The Hacker It was a lonely Saturday night. The wind was howling through the branches of the old oak tree outside my window. The branches swayed back and forth, creating faint tapping and screeching sounds on the glass. And so, I sat… It was a night like any other; my music playing in the background and the room was illuminated only by the changing shades of green from my lava lamp. I waited. Suddenly, a came from the system unit of my computer, signalling that it was ready. I sat in my big leather

  • The Privacy of E-Mail

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    The Privacy of E-Mail Today the Internet is being used more and more frequently, and the question of e-mail privacy is becoming more and more of an issue in society. Many people today, both at work and at home, are using e-mail to keep in touch with their friends, family, and their co-workers. Sometimes the information that is contained in these messages is private and confidential, neither the sender nor the receiver wish any one else to be privy to what is contained in these messages. What

  • E-mail Protocol

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    are relying on the computer for communication. The main medium of computer communication is e-mail. When using e-mail there are some basic unwritten rules that one should follow. E-mail protocol, better known as netiquette, is the list of rules that are generally followed. None of these have officially been written down in a book, but they are commonly suggested by business professionals dealing with e-mail and the Internet. No matter how simple you might think something is to understand, someone

  • The Popularity of E-mail

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    The Popularity of E-mail E-mail in one way or another plays a role in just about everyone's life. Just about everyone has a computer and uses it to communicate. E-mailing and instant messaging is easy and almost necessary for people in today's world. E-mailing and instant messaging definitely plays a large role in my life. In all honesty one of the first things I do in the morning is get up and check my e-mail to see if anyone has sent me a message. It's become a routine for me. I get up

  • Variety in E-mail

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    E-mails have been a dominant form of communication throughout business, academic settings, and information sharing since its invention in 1971 (Bellis 1). The idea behind an email was the ability to send short, important messages to a computer other than the computer in use at that moment (Bellis 1). Although seemingly simple at the time, the idea bloomed into something so large it is a driver in today’s society. Interestingly enough, the first E-mail ever sent according to the article “History of

  • The Pros and Cons of E-mail

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    “E-mail, used by more than 7 million college students, is easier, quicker, and more spontaneous than regular mail.” (“College-to-Home E-mail”) Although electronic mail has made it possible for college students to keep in contact quickly and easily with friends and family, it can become impersonal and cause misunderstandings. When the internet brought electronic mail, otherwise known as e-mail, into our homes, our lives from then on have forever been changed. E-mail is mail sent over the computer

  • Disadvantages Of E-Mail Marketing

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    marketing and Social media etc. But e-mail marketing has made its own unique place and is one of the cost-effective methods of marketing. E-mail marketing is a type of direct marketing where electronic mail is used for communication with the customer. In this method the seller sends e-mail to the targeted audience telling them about the offered product & services. It is actually a personalized way of connecting with customers. In just click of a mouse you can send e-mail to any corner of the world all

  • E-mail and Public Discourse

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    “E-mail doesn’t just collapse distance, it demolishes all boundaries” (Leonard 233). The author of “We’ve Got Mail-Always” explains that e-mail can be “either a blessing or a curse”(Leonard 233). Does e-mail have positive or negative impact on personal and public discourse? Many people may say that it affects discourse negatively. Most people, however, agree that e-mail is a very common, cheap and quick form of communication which enables them to fulfill their social need of interaction. People at