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  • Electronic Mail (e-mail)

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    Electronic Mail (e-mail) Electronic Mail, a means of communication that is growing at a very rapid rate. In this paper, I will write about introduction of e-mail, the advantage and disadvantage of e-mail, mailing lists, sending an e-mail message, sending attachments, e-mail improvement, and security features. Introduction of Electronic Mail Electronic mail (E-mail) has become popular and easy way of communication in this decade. E-mail is a method of sending and receiving document or message from

  • Backtracking E-mail Messages

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    Backtracking E-mail Messages Ask most people how they determine who sent them an email message and the response is almost universally, "By the From line." Unfortunately this symptomatic of the current confusion among internet users as to where particular messages come from and who is spreading spam and viruses. The "From" header is little more than a courtesy to the person receiving the message. People spreading spam and viruses are rarely courteous. In short, if there is any question about where

  • E-mail: The Most Common Communication Method

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    Email has become one of the most commonly used communication methods in the world. It has made it possible to send messages to multiple people at different times in different locations. It provides the ability to view and respond to messages when it is most convenient. The creation of the email has improved how people communicate and has led to more advancements. Its unplanned development has drastically changed the Internet. Before the implementation of email, messages could not be sent from computer

  • The Pros and Cons of E-mail

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    “E-mail, used by more than 7 million college students, is easier, quicker, and more spontaneous than regular mail.” (“College-to-Home E-mail”) Although electronic mail has made it possible for college students to keep in contact quickly and easily with friends and family, it can become impersonal and cause misunderstandings. When the internet brought electronic mail, otherwise known as e-mail, into our homes, our lives from then on have forever been changed. E-mail is mail sent over the computer

  • Is E-mail Always Better than Snail Mail?

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    Is E-mail Always Better than Snail Mail? For many of us, turning on the computer and checking for e-mail messages has become as much a part of our daily routine as a trip to the mailbox. The growing popularity of e-mail makes us wonder how we ever survived without it. E-mail has many advantages over regular mail, including speed, low cost, and convenience. In our enthusiasm for e-mail, however, we would be unwise to abandon the post office altogether. For some purposes, e-mail is a poor substitute

  • Spam: It Isn’t Just E-Mail Anymore

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    Spam: It Isn’t Just E-Mail Anymore Introduction The digital information age has most certainly changed the face of our world. No matter where one looks, the effects of technological evolution can be seen. As recent as ten years ago, merchant companies were accustomed to using mass mailings, ad campaigns, and television commercials as their main form of advertising. Now, with e-commerce flourishing as strongly as ever over the Internet, these same merchants have a more powerful medium to

  • Comparing E-Mail and the US Postal Service

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    E-Mail vs. Postal Service New technologies are allowing us to do things faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before. Almost every new innovation in technology improves the speed and productivity of any task at hand. Electronic mail (E-mail) is possibly one of the greatest things to happen to the world. Despite this, there are people who find difficulties in using either E-mail or conventional mail. To help decide whether to use E-mail or the United States postal Service, a comparison

  • Letters vs. E-mail

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    Letters vs. E-mail: Communicating through Writing My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins live in Ireland leaving oceans and expensive air fare separating us. Through pictures, stories, letters, and phone calls I have come to know the history of my family, what brought my mother to this country, and what a life in Ireland is like. However, over time these forms of communication were not strong and consistent enough to enable me to build an emotional connection and relationship with specific

  • 1.3 Explain How To Stay Safe And Respect Others When Using E-Mail

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    go only to the original sender as opposed to the whole list of recipients. If replies are sent to all of the original recipients then each reply is also considered a mass mailing. 1.3 Explain why and how to stay safe and respect others when using e-mail. Confidentiality – this is particularly important in the work environment. Mark anything up and private and confidential as a header. Attach a word document if necessary instead of writing the confidential information into the body of the email

  • Describing ICT Systems of Blockbuster Video

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    made quicker because mail merge feature is used for this. The feature of the database is the cash registration which is linked with the database. They are linked so data doesn't have to be inputted into the system twice. Electronic Mail (E-Mail) One of the other features the company uses is e-mail that is also used for information and communication. The purpose of e-mail is almost the same as the fax machine but this is sent through the Internet. The way the e-mail works is that its sends

  • Ban On Spam?

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    connections, to today’s high tech version that plays a major function in everyday business, most advancements have been positive ones. Unfortunately one advancement that has not is Junk E-mail. These junk e-mails, (also known as “Spam”) can be described as useless messages are plaguing our Internet Service Providers (ISP) mail systems. The result of this is slower connections, a loss of time and of money. Therefore, in this work we will explore effects of Spam, (negative and positive) and will even decide

  • Letters Are a Thing from the Past

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    recent.” When was the last time you sent an e-mail? You’re thinking, “I’ve sent a couple just today.” Smart phones, laptops, and tablets are taking over the world. Texting is the number one way of communication these days. The advancement of technology is the reason why hand-written letters are a thing from the past. Technology is the main reason why hand written letters are getting lower and lower in quantity. There are a total of 144.8 billion e-mails sent every day! There was only a total of 160

  • Montana Mountain Biking Case

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    marketing plan is to understand the customer relationship because ultimately, all profits come from the customers. The challenges facing the Montana Mountain Biking company is not only retaining customers but to attract new customers. The advances in e-marketing have given Montana Mountain Biking some alternatives to traditional marketing plans. The Five Stages of Customer Loyalty Customer loyalty comes from the personal relationship that is developed between the customer and the business. One method

  • Email Privacy

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    Ethical Management of E-mail Privacy As I am sitting at my work station in a crowded office building, I hear the wonderful sound of "You've got mail." In turn I open my E-mail mailbox and find a letter from a nearby employee. This letter contains the usual funny joke of the day and a short joke ridiculing the boss, as usual. Who was to know that my supervisor would eventually find this letter, which would lead to both the termination of my job and my fellow employee? Do you feel this is right

  • Parent Involvement

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    Through my research, I have found that many secondary parents feel that they have lost a great deal of communication with both the school and the teachers. I feel that through weekly e-mails and monthly newsletters, I would be able to keep communication up-to-date for the parents. Another loss in the classroom is parent participation. I plan on initiating a “Let Us Teach You” night, so students can present their recent work and show their parents what they have learned. I also plan on including

  • Business Etiquette

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    one heel... ... middle of paper ... ... integral part of our daily lives. It is very easy to slip into “casual speak” when dealing with business e-mails. However, business professionals should keep in mind that they are dealing with other businesses and the same formality use when face-to-face should be used for writing and sending business e-mails. It may also be a good idea to take a few tips from the pros…literally. There are several services that provided by etiquette consultants. Many

  • privacy

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    the data of individual in Internet is collected legally, and how the personal information in web site be used legally. Principle 3 emphasize on the protection of the peace for people to surf on the Internet, and avoid they were disturbed by spasm e-mail illegally. Principle 4 make specific act about the protection of children¡¯s privacy, because it is some different from the adult, and we can learn some from the children¡¯ privacy protection act in America. Principle5 make clear how to punish people

  • Disadvantages Of Electronic Communication

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    etiquette of business e-mail. Misunderstood e-mails can result in a loss of business relationships, a bad reputation, and a possible loss of profits. Electronic communications are becoming more and more prevalent in business today. Because it is quick and efficient, businesses are using e-mail and texting more frequently for internal communications, and social media for external communications and marketing, more than ever before. In her article Who sets the e-mail style (2002), Naomi S.

  • Difference Between Leadership And Conformity

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    leadership develops from transactional leadership (Robbins, S.P., De Cenzo D.A., & Coulter, M. 2015) so both aspects are important and go together. Transformational leaders help team members to challenge thoughts, norms and ideas. For example with the e-mail discussion related to conforming to team and group norms, an employee under a transformational leader may feel more empowered to challenge this type of normal over an employee with a strictly transactional

  • The Urban Legend of Tommy Hilfiger

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    Blacks and Asians, his clothes were intended for upper class White people. When he admitted he said those things, she asked him to leave. This E-Mail is an Urban Legend. Juicy Emails like these are simply for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously. Like junk mail it should be emptied into the recycle bin. People assume if an E-mail is sent to them or if a friend mentioned the incident then it must be true. How could someone write something so mean and cruel and spread it through