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    E-Commerce E-commerce is rapidly becoming an excellent way to do business. It incorporates elements which are similar to those of regular commerce. The hype surrounding this new way of doing business is constantly increasing for many reasons. There are some barriers to e-commerce, but the benefits seem to far outweigh the risks. There are many elements necessary to e-commerce. First of all, you must have a product. It is also necessary to have a place. The web sit displays the product

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    In the fast pace world we live in today, when potential customers come to our website we want to make sure they return to use the website again. There are several items that must be addressed in P.O.D. e-Commerce Business to customer website one of is to have repeat customers is performance and service. “A site must be efficiently designed for ease of access, shopping, and buying, with sufficient server power and network capacity to support website traffic” (O’Brien & Marakas, 2007, p. 294). Some

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    E-commerce Unless you have been living under a rock for the last two years, you have heard about e-commerce! And you have heard about it from several different angles. For example: You have heard about all of the companies that offer e-commerce because you have been bombarded by their TV and radio ads. You have read all of the news stories about the shift to e-commerce and the hype that has developed around e-commerce companies. You have seen the huge valuations that web companies get in the

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    tool used by business in term of electronic commerce. In the discussion I will try to state how e-commerce influences business in the new world with the vast growing of the Internet technology. First, I will define what is e-commerce. Then, I am going to highlight some comparison between the traditional and electronic commerce. The benefits and disadvantage of e-commerce will be the following step. At the end of discussion and briefly I will mention e-commence technologies. Then comes the summary

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    ECommerce Electronic commerce, or e-commerce has developed exponentially in the last few years and has left some in the cold. The majority of people think e-commerce is just about buying and selling things over the Internet like through auctioning sites such as E-Bay and U-Bid. However, E-commerce is a broad term describing the electronic exchange of business data between two or more organizations' computers. Some examples might be the electronic job applications, on-line services like America

  • Japan and e-commerce

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    Japan and e-commerce The recent development of the Internet has created a technological and commercial revolution throughout the world. By essentially shortening the distance between companies and consumers, the Internet has created a competitive global market unlike any other. Many countries are fighting hard to become major players in this potentially lucrative venue. Over the past five years, Western nations have had a considerable advantage in this race, since the concept of the Internet originated

  • E-Commerce Fraud

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    electronic payment methods have arose. The most widely used payment method is credit cards, which account for eighty percent to ninety percent of internet payments . Debit cards are also another major medium of payment. Variations such as electronic money or e-money and stored value cards have added features beyond the normal credit card and debit card. The goal of these variations of electronic payments has been to make purchasing simpler by allowing the transfer of cash value to a card . Unlike the debit

  • E-commerce – the legal considerations

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    E-commerce – the legal considerations ===================================== There are lots of legal considerations and I've tried to include some of the main ones. Although e-commerce can mean a lot of things, here I've related it to actually selling items on a website (although a lot of the legal considerations would need to be considered even if you were not selling on the web. Data protection considerations ============================== The Data Protection Act lays down lots of

  • Small Businesses and E-commerce

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    issues at play in determining who participates and who does not on the e-commerce/Internet play field. It also offers a few suggestions of how some of these issues may be resolved to even the unbalanced scales that now exists between small and large businesses participation in e-commerce. E-commerce is simply the ability to conduct business and personal transactions over the Internet. One of the most popular forms of e-commerce is business-to-consumer transactions where a company or business sells

  • Creating an e-commerce site

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    If you're a techie entrepreneur creating a big e-commerce site, you may decide to buy a high-end Unix box to accommodate the volume and processing demands your bean-counters have projected for you. You'd run Sun Microsystem's Solaris software on it to power your Web server and e-commerce applications. Or, you could opt to save a little venture capital and run Linus Torvalds' free operating system (and its accompanying free server apps) on a cluster of commodity Intel PCs. The Linux OS is well-suited

  • E-Commerce In Latin America

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    E-Commerce In Latin America Where Is It Now, Where Is It Going, Who Is Taking It There? In recent years, the media has made much of the growing consumer markets in Latin America. North Americans have to come to understand that much of the health of the U.S. economy is tied to the economic well-being of Latin countries such as Brazil and Mexico. Yet even with our awareness of the market size of our neighbors and awareness of our increasing interdependence, most North Americans consider the

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    Electronic business or e-business is a whole new way of doing business over the internet in today's society. In today's ever changing environment, people are shopping more and more online, which has opened up new aspects of money making strategies that businesses have built on. E-business has helped businesses grow, or ultimately loose revenue and play catch up. There are several key aspects in which e-business needs to be conducted. E-business can make, or break a company. This paper will reveal

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    E-commerce, especially online shopping, is very common nowadays. Most people purchase the products that they are looking for by visiting the online stores. This essay will examine the changes that e-commerce made, the conditions at the time that made e-commerce favorable for the game changer to emerge and the reasons why e-commerce had a lasting impact. E-commerce gives a convenient method for consumers to purchase the products and provide more opportunities for sellers and buyers to have interactions

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    companies used computers in their everyday business. Thus, E-commerce is emerging as an increasingly important way for businesses to reach potential customers. Introduction What exactly is e-commerce? Most casual internet users think that e-commerce is just buying and selling online. Yet this is not the case. Simply put, e-commerce is the electronic exchange of business information between two or more organizations. There are e-commerce conducted between businesses and those that carried out between

  • Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) and the Global Economy

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    Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) and the Global Economy Introduction The world we live in today, revolves around technology, new innovations and constant change. The global economy incorporates these changes into its daily applications forming a technological driven world where businesses thrive on information and competitive markets. Computers and communication networks have planted a seed in this information age where enterprises flourish forming revolutionized market economies. One

  • E-commerce and the Global Market

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    Electronic commerce (e-commerce) over the Internet is the fastest growing method for consumers to conduct business. Less than ten years old and it already has radically altered the potential to economic activities and the social environment. There are nearly 200 million Internet users worldwide currently. Of these 200 million users, roughly 40 percent reside in the United States (Styliano, A., Robbins, S. & Jackson, P., 2003). E-commerce currently affects large sectors such as communications, banking

  • Dell's E-Commerce Model

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    Since its launch in the mid '90s, Dell's e-commerce business has been a poster child for the benefits of online sales, says Aberdeen Group analyst Kent Allen. The company's strategy of selling over the Internet -- with no retail outlets and no middleman -- has been as discussed, admired and imitated as any e-commerce model. Dell's online sales channel has proven so successful, says Allen that the computer industry must ask: "Does the consumer need to go to the store to buy a PC anymore?" Regardless

  • Pros and Cons of E-Commerce

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    Pros and Cons of E-Commerce Electronic commerce or e-commerce involves the buying and selling of products or services over the internet. Put simply, e-commerce means conducting business online. E-commerce software programs run the main functions of an e-commerce web site, including product display, online ordering, and inventory management. This software resides on a commerce server and works in conjunction with online payment systems to process payments. E-Commerce can help a small business off

  • E-commerce: Security and Privacy

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    E-commerce: Security and Privacy As the evolution of the internet and purchasing online becomes popular, so do the security factors that contribute to the ways of eliminating fraud, theft, and acquiring personal information. E-commerce has created many new ways for customers to make payments including e-cash, e-cheques, and e-wallets. In the 21st century, many organizations worked hard at securing communications and payments made through e-commerce transactions. In doing so, customers would

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    distributors in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Guess ? can be found in many department, retail, specialty, and factory stores and as of January 1995 online. Guess’s ? online store is created in Los Angeles, were its E-Commerce department is located. Their responsibility is to create texts, graphics, researches of new technologies, and track online sales. The Guess?.Com website is updated every two to three months so the most accurate information is always available