Duodecimal Essays

  • So You’ve Decided to visit Earth.

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    So You’ve Decided to visit Earth. Pamphlet with 10 simple rules to aid your survival on the world of this up and coming hostile species Paid for by the Galactic Confederation. Rule Number 1: Eavesdrop, Eavesdrop, Eavesdrop. The gateway to understanding human mind is spending time reviewing their transmissions. Remarkably un-shy and very gregarious, they have been broadcasting both their audio and visual entertainment for decades much to the annoyance of other neighboring, less chatty species

  • Informative Essay On Sports Injuries

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    Yeah! Welcome back to total Pro Sports. We could make a list hundreds of entries long that show the most graphic videos of injuries on the field. It would be pretty awful honestly, so while this list takes inventory of in-game sports injuries it doesn’t feature the terrible Paul George type things that make you walk around dog pale for the next four hours, rather these are the iconic sports injuries more akin to battle scars. They’re cool, not disturbing, at least I think so, your mileage may vary

  • Group Participation and Interaction Explored in 12 Angry Men

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    Stop for a moment and think how many times have you said “I'll kill you” to a person and actually killed that person? Two times? Three times? We all know that the answer is never unless of course you're actually a killer. This is what might or might not have happened with the boy who was accused of killing his father in the movie 12 Angry Men. Firstly, let's consider on the title of the movie itself which says “12 Angry Men.” Twelve is indicating the number of group members, angry is indicating the

  • A Summary of 12 Angry Men

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    12 Angry Men 12 Angry men is about a group of men who are appointed as jury’s. They are put in a room until they could come up with a conclusion, on whether the boy who was convicted of murder is guilty or not. Jury foremen #1 was seated at the head of the table. Portrayed as a good leader, and a thoughtful listener. When there is a quarrel between the men, he was the one who would break if off and advice them to settle down and talk about it like civil men. Was a football coach in his early years

  • The Roman Numerals

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    Summary In this paper I will be talking about the Roman Numerals, a system that started showing up in the early 500 B.C. This system consists in symbols used to represent different numbers, most of these symbols have a meaning behind that has to do with using the hands. Just as we have rules in our system they also had their own rules that needed to be followed. They developed a way to write numbers in a larger way by placing bars in different places when writing a number, this meant that the number