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  • STudent Living Conditions Satisfaction

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    you have a roommate? Where do you stay? Do you have cable? Do you have an air condition unit? Where would you prefer to stay? Do you feel you should have your own dorm? Do you like having a roommate? Would you want to have an opposite sex for a roommate? Are you satisfied with your living conditions? Is their a vending machine in your dorm? Did you like this survey? The first question asked on the survey is do you have a roommate. I found out that 8 out of 10 people that took the survey have a roommate

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Hofstra University

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    expectations and standards. The Hofstra campus is particularly favored, without including the surrounding areas; that being said the campus has to be kept up to par for a likable and comfortable atmosphere, including in the classrooms and residential dorms. Thus, maintenance and other relevant faculty should be doing everything in their power to make sure that the campus and living environments are what the students expect and deserve in the college they plan to reside in for four

  • Lab Report Testing the Hardness of Water

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    hardness. In this chart, 1 ppm hardness is equal to 1 part of CaCO3 per million parts water, which is also equal to 1 mg CaCO3 in 1 liter of water. Table A Concentration mg/L CaCO3 Description 0 - 75... ... middle of paper ... ...he dorm and the house. This is the reason that the tests in the lab gave data to support this new hypothesis: water from the tap in a residential area is less hard then areas farther away from the water purifying company. References 1. Brown, Theodore

  • How Can College Students Overcome Homesickness

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    College is an institution where students from various walks of life come to study for degree. However, for most students it’s a new chapter in their lives as they have to leave the comfort of home. Homesickness is a common issue among college students, particularly international students. Being an international student myself, I have experienced such phenomena. Ho (2010) reports that being homesick isn’t sorely about missing home itself but missing the things we love at home. Nonetheless, college

  • Big Campus Vs Big College Campus Essay

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    facilities. When you go to a big college campus, you will notice right away that there are more residential services than on a small campus. On a big college campus, you have a variety of dorms to choose from where as at a smaller college, you will maybe have two different types of dorms to choose from. You could be sharing a room and restroom with just one other person or it can three to seven other people and they could vary in layout. Also, if you needed a maintenance crew member to work on a plumbing issue

  • Housing Limited

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    that is my source for outside information; it opens into an area that stores a rainbow of flyers from every organization imaginable. Connected to that room are hundreds of these doorways, that all collect the same stack of recyclable announcements, but I have the combination to unlock the one that corresponds with the big box, called my dorm room. In my mailbox, there was a flyer that was personally addressed to me: Residents of Pennypacker Hall. When the metal clasp that kept the contents a secret

  • Yes and No in Korean

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    only a month after I came to the U.S., I happened to have dinner with an American student, Bob, in a dining hall. He was living in the next room in the school dormitory. He asked me several questions about my background, including my family, religion, and my nationality; I answered all the questions as sincerely as I could. Several days later, I found that some dorm residents thought that I came from North Korea. I was a little embarrassed. Even though North Koreans and South Koreans share common ancestors

  • Case Study: We Cannot Make A College Perfect

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    complications within the room and was truly happy with her living arrangement while getting to know who roommate as well as her two other suitemates. As mid-September rolled around she had noticed that after opening the window to get fresh air into the room, it would not close. She then called maintenance and they had stated that they were going to fix it. A few days had gone by and the window was still broken and the room was chilled due to the air that came into the room. Torie called a second time

  • My Own Two Feet

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    Each room was painted a dark green, while the desks where in a triangular form as if it were an elementary class. Besides the schools lack of fashion Beverly had a great time getting to know everyone. If you lived close by (which she did) you could just spend the night at home, but if not the school principles were always willing to rent dorms to those in need of them. Each dorm had a twin size bed and a nightstand right beside it. So clearly they were very small! That is unless you had a room-mate

  • College Dorms

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    College Dorms Message: The inventor of dormitories...let's find him, make him pay for the travesties he's visited on America's youth, and force him to listen to Matchbox 20. Can't you see him designing these hellish stacks of humanity many years ago? From the sidewalk he raised his hands triumphantly and said, "It shall be like the projects with less violence and more marijuana!" He then took lumber and Elmer's Paste, as it is often called, to create these pet carrier sized rooms that we live in