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  • Domestic Workers

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    American domestic workers can be better understood when using political theory in the context of political practice. Throughout this paper I plan on using this phenomenon as an example of current feminist political theories, such as gender, class, race, class-consciousness and the divide between the public and private spheres in an attempt to understand the role of feminist and female political involvement in the changing face of political activism and how the story of African American domestic workers

  • Child Domestic Workers in the Philippines

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    Child Domestic Workers in the Philippines Introduction “I wake up at 3am to water the plants, clean the house, go to market, cook, wash the plates, wash the clothes, iron the clothes. I return to the market three times a day. From 5pm to 9pm, they allow me to go to school. When I return, I have to wash the dishes, then I massage both my male and female employer until 1am. I only have two hours to sleep.” This is how a girl from Buikidnon, Philippines described her experience with child labour to

  • Domestic Workers Case Study

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    Migrant workers in the Middle East are unskilled workers from undeveloped Nations that transport to another country and become household maids to better their life and their family to gain better materials and social conditions. Many of these workers come from impoverished Nations such as South/East Asia and Africa and are lacking education and resources. For years, it has dragged on in failing to protect domestic workers in the Middle East. Many of them experience abuse, paid low wages with almost

  • Domestic Workers And Farmworkers In The U.S.

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    States in search of the American Dream. Only to find out that their job opportunities are limited. Having no choice but to be employed as domestic workers or has Farmworkers. Much of this is due to strong gender and culture stereotypes and biases within the United States. Despite the many differences between domestic and farm work many of these migrant workers face the same difficulties and obstacles in their daily lives. We all enjoy to have affordable produce prices year round. But, what many of

  • World War I and the Domestic Casualty of the Industrial Workers of the World

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    World War I and the Domestic Casualty of the Industrial Workers of the World The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) worked in the early 20th century to organize all labor to collectively strive for the interests of labor and in order to create a more democratic society, in spite of possible resistance from the interests of capital and the repercussions that were to occur in reaction to organizing (Bird et al 1). Although, in a mostly defunct form, it still exists today as an international

  • An Essay About Maid Abuse

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    on how human can be unsympathetic and cruel. The article 'European Union Illegal Immigrant Maids Subjected To Sexual Abuse, Beatings: Report' is about Vienna-based EU Fundamental Rights agency consulting 72 migrants which are engaged in domestic work. The workers are at intensified risk of abuse (Jahn 2011). The major reason why abuse pushes maids to extremity is because employers physically abuse maids without any due of consideration. Abusive employers often torture maids for a small fault or

  • Essay On Housework

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    Generally speaking, the term ‘housework’ is used to refer to the managing of the home involving a range of domestic and often unpaid activities, ‘the purpose of which is to maintain household members’ (Hatt, 1997). According to Hatt, social events such as the rise of capitalism and the industrial revolution produced a surge of change throughout society causing the separation of the home and the workplace, as well as the shift from household work to factory work. As society gradually altered to reflect

  • Analyzing the View that Weavers and Their Families Were Better off Before Factories Started

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    Analyzing the View that Weavers and Their Families Were Better off Before Factories Started The weavers all used to work at home before the factories began. They would work as a family each person doing their own bit. The domestic system was a good idea because you will be keeping all of the profits. This means that you might be earning more then if you worked in a factory, so you would be better off. Also if you had very young children who weren't old enough to work you'll be able

  • How International Multilateral Treaties Shape the Singapore State

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    Introduction This essay aims to look at how international multilateral treaties shape the Singapore State discourse on protecting the rights for migrant workers, specifically Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) from a perspective of maintaining state sovereignty in controlling migrant flows to a more humanitarian view of FDWs as a vulnerable group to exploitation and trafficking. I would conclude that recently, the international community succeeds in pressurising Singapore State to start making some

  • Why do females migrate to work as maids?

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    Why do females migrate to work as maids? In general woman will migrate to work as domestic workers for one of three reason. (i) limited or no jobs in their country of origin (ii) the income in there country of origin is not enough to sustain there family; and (iii) to get away from a volatile family situation. Women see working as a maid in another country as way to solve these problems and ways to support there families back home. However the question has arisen once these women from lesser developed