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  • Disney Films: The Little Mermaid

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    The first thing to pop into one’s mind when they hear The Little Mermaid is most likely the Disney animated movie starring the beautiful red haired mermaid, Ariel. However, as with most Disney films, The Little Mermaid is an adaption of an original story written by Hans Christian Andersen in the 1830s. The creation of this classic fairytale into an animated feature required alterations from the Disney corporation, leading to a final product that is reminiscent of Andersen’s original story with

  • Representation Of Women In Disney Films

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    20th century audiences have seen women continuously depicted in this manner, especially with the rise of comic book based films, however with the rise of feminism and gender

  • Disney Films And Children's Fairytales

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    particularly Disney films, encourages the child’s imagination and fantasy to be enhanced, creates a drive within them to go on adventures and helps them develop an aura of innocence. Animated films are “teaching machines” (Giroux, 1996, p. 66). Disney films teach children about specific roles, values and ideals and also take them through the world of enchantment. It helps them to understand who they are and what it means to be a part of the society and an adult environment (Giroux, 1996). Disney characters

  • Gender Stereotypes In Disney Films

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    Examples of gender stereotyping can be found in the Disney princess films which are particularly popular with children of all ages. England et al (2011) conducted a content analysis of Disney films and found that the female characters, namely the princesses, were responsible for the domestic work and the princes were portrayed as highly assertive, powerful and strong. The results found in this study suggest that the gendered content in the Disney films may influence children’s gender development and

  • Analysis Of The Disney Film Pocahontas

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    As children we have innocent minds, we just want prince charming to find a princess we usually don’t see the full meaning of the films. In the Disney film Pocahontas (1995) the deeper meaning is equality in every living organism on the earth. The directors, Eric Goldberg and Mike Gabriel show this in the soundtrack, story line, and theme of the movie. They use real life based events of the settlers coming to America and a star crossed love story to demonstrate how we are all equal no matter the

  • Racial Representations Of Racism In Disney Film

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    influenced many of today’s films. Most Disney animated films have portrayed stereotype gender roles and racial bias. Disney has always portrayed black people through a certain lens, especially in many of its early cartoons. The first time, black characters or voices appeared in Disney cartoons, there was always something negative about that specific character. This idea that may have been rooted in the past, but it still continues

  • Lion King Disney Film Analysis

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    and turned into films to keep their magic alive. However what many people do not know is that many of Shakespeare’s plays have been adapted into many Disney Films. More precisely “Hamlet” is one of the most used plays. Movies such as “Tarzan," “Aladdin," and “101 Dalmatians” used many scenes in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” to inspire scenes in the films. The movie The Lion King by Disney, however, is one of the strongest and more closely related to “Hamlet” than any other Disney film, but how? More importantly

  • The Little Mermaid Disney Film Research

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    How are gender roles represented in films and how are viewers affected by this? Contents: Introduction Disney Films Top Grossing Films Japanese Films Conclusion In this research report I aim to explore the way in which gender roles have been represented in films through time and to analyse if the representation of each gender role has changed. More specifically I would like this report to acknowledge, in particularly, if women’s representations have changed over the years, and if so why

  • The American Dream In The Disney Film Pinocchio

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    Nothing encapsulates the American Dream better then what a cricket in a top hat said in the Disney film Pinocchio, “When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you” The American Dream is a prodigious ideal of a society where individuals can achieve a better, richer, fuller life than what they begin with if they are able to put the necessary effort towards achieving it. It is a dream where foundations were built on codes of liberty, equality

  • Gender Role Portrayals in Disney Animated Films

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    Gender Role Portrayals in Disney Animated Films Introduction Disney is one of the largest corporations in the world, known for entertaining and having a dominant role in children’s media for over 60 years and counting (Towbin, Haddock, Zimmerman, Lund & Tanner, 2003). The purpose of this study is to analyze Disney animated films according to gender roles and gender role portrayals. Research shows that Disney animated films have highly portrayed traditionally feminine and masculine characteristics