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  • EthicsGame Dilemmas

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    without having to get others involved unless necessary. Making ethical decisions can be a tedious process. However, making a hasty decision can ruin one’s career. Works Cited University of Phoenix. (2014). Welcome to an ethicsgame hot topics dilemma!. Retrieved from

  • Emma's Dilemma

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    Emma's Dilemma In my investigation I will investigate the number of different combinations a word can be put in. For example the word… Tim. The letters in this word can be mixed up to show all the possible variations of combinations the letters can be put in. So a variation of the name Tim would be… Mit. E.g. TIM, ITM, MIT, TMI, ITM, MTI. …this shows all the possible combinations the letters can be put into. A total of 6 different combinations can be achieved. I will begin

  • The Dilemma Of An Accountant

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    The ethical dilemma in this case is one that Daniel Potter is faced with. Daniel is a staff accountant at a Big Eight accounting firm, Baker Greenleaf. He was given the duty of performing an audit on a wholly-owned real estate subsidiary (Sub) of a long-standing and important client of his firm. Oliver Freeman is Daniel’s project manager. Oliver is the one that gave Daniel the task of performing the audit, and he is expecting a clean opinion from Daniel on the analysis of the Sub in order

  • Moral Dilemma

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    Moral Dilemma As human beings, we are forced to accept the inevitability of being unwillingly confronted with situations that test the strength of our morality and character. In the midst of deep moral conflict we become immensely introspective and we follow our intuition with the hopes of it guiding us towards the morally correct decision. However, how can we be sure that we have acted morally in a situation that is so morbid and perverse that our intuition is completely torn? This is the dilemma

  • Moral Dilemmas

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    and Jamey. In the beginning, Maggie observes Jamey in the park several times and eventually discovers that the pink box that Jamey had contained an emaciated kitten that had been obviously abandoned by Jamey. Maggie was faced with her first moral dilemma of responsibility and right and wrong. Knowing the kitten was in distress and unable to locate the boy, she took the cat home and cared for the animal. She continued looking for the kitten’s owner, Jamey, throughout the summer, but she did not see

  • An Ethical Dilemma

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    According to Viren Swami, a professor at the University of Westminster, “animal testing, or animal research, refers to the use of animals in experiments within academic, research, or commercial establishments” (Christopher, 269). Sounds simple enough, but Swami does not mention how this testing affects the animals or why this is such a controversial issue among the public. M.J. Prescott, from the National Center for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animal Research, makes a very good

  • The Puritan Dilemma

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    The Puritan Dilemma I. Subject. This book is a short biography about John Winthrop. In this book Morgan outlines how Winthrop struggled with the dilemma, first internally, as he dealt with the question of whether traveling to the New World represented a selfish form of separatism, the desire to separate himself from an impure England, or whether, as he eventually determined, it offered a unique opportunity to set an example for all men by establishing a shining city upon a hill, a purer

  • Emma's Dilemma

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    Emma's Dilemma The Problem: Emma is playing with arrangements of the letters of her name. One arrangement is EMMA A different arrangement is MEAM Another arrangement is AEMM Experiment: ----------- For my investigation I have been asked to work out the number of different arrangements of the letters from the name Emma. ---------------------------------------------------------------- EMMA AMEM EMAM AMME --------- EAMM MEMA MMEA MMAE MAME

  • Dilemma response

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    12), no funds to raise one if needed (163; ch.12) and far more powerful neighbors (163; ch.12) on almost all sides America’s military strength was far from satisfactory and would almost surely cripple under attack. This military weakness led to a dilemma in 1789 when the U.S’ allies during the revolutionary war, the French, began their own fight for independence, the French called on Americans to aide them and although America was in alliance with France and during the revolutionary war had pledged

  • The Dilemma of Censorship

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    The Dilemma of Censorship The issue of censorship always provides an interesting debate. There are many intelligent and very valid arguments for and against the issue. However I strongly believe that the act of censorship is wrong. I believe that all films, songs and television programs should be released uncut from any government or senior authority intervention. A film or piece of music is a work of art, thus it should be marketed as its creator intended. Because of this the cutting