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  • The Canon EOS Rebel T3i

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    the digital single-lens reflex camera, or DSLR for short. Canon launched the Canon EOS Rebel T3i in North America, which is considered by many consumers as one of the best DSLR cameras Canon has ever made. The camera itself came from a series of EOS Rebel cameras which began almost 14 years ago, and the model of the T3i became a basis for models of future EOS cameras. Consumers are able to use the camera easily without difficulty, and the camera alone is equivalent to higher classes of cameras out

  • Cameras and Photography

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    of taking good photos. Have you heard of the rule of thirds? Or do you know how a camera works? Well, that will all be explained. Maybe, by the end you will take up photography too. This essay will explore the history and types of cameras and the basic rules for taking photographs. Photography has an amazing process, no matter if you are using a film camera, or a digital camera. The principle of the camera is that light passes through a small hole, projects an image from the brighter side of

  • Picture Perfect

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    type of camera is called a digital camera, a device that records a picture in an image sensor to process the photo. This mechanism displays the pictures on the camera screen, and all the pictures are saved on a memory card. If desired, unwanted pictures are deleted off the camera. Many different models, in all sizes and prices, are available for all photographers. A digital camera, although complex to some, is a great investment in a world with constant change in technology. The camera has been

  • Camera Essay

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    Cameras Thesis: It's essential to know your camera’s features and settings if you want to take the best possible photos! Introduction I. Have you ever wondered why our selfies are so much better than yours? (Visual Aid) II. All cameras have the same basic features. A. Not all cameras have features and settings that can be adjusted. B. It's essential to know your camera’s features and settings if you want to take the best photos possible! C. Today we are going to explain how the basic components

  • Photography: The History and Everyday Use

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    American culture. Who has contributed to the making of the modern camera in earlier times? In ancient times, at approximately 5th century B.C., the beginning of the camera was the use of a camera obscura, Greek meaning “Dark room.” A camera obscura is a dark room that has a small hole in a wall or other covered opening, and through that opening comes light that shows the outside world in an upside-down fashion. The first recorded use of a camera obscura was by the Chinese philosopher named Mo-Ti, who recorded

  • The Invention of Digital Photography

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    The Invention of Digital Photography Photography has been around since the 19th century, although it was not as advanced as it is today. It is an incredibly unique art form; it has the potential to capture a moment in time unlike any other medium. What makes it even more unique is that photography has only existed for a few decades which is unlike any other medium. It has made incredible advances since the day it was discovered. In the words of Gordon Baldwin and Martin Jürgens in their book Looking

  • How to Take Professional Quality Pictures with a Digital SLR Camera

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    photographer can take professional quality pictures with a digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera by learning about and experimenting with its complex operations. There are many advantages to making the transition from a point-and-shoot digital camera to a digital SLR camera. These include capturing images “more quickly, more flexibly, and with more creativity” (Busch, Digital 9). Furthermore, taking photos with a digital SLR camera reduces the amount of time that otherwise would be spent editing

  • Essay On Camera

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    being said, cameras definitely play an important role in our daily life. In today’s generation, we usually use our camera phone to take pictures. It’s the fastest way to take a picture and the easiest, but it wasn’t always like that. When cameras were first invented there was a lot more to it and cameras didn’t have the same advanced technology we have today. Technology today is very advanced and if we take a moment to think about it, it will get more advanced in the future. Cameras today have a

  • How Photography Works and Has Evolved

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    Photography has been around since 1000 A.D. The first camera was called a Pinhole Camera, invented by Alhazen in the 1500’s. “The exposure time on taking the photo was fifteen to twenty seconds in a sunny scene.” (Hawshaw 1) Photography was and is used to take family portraits and even for studies. Today with the power of digital photography any one can take one picture or one hundred. It’s only a click of a button away with today's cameras. Cameras have changed the evolution of photography. Photography

  • The Nikon D60- Exploring Features of a Great Camera

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    is hard to go somewhere where nobody has a camera with them ready to capture a moment to share with others. And now that basically everyone has a cell phone and most of those phones have a built in camera, nobody has an excuse to not be taking pictures everywhere they go. But some people want more than just a little cell phone camera to capture their lives, so they need something that can work quickly and provide great quality. There are now many cameras on the market that one can purchase and use