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  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis

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    in Pakistan. Kwabena et al.,’s (2013) study investigated passengers’ level of satisfaction of Metro Mass Transit Ltd.’s service delivery in Koforidua, Ghana through accidental sampling of 200 questionnaires adopting a modified SERVQUAL model. The analysis revealed that The study revealed that about 60% of MMT passengers are satisfied; about 20% are indifferent, while the remaining 20% are dissatisfied. This indicates that 40% of the passengers could switch to other service providers.

  • Investigating Determinants of Compulsive Buying of Youth in Pakistan

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    was administered in three cities of Pakistan. A convenience sample of three hundred and seventy one respondents participated in the study. Statistical techniques Independent sample t - test, correlation and regression analyses were used for data analysis. The empirical findings showed the differences in compulsive buying behavior of male and female members of youth. Research shows that compulsive buying has negative relation with age. In addition the factors (Tendency to spend, Drives to spend compulsively

  • Studying Compulsive Buying

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    literature there ... ... middle of paper ... ...York: McMillan Bragg, J. (2009). Digging Out From $80,000 in Debt. Christenson, G.A., Faber, R.J., de Zwaan, M., Raymond, N., Specker, A., Eckert, M.D., et. al. (1994)."Compulsive Buying : Descriptive characteristics and psychiatric comorbidity", Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 55, pp 5-11. Damon, J., (1988), Shopaholics. Los Angeles, CA: Price Stern Sloan Inc. DeSarbo, W. and Edwards, E. A. (1996), "Typologies of Compulsive Buying Behavior:

  • Analysisng Consumer Motivations to Shop for Luxury Products Online

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    1.0 Introduction In this chapter, the writer will demonstrate the methodology used in analysing consumer motivations to shop for luxury products online. Methodology plays an important role in the academic researches as it concerned with what method need to be used to carry out the study. Collins and Hussey (2003) stated that the use of methodology is the most important part of a research (Collins and Hussey, 2003). The structure of this chapter will display from research philosophy to the data collection

  • Literacy In Dyslexia

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    experience; it causes children to fear reading and writing. Latest research show that 15 to 20% of the population has reading disability ,out of which 85% has dyslexia., To overcome the reading disability different methods are used like auditory analysis,phoneme blending,teaching letter-sound association, word build... ... middle of paper ... ...n view: 1. Research is design in such a way that minimizes the risk to the participants. 2. Consult with the experts and the members of the vulnerable

  • stat paper

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    Introduction This report will explore how certain factors affect a Mixed Martial Artist’s (MMA) number of wins. The MMA fighters I will be discussing will be Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters, UFC fighters are the premier MMA fighters in the world. Mixed Martial Arts is a relatively new sport that in the past few years has gained an immense amount of popularity. According to the UFC had a 106% increase in interest between 2007 and 2008 (Fig. 1), although this statistic is

  • Experiment In Pupilometry

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    Introduction: Pupilometry is the study of how a pupil reacts to different emotions and stimuli. The research on the topic of pupilometry is scattered and fairly shallow. Related research has been conducted on facial expressions and their reaction and relation to emotion. There are some relationships to the facial expression research and pupilometry, but these relationships do not tell the whole story. Some interest has been brought up through research in the field of pupilometry and its predictive

  • A Closer Look at the Organization of CEO

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    organisation of 35,000 employees. Sales are static, costs are increasing and staffs appear to be unhappy. She wants to know what is going on. 1. Introduction With an organisation of huge resources, they are able to afford for a more in-depth analysis. Looking into the problem, sales can be static due to various reasons such as poor product designs, changing market trends, location of the products placed etc. Costs are increasing may be due to staff stealing the products or high overhead

  • The Pre-Service Teacher Test Anxiety Scale

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    The Pre-Service Teacher Test Anxiety Scale: A Principal Components Analysis Table of Contents Rationale for Scale p. 3 Scale Development p. 4 Initial Scale p. 6 Scale Development Analysis p. 7 Table 1 (Factor Loadings) p. 9 Principal Components Analysis with Orthogonal Rotation Reliability and Validity p. 10 Table 2 (Correlations for Validation) p. 10 Demographic Comparison p. 11 Recommendations p. 11

  • A Framework For Barriers Of Telemedicine Implementation In Iran

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    give a number from 1 to 5 to each of the barriers stated in table 3. We have used descriptive methods and the first order and second order confirmatory factor analysis for analyzing data. Factor analysis provides a basic for creating a new set of variables that has the same characteristics of the main variables. Indices with the factor loadings less than 0.3 will be eliminated (Vizcaino.2010). Before doing factor analysis, we should do the KMO test in order to be certain about the size of the sample