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  • The Connection between Writing and Technology

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    The Connection between Writing and Technology There are times when an idea pops into your head and immediately you need to write it down or lose the thought forever. What is the first thing you grab? Probably a pen or pencil and then a piece of paper, or even the nearest keyboard. These technologies are so common, we don't even give them a second thought; they are just there. With almost every household owning a computer we even tend to take them for granted. Now imagine these writing technologies

  • Movies and Truth for All

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    The United States belongs to all of its citizens, including the descendants of those who actually built the White House, who actually charged up San Juan Hill, who built our railroads, who essentially invented some of the best loved American arts. However, if one goes to the movie theater all of our citizens are not represented equally and accurately. One can easily be blinded by the bright whiteness of the actors that a majority of movies projects. The attitude of Hollywood executive ascribes to

  • The Pros and Cons of Over the Counter Birth Control Pills

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    making a birth contro... ... middle of paper ... ...ounter as a Strategy to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy. Annals Of Internal Medicine, 158(11), 839- Is it time to bring OCs over the counter?. (2010). Contraceptive Technology Update, 31(7), 77- Potter, J. E., White, K., Hopkins, K., Amastae, J., & Grossman, D. (2010). Clinic Versus Over- the-Counter Access to Oral Contraception: Choices Women Make Along the US-- Mexico Border. American Journal Of Public Health, 100(6), 1130-1136. doi:10.2105/

  • Dennis Potter's How To Practice Safe Sexting

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    Before we make a decision, do we evaluate the consequences, risks, and outcomes of our actions or do we just make choices without thinking ahead? A wise man once said, “everything we do has consequences.” This wise man is Dennis Potter. The most important thing we as humans should do is, analyze the choices we make before we make them. Once a decision is made, it cannot be taken back but consequences will still follow. According to the “How to Practice Safe Sexting, “ anything that's fun,

  • The Great Chicago Fire of 1871

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    The Great Chicago Fire was a major milestone in the city’s history. The fire started on October 8th, 1871 and did not end until October 10th, 1871. People never saw this fire coming which might have made it even worse. The only reason it spread so far was because everything was made out of wood, the ground was parched and the wind was blowing that night; the reason it stopped was because it had started raining. Although the fire destroyed most of the city, it was a positive turning point in history

  • Psychological Benefits Of Pets Essay

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    Kristen Dennis Honors Contract Essay Dr. Potter 2 May 2014 The Psychological Benefits of Pets 62% of Americans own at least one pet (Chloe)- 70% of pet owners have a dog and 46% have a cat ( Americans spend more than $50 billion annually on their beloved dogs, cats, fish, and other companions ( Over 90% of pet owners regard their pet as a valued, family member (McNicholas, Gilbey, Rennie, Ahmedzai, Dono, Omerod).  But pets are messy, loud, expensive, and require

  • Blood Brothers

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    young boys in the 1950’s, this helped me choose my costume. I also listened to the Blood Brothers sound track, and watched a professional performance of Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre. I also read a play called Blue remembered Hills by Dennis Potter. The most useful material I looked at was the production of Blood Brothers at the Phoenix theatre. This is because it helped me with many things. To begin with I watched and listened to Edward very carefully. I took note of the way in which

  • The Making of a Serial Killer

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    middle of paper ... .... My Life among the Serial Killers: Inside the Minds of the World's Most Notorious Murderers. New York: William Morrow, 2004. Print. Osterweil, Neil. "Bully on the Brain." WebMD. WebMD, n.d. Web. 06 May 2014. "Psychoanalysis." Dennis Rader Psychology. Weebly, n.d. Web. 06 May 2014. Raven. "What Creates Serial Killers and Psychopaths: Genetics or Environment?" Living Among Predators. OverBlog, n.d. Web. 06 May 2014. "Serial Killers: Nature vs. Nurture." American Academy of Experts

  • Freedom of Speech as Defined by Law

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    (1998). New york public library desk reference. (3rd ed., p. p.436). Simon & Schuster Macmillan. Baen, D., Simon, F., Saire, T., & Aldorsen, K. (2013, November). Dennis v. united states / casebriefs. Retrieved from Herrick, A., & Johnson, L. (2013). Tinker v. des moines independent community school district. Retrieved from

  • The Medicinal, Industrial, Recreational, and Commercial Uses of Marijuana

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    that marijuana is safe and beneficial and activists have pushed for legalization, but governments refuse to legalize it. Instead, they have harsh laws prohibit... ... middle of paper ... ...: Should they be Legalized. New Jersey: Enslow, 1996. Potter, Dr. Beverley and Dan Joy. The Healing Magic of Cannabis. Berkeley: Ronin, 1998. Schleichert, Elizabeth. The Drug Library: Marijuana. New Jersey: Enslow, 1996. Simmons, Michael. Afterword. "The Madness Continues." Reefer Madness. New York: St