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  • Online Degree Programs versus Residential Degree Programs

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    assignment was to research benefits for online degree programs and benefits for residential degree programs. We are then supposed to tell our stance on the issue. I There are many reasons for online degree programs. My class came up with numerous good, solid reasons in favor of getting a degree online. They are as follows: • Less costly • No commuting • Ability to work classes around schedule • More focused use of time • Specialized degree programs (with no general education requirements) • Credits

  • Online Degree Programs Dropout

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    with enrolling in an online degree program. Flexibility, convenience, overall lower cost due to the savings of travel expenses and parking passes, and a higher degree of anonymity, are the most common benefits of enrolling in an online program. Moore and Kearsely(2005) indicated that most online students are adults between the ages of 25 and 50.(resource number 7) In 2003, 34 percent of 1000 representative higher education institutions offered a complete online degree program (Allen & Seaman, 2004)(Resource

  • Information Technology and the Other Degree Programs

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    Information Technology and the Other Degree Programs Introduction This paper is primarily about the Information Technology Department and how the Information Systems, the Computer Science Departments, and Computer Engineering courses relate to Information Technology. Each of these specialties has their similarities and differences to the Information Technology department. Georgia Southern University has a strong College of Information Technology, which offers three disciplines, which are the Computer

  • Seeking Admission to a Doctoral Degree Program

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    I wish to enroll a doctoral degree program majoring architecture with a specialization in environmental design. I believe this program will enrich my knowledge and skill to successfully understand and practice designing and teaching the built-environment in the urban, metropolitan, and rural setting in Indonesia. Therefore, I would like to comprehend the theory and history of a city with its culture and people, and to identify each overlapping layers of social and physical environment for the better

  • Steps to Beginning a Master's Degree Program in Education

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    Deciding on a program for a Master's Degree in Education can be a challenging decision. There are a lot of factors to consider as you make this life-changing decision. However, it can be a relatively easy process to unlocking your future if you take your time and follow a logical step-by-step process to reaching your decision. Step 1 - Decide Which Area of Education Appeals to You Before you decide on a program for your Master's Degree in Education, you need to think about the area of Education

  • Application for a Degree Program at University of Pennsylvania

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    unite the traditional scholastic branches of academia. With my own experiences in life sciences and global relations, I admire Penn’s programs combining neuroscience with international studies, computational biology, and statistical reasoning. I aspire to incorporate public health (College of Arts and Sciences) with my love for current issues and global affairs (IR Program/EuroPenn), in the hopes that through this mutual interdisciplinary integration, true scholars, well verse in multiple spheres, will

  • Comparative Study of Traditional and Online Degree Programs

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    expanded to the birth of online universities and degree programs. You have homeschooled three of your four children until college. You loved how homeschooling them gave you time to spend with them and offered them a free-flowing and flexible learning environment. For the past few years, you have wondered if it was possible to homeschool your children through college. Over the past few weeks, you have expressed to me your interest in online degree programs for your youngest daughter, who is considering

  • The Necessity of an Online Degree Program for Colorado Generic University

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    an online degree program for Colorado Generic University. The proposal will address the components and costs associated with creating an online degree program along with the benefits gained. It will also look at the most comprehensive model to follow in this recommended action plan. Needs Analysis Student demographics and needs have changed dramatically. An increasing number of students attending universities today are working adults who desire a flexible and timely degree program. In order

  • Online Degree Programs: The Only Option for Busy Adult Learners

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    learning that is mediated by a computer (Jones, 1997). Although the motivation for enrollment and retention in an online program for adult students is discussed in the literature review, the types of instruction may vary from simple correspondence or asynchronous communication through electronic mail, chat rooms for classroom discussion, and video-taped classes. Online programs and virtual universities are an answer to adult students who are very busy with their lives in their careers and family

  • I Want to Pursue My Master's Degree in Your Program

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    strength to each other and took that challenge head-on. Both me, and my brother while continuing to focus on our studies, also did part-time jobs to support our parents and ultimately we gained admission to our favorite medicine and engineering programs respectively. It was with great hard work that our family sailed though that adversity. This hardship serves me a great reminder to be laser-focused on my goals so that I would be able to provide some financial support to my parents in future.