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  • Degree vs Diploma

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    Degree vs Diploma Increasingly, it seems as though a college education is becoming a necessary requirement for obtaining a decent piece of the economic pie. Over the past couple of decades the distribution of income has been growing more and more unequal: the top end of the distribution has seen a growth in their income while those at the lower end have seen their real incomes stagnate (Irons 1). Education is the most important way in which people can make it into the upper end of the income

  • The Doctorate Of Nursing (DNP) Degree And The Degree Of Nursing

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    The Doctorate of Nursing (DNP) degree like the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree was created to prepare nurse scholars. Both of these programs focus on research methodology and require a research project. However, the DNP curriculum design is practice-focused while the PhD has a research-focused. To expand the practice of nursing, there is a need to continually create practice experts, nurse scientist, and leadership. As in other disciplines, the educational component must be designed to support

  • Going Broke by Degree by Richard Vedder

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    Going Broke by Degree by Richard Vedder David Wood once said, “College is the best time of your life.  When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night?” The costs of college are escalating at an all time high, which is why Richard Vedder went out and looked for a reason as to why this is and what, if any, solutions to this ongoing problem could be. Vedder talks about four main reasons why tuition continues

  • Associate Degree Nursing as Compared to Baccalaureate Degree Nursing

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    Since the inception of the Associate Degree in Nursing there has been research and discussion as to whether this degree should continue. This is due to the adversity in the level of competency between the two. Current popular thought is that the entry-level into nursing should be the Bachelor of Science in nursing bringing the increase in the complexity of the medical arena and its every changing makeup to the professional level of the Baccalaureate Degree. It has been shown that a nurse’s level

  • Disadvantages Of A College Degree

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    changes in our world. One change people could see is educational guarantees are money. A college degree will give an individual to ability to gain money. The cost of a college degree can cause people to be in debt for a long time. The danger also of paying for college is there is the very small chance of an individual getting kicked out or failing out. The ability for someone to get a college degree can almost ensure the person they will be able to get a job and gain money. Even though college

  • Business Degree Concentration

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    Introduction and Goals I have been in the workforce for many years and over time my interest in earning a college degree has been something on a wish list. Professionally, I landed a job at a company that provided me with opportunities to grow from an administrative assistant to my current position as a sales administration manager. The accumulation of knowledge that I acquired over the years that has proven to be valuable. As the business expanded and investors demand a variety of information pertaining

  • Bachelor's Degree Controversy

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    The worth of a Bachelor’s degree from a college or university seems to be a very taboo topic to discuss. There are arguments being made that are for or against attaining a Bachelor’s degree, and the disagreements range from being acknowledgeable to both positions but slightly siding more with one than the other to being on one complete extreme end and turning a blind eye to the other argument being made. There is no denying the fact that with the increase in college tuition rates in our modern world

  • The Value of a College Degree

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    does or does not occur. Some of these factors include existing social class, field of study, undergraduate vs. advanced degrees, race or gender, selection of institution, and parental resources. The general hypothesis of this study is “Is a College Degree Still the Great Equalizer?” This issue was the source of study by Florencia Torche at New York University. Using different cohort groups and conducting various survey methods, this study was able measure the effects of certain college degrees (i.e

  • A College Degree Essay

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    A college degree is one of the best educations that a person can get. It not only develops your mind, but it helps to develop you as a person as well. No matter what kind of degree you receive, whether it be a bachelors, associates, or masters you are more likely to get a better job than without it or with just a high school diploma. Workers with a college degree will earn much more and are much less likely to be unemployed than those with only a high school diploma. This paper will argue that with

  • College Degree Benefits

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    bachelor’s degree is one of the most common acquired degree among college-bound students. Statically proven, having a bachelor’s degree will lower the student’s chance of unemployment in the future compared to someone with an associate’s degree or less. Although obtaining debt is still a possibility for most millennials due to the rising cost of tuition there are various degrees that have a high return rate due to higher pay. According to Annalyn Kurtz in her article, “Yes, a College Degree is Still

  • Baccalaureate Degree Essay

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    Baccalaureate Degree The time and research I have completed in my Bachelors of Nursing program at Texas Tech University Health Science Center, has been invaluable in my nursing career. This past year has really broadened my mind of the nursing practice and what all it entails. I have a better understanding of a plethora of things including: nurse management, spirituality in nursing, leadership, nursing theory, policymaking, nursing ethics, and community health. My Associates Degree program help

  • Degree Prepared Nurses

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    Bachelor’s Degree prepared nurses have the ability to provide enhanced nursing care compared to nurses trained at an Associate’s degree level. Nurses who hold a BSN degree, are more well-rounded making them more competent in the profession. Bachelor’s degree nurses are educated in nursing theories, evidence based research, trends and issues in today’s nursing, ethical and spiritual decision making, nursing leadership, public health, and family centered health promotion. Associate degree nurses are

  • Getting a Job with a Physics Degree

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    So you finally did it! You graduated college. By this time not even your grandparents thought you would ever finish college. But somehow you managed to get a bachelors degree in physics and it only took you nine years. Pretty impressive. So what do you do now you ask? Well you could party. Partying is always a good idea, and after nine years of college you have partying down to a science. But your funds are lackinig and after 18 semesters of student loans, you have accumulated a substantial amount

  • College Degree Benefits

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    do not see the value of getting a college degree. They take it for granted. There are a lot more jobs now than before that require you to have a college degree. On average you have a better chance living a better life with a college degree than without one. It allows you to gain experience and knowledge, and to excel to the highest level of degree. The benefits of having a college education is essential, that is because having a

  • College Degree Benefits

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    Most people can agree that college is the best choice you can make economically. With a college degree, you have a better chance of paying off your student loans. But what about people who can’t even pay the initial down payment? Who says they have to go to college for four years? Why can’t they get their Bachelors Degree? With any sort of degree in almost any job, your annual pay would be higher than someone who only has a high school diploma. Why does someone have to go to a physical college campus

  • Laboratory Science Degree

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    Working Behind The Scenes To Assist Patients and Doctors: Laboratory Science Degree Would you like to work in the medical field, but not necessarily have to deal with patients directly? Would you enjoy a line of work where your actions not only assist patients with getting the right treatment, but also assist physicians with making the right choices? If any of this sounds appealing then working a as a medical laboratory scientist could be ideal for you. It is a challenging, but very rewarding, career

  • College Degree…Is It Worth It?

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    skills, but it is totally worth it. Secondly, students who get a college degree will have many opportunities open up for them. There will be more jobs waiting for them after they graduate. When they graduate they can go straight to work in the field of their interest and for which they studied. In today’s world, many jobs require a college degree rather than a high school diploma. Blanche D. Blank, author of “A Question of Degree”, implies that “with the ability to do paraprofessional mental-health

  • College Degree Benefits

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    “More than one-third of the adult population in the United States has a bachelor’s degree or higher marking the first time in decades of data (Bureau).” However, the underemployment and unemployment rate is proving to devalue a college education. A college degree doesn't mean as much as it used to because more and more people keep getting college degrees, a degree no longer guarantees a job, and often experience supersedes education. More and more people continue to get college degrees, this creates

  • College Degree Benefits

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    the importance of college education. Earning a college degree is beneficial to having more options, a higher earning potential, and the future generations of our nation. College serves as a gateway to better options and more opportunity while encouraging students to think, ask questions, and explore new ideas. This allows for additional growth and development. Having a higher education gives a college graduate an edge

  • Gaining Business Degree

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    When you are looking to get your degree, there are thousands to choose from. If you are hoping to be successful, it is important to get the right degree. You want to get into something where after graduation, there will be a great deal of jobs, with the possibility of advancement. When considering what degree you should pursue, you should keep the following five degrees in mind. Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration A career in business can be a very lucrative and versatile one. The typical