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  • Deer Hunting

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    Many people have misconceptions about hunting. One such misconception is that hunting is easy and any person can go sit in the woods and wait for an animal to cross the hunter’s path. However, people who believe this are sorely mistaken. Hunting is not just sitting in the woods with a rifle; there are many other aspects that must be considered. An individual must have all preparations complete, purchase or gather the equipment needed, and know what to listen for while in the woods. First, an individual

  • Deer Hunting

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    This was not the sound of a large squirrel burying a nut for the cold winter months, but the smooth steps of a deer. Cautiously maneuvering its way through the thick woods line, a deer walked towards the feeding field. Anxious overtook me, knowing the first deer with a precise nose could catch the slight breeze with my scent. Many birds scattered the field from the incoming sounds and the deer stepped into the open field ready to feed. My heart started to accelerate and my muscles tightened when I saw

  • Essay On Deer Hunting

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    Do you love to hunt deer? I do too. As avid deer hunters, we spend countless hours preparing our bows or rifles so we’re ready to make the shot when it counts. We try different ammos and arrows, we sight in our weapons and we spend a good amount of time target shooting to make sure everything’s perfect. If everything goes right, we get the chance to take the shot. You took the shot and the deer is down, so now what? What is the most important tool you have on your body at this point? Your

  • Deer Hunting

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    It was a beautiful October afternoon as I climbed to the top of my tree stand. The sun was shining, and a slight breeze was blowing from the northwest. I knew that the deer frequented the area around my stand since my step-dad had shot a nice doe two days earlier from the same stand, and signs of deer were everywhere in the area. I had been sitting for close to two hours when I decided to stand up and stretch my legs as well as smoke a cigarette. I was nearly finished with my cigarette when

  • Deer Hunting Essay

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    Deer Hunting Is deer hunting just plain old hard work or is it deeper than that? Deer hunting can be really easy if you follow some simple steps. There are many different techniques that can get you closer to killing a deer. Sometimes you have to plan what techniques you need to use and when. The main techniques for killing a deer is scouting, knowing when the rut is, calling, and being in the stand. With these techniques you can be closer to be on your way to killing a deer. Scouting is a very

  • Deer Hunting Essay

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    Deer hunting is something people all over the world have done for many generations. Many enjoy hunting deer, and others don’t care much for it. Every true hunter has his or her own tricks for the game, but in order to kill a deer, you have to find the basic places they travel through every day. To begin with, you have to figure out where the deer are bedding. Deer tend to bed in areas where it is very thick and can’t be seen. The reason for this is because if they are in really thick brush

  • Persuasive Speech On Deer Hunting

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    in Alabama to prevent overpopulation. Thesis: The population of white-tail deer in Alabama has drastically increased over the past century causing significant damage to property and homeowners, caused by hunters being less active. Introduction I. White-tail deer are able to survive in various different environments ranging from wide open fields, to thick, mature forests. A. Alabama is the ideal place for white-tail deer to live because of the variety of vegetation and shelter that this state has

  • Deer Hunting is Necessary

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    still, and quietly, you finally see your kill, the white-tail deer. Without a doubt, the white-tail deer should be hunted. First, the population of the white-tail deer is entirely too big. In fact, there is a total of twenty-five million white-tail deer in the United States alone.1 Because of this enormous number of deer, they are constantly on the move. This means that they go straight to the roads. Ten thousand white-tail deer get hit by cars and die each year while they try to find new eating

  • Argumentative Essay On Deer Hunting

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    Deer Hunting. As a young girl growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, it was common for me to be around hunting. All of the men in my family were hunters, fishers, and trappers. As I grew older my view on hunting changed. I no longer viewed hunting as the normal thing to do but began to see it as wrong. Year after year I watched as the men in my family would go out to camp to chase bear or hunt deer. Each time I hoped they wouldn’t get anything. I am arguing against hunting. I feel that hunting

  • Deer Hunting: A Family Tradition

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    the beginning of time man has been hunting animals for food. Even before fire, man needed to hunt, because hunting was the only way to eat. At first man used things such as spears and rocks to kill its prey. As man evolved, they started using bows and arrows. Next came an early model of what we use today, the firearm. It is powerful yet easy to carry around. It puts the animal through less suffering and is a lot more efficient than previous techniques. Hunting was once a necessity, but now it is

  • Deer Hunting Compare And Contrast

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    Turkey and deer, two totally different animals, except for the fact that they are both delicious. When hunting these animals, there are several similarities and a few differences to the tactics and ruling. Usually, the differences depend on where you are hunting or how you plan to kill them. When it all comes down to it, deer hunting and turkey hunting are similar in different ways. What is meant by “similar in different ways” is, they have some of the same basic strategies and rules, but there are

  • Persuasive Essay On Deer Hunting

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    land, the wildlife, and our planet. Hunting has been around since the beginning of time and has been in many people 's lives for generations, these are some reasons why people all across America continue to hunt. Hunting has many benefits such as reducing deer related car accidents, controlling deer densities in heavily human populated areas, creates jobs, and feeding and supporting families. Thus, deer hunting is necessary for several reasons. Deer hunting is needed to control the overall

  • Personal Narrative: Deer Hunting

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    Kevin about where the deer come from when i am sitting in the stand. He told me everything I needed to know about the place less than 10 minutes in the hot and humid truck. Well let's go back to see what led to this. I was shooting the bow and asked my dad how i could improve on my skills, so he told me not to look till i hear my arrow hit my target. I had to leave shortly after this because i had to help set up a stand for a friend, I was so happy because he was taking me hunting after. I put my bow

  • Persuasive Essay: The Need For Deer Hunting

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    The Need for Deer Hunting Years ago, killing animals for food was part of the average man’s everyday life. While, now a days, hunting is questioned by many across the world because it is commonly viewed as a recreational activity. Many residents have a problem with the dangers that come with hunting. Not to mention, as time goes on, society seems to feel differently about animals and how they should be treated. One of the biggest debates is the harvest of white tailed deer. All over the United States

  • Process Essay: Diehard Deer Hunting

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    As a diehard deer hunter I can tell you it is not easy. No aspect of hunting is easy in any way. Hunting is a physical sport that can drain you mentally and physically. There will be days in the woods where you bleed, where your sweating through every layer of clothing you have on, and last but not least cry. Learning how to hunt takes a lot of time and patience but, it also takes a passion for the sport. The more knowledgeable you are about what your hunting the better off you’ll be. Before entering

  • Personal Narrative: How Deer Hunting Changed My Life

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    How Deer Hunting Changed My Life I never thought that deer hunting would deeply affect my life. Hunting in my family is as normal as turkey on Thanksgiving. Therefore, my dad did not ask me to go hunting with him; he automatically assumed that I would enjoy going deer hunting. I was seven years old when we sat out on our hunting adventure, but I shot my first hunting rifle at the age of six. Nevertheless, I was as prepared as a seven year old could be. We set out to our hunting spot early in the

  • Personal Narrative: Deer Hunting

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    breakfast which consisted of toast made over the fire and a cup of steaming coffee. While munching on some toast and sipping our coffee, the family gathered around the table sharing their favorite hunting stories whether they were recent as in last year success or stories of when my grandpa shot his very first deer. As my eyes lit up with that ¨glow¨ I responded, ¨I am in the zone.¨ He nodded. He knew my response before I even answered. Less than an hour until sunrise on November 15th, 2017, how could I

  • Personal Narrative: Deer Hunting

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    and my sisters braiding each other’s hair. The TV was tuned to the news channel so as to bring some noise into the room. “The air outside is getting cooler, tomorrow will be a good day for deer hunting,” said my father. “Why is that?” piped my oldest sister. “It’s because when a cold front comes through to deer start to move around again,” explained father. Suddenly the TV weatherman began to shout, “The system previously believed to be uninfluential has taken a turn for the worse. We can expect

  • Personal Narrative: First Deer Hunting

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    First Deer Hunt The first time I ever shot a deer was back in 2011. I was in 5th grade. This was not the first time I had gone out hunting, just the first time I ever went out to shoot a deer. It was a fairly warm fall day and my mom took me out with her to the new hunting shack my dad just built. It is a very sturdy shack made with wood that blends into the trees around it. It sits in our tree line viewing our hay field with woods all around the field. The smell of fall, decaying leaves dying grass

  • Analysis Of The Aboakyer Or Deer Hunting Festival

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    2.4.5 The Aboakyer or Deer Hunting Festival The Aboakyer Festival is celebrated by the Efutu of Winneba Traditional area along the coast of Ghana. The Aboakyer is one the most commonly held and important festivals celebrated in the Central Region of Ghana. The purpose of this Aboakyer Festival is to honour the tribal god of the people of Winneba called “Pankye Otu”. The god receives an annual sacrifice of a deer from the people. Aboakyer is usually celebrated in the month of May. The festival is