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  • Poor Personal Hygiene in The Fast Food Industry

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    damage to the health of the customers who eat at the fast food restaurant. The fast food restaurant industries prefer cooking the food using methods that are quick and tasty. This usually does not mean healthy. Some cooking methods that they use are deep frying, pan frying, and stir frying. The fast food restaurants also do not provide some of the information of the ingredients they use because they know it would disgust the customers. These ingredients are believed to not be harmful in the eyes of


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    Hazard analysis aims to systematically identify hazards at each step of processing. Potential hazards have been taken into consideration as they may have adverse impact on human health and safety. Therefore, a list of potential hazards which have not been controlled through Good Manufacturing Practices and procedures must be prepared. Hazards here refer to biological, chemical or physical agents that can be found in food and pose potential risks to cause health problems. First and foremost, fresh

  • History Of The Watergate Scandal

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    The Watergate scandal was a political scandal involving President Richard Nixon hiring thieves to possibly rig the voting, in other words, cheating to win the next election. This resulted in the first ever resignation along with a lot of attention on the issue. The scandal first started off with a break in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office. The Nixon administration attempted to hide the evidence of their connection to the crime. After the scheme was discovered

  • President Nixon's Watergate Scandal

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    The Watergate Scandal What is Watergate? Watergate is the biggest political scandal in The United States history. It included various activities to help President Richard Nixon win re- election in 1972. Watergate also resulted in Nixon’s resignation from presidency in 1974. June 17, 1972 a security guard notified the police that a door lock was taped at the Washington’s Watergate. Three officers responded to the call and found five burglars in suits with rubber gloves on, hundred

  • The Importance Of Benthic Community

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    Marine organisms live and thrive in communities much like we do; these communities or populations of organisms which interact together in a specific location, are essential for the species’ survival and for the overall functioning of the ecosystem. These specific communities vary depending upon the organisms which inhabit it as well as the physical conditions of that area. Pelagic communities are well known since these communities encompass the entirety of the open water, but Benthic communities

  • Waist Deep in Thought

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    Zayn's POV It was finally Friday. This week has been pretty hectic. I thought highschool was difficult, well get a load of this. I sat upright from my position. I was reading a new novel, Wuthering Heights. I've been trying to get read it for a while but I never really go to it. Being in an household with loud sisters running around, I've never really got the chance. I scratched the back of my head, I'm not really use to this silence. It's quite unnerving. I kind of miss Lous's loud mouth. He had

  • Mystery of the Deep Blue

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    Watching a movie where hundreds of swimmers on a beach are in a complete panic because of shark attacks makes a person scared to swim in an ocean, lake, or even a pond. Not only movies, but also documentaries of shark attacks stress how dangerous sharks are. In reality, are sharks really that dangerous or is it how they are portrayed? Stephen R. Palumbi who is a Professor of Biology at Stanford University and also the Director at the Hopkins Marine Station at Stanford wrote an article about other

  • Deep into Darkness Peering

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    Edgar Allan Poe is considered to be one of America’s most prominent poets. While his reputation precedes him, there is little that is actually known about the famous author. His life can only be accurately summed up by a few historical accounts and a series of letters written in his own hand. These, of course, do not even come close to describing the man behind the pen, as it were. One critic writes, “monomania can easily be developed over the motely tragedy of the personal life of Poe, so deeply

  • Single Point Incremental Forming

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    Introduction For centuries, man has been producing sheet metal components using different tools and techniques. A method universally applied is the use of dies and punches, manufactured in accordance with the shape and dimensions of the component. However, despite being widespread, it contains technological hindrances, such as large energy costs and very high investment, which make this process very expensive. Because of the high cost of punches and dies, this method is only suitable for mass

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Dark Web

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    The Dark Web A multitude of people have never heard of one of the most dangerous places in the world, and it is not on land. The dark web, also considered the deep web, is a hidden part of the internet which is undetected by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The dark web is not accessible without special browsers. The dark web is estimated to be 4,000–5,000 times larger than the web that is familiar to most people (Finklea 2015). Although the dark web is good for being anonymous, it is