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  • database design

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    Database Design Scenario Currently a school uses a non-computerised database system to store the following information about its students: roll class, surname, first name, guardian's name, address, student's date of birth, gender, sport house, emergency-contact telephone number, mailing name, list of subjects offered, and subjects in which the student is enrolled. The system takes up a large amount of space, has many duplicated entries some of these with mistakes and it is time consuming to search

  • Fundamentals of Database Design

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    Design Methodologies Fundamentals of Database Often as a company grows there may be a demand , because their data volumes increases and it is difficult to store their data physically in papers .They needed effective secure, and easy ways to do this. To counteract this companies came up with file systems which had their own constraints .So they went for the latest used solution now available the database. Temenos a technology manager cited about a relational database oracle as below "Oracle Database

  • Database Design and Testing

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    Database Design and Testing Assignment: Complete exercises 1-4. Exercises: 1. Recall the AVS scenario from previous assignments. Create an ER Diagram to represent the database design for this system. Include the entities, attributes, relationships, and cardinalities. Name a minimum of three attributes for each entity that you have identified. (20 points) 2. Examine the database entities shown in the figure below and then complete the following problem. (10 points) For each table

  • Database design process

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    Abstract Database Systems has a practical, hands-on approach that makes it uniquely suited to providing a strong foundation in good database design practice. Database design is more art than science. While it's true that a properly designed database should follow the normal forms and the relational model, you still have to come up with a design that reflects the business you are trying to model. This paper shows describes design process of database project. The importance of Completing the Design Process

  • Physical Database Design and Performance

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    A proper physical database design is one of the most important steps that a database designer can complete to impact the overall performance of the database. When doing the physical database design it is important for the designer to understand what type of data is going to be included and how this data will be used. To better understand why this is important lets first break down a few of the basic elements that are important when completing the physical database design. One of the most basic

  • Company Database Design Model

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    Introduction As a requirement for our Database Management System I subject, we were assigned to create a database design model for a certain company. Since our instructor allowed us to select any company, we chose _____ ____ _____; further details about this establishment will be explained in the later part of this article. It’s been known that a company with a good business design flow would most likely be much more prone to success since it is the foundation on how a company should develop

  • Design of a Reconfigurable Hybrid Database System

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    Design of a Reconfigurable Hybrid Database System. “Disc Resident database systems (DRDBS)” are conventional databases systems in which data is permanently stored on discs. In “Main Memory Database Systems (MMDBS)”, the databases are stored onto the main memory. As the memory locations can be accessed directly using addresses, they allow very fast access to the data stored on them. They show better throughput in processing transactions and respond much more quickly than DRDBS. Because of the fast

  • The company I have chosen to design database software for is called

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    The company I have chosen to design database software for is called Multi-installations. They are a private limited company that specializes in the manufacture and installation of high tech security doors and screens. 1.1 Introduction The company I have chosen to design database software for is called Multi-installations. They are a private limited company that specializes in the manufacture and installation of high tech security doors and screens. They do many mail shots per month

  • Technology Changes Role Of Database Administrator

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    Technology Changes Role of Database Administrator The database administrator (DBA) is responsible for managing and coordinating all database activities. The DBA's job description includes database design, user coordination, backup, recovery, overall performance, and database security. The database administrator plays a crucial role in managing data for the employer. In the past the DBA job has required sharp technical skills along with management ability. (Shelly, Cashman, Waggoner 1992). However

  • Data Management

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    tables, forms, and other objects that will make up your database, it is important to take time to design your database. A good database design is the keystone to creating a database that foes what you want it to do effectively, accurately, and efficiently. The first step in designing a Microsoft Access database is to determine the purpose of the database and how itÂ’s to be used. You need to know what information you want from the database. Form that, you can determine what subjects you need to