Data Protection Act Essays

  • The Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000

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    The Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Introduction ============ For my module computing I have to find research and produce detailed report on freedom of information and the need for security. The information commissioner’s office enforces and oversees the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I need to read and understand knowledge respecting private lives of individuals and encourage the openness and accountability of public authorities

  • How The Data Protection Act Can Affect Your Company

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    How The Data Protection Act Can Affect Your Company IntroductionIn this report I will be covering how the data protection act can, and will affect your company. I will be covering the principles of the data protection act, the computer misuse and the threats that can affect your company. Data protection is concerned with the protection of your fundamental right to privacy, and your right to exercise control over how your personal information is used. It can affect any company that

  • Legislation and ICT

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    Health and Safety Act of 1974 was set up as a means to protect employees, the public, management and stop safety hazards at work. This is achieved by enforcing strict guide lines that all it may affect must abide by. Failure to do so can result in punishment and fines. The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1989 makes it illegal to copy or steal software in order to protect the designer’s prophets. This is done by placing a © symbol on all products protected by this act. Breaking this can

  • Selling and offering information on the internet brings with it a list

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    personal data and also laws to consider disabled consumers who may be using the internet site, therefore will require special features. M&S corporate identity, including the corporate logo design and the company corporate identity and branding is the most important information that this company can convey to its customers, therefore specific consideration are designed in regard of protecting the companies identity. Legal Issues Data protection considerations The Data Protection Act lays

  • E-commerce – the legal considerations

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    considered even if you were not selling on the web. Data protection considerations ============================== The Data Protection Act lays down lots of rules that must be adhered to. If this is a website for a company that is already trading and keeps customer data then they should already be registered with the Information Commissioner but you may need to review what's been registered. The main points you need to consider is that for any data you collect on the site you must: · Deal fairly

  • Uses of ICT in Theatres

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    management system Accounts Scheduling User interfaces Alarms Data Protection Act -relates to any personal data (relating to living individuals who can be identified from that data) that may be stored. - Hence, general data collected from point of sale terminals and websites are not usually affected. - Requirements of Act also cover many categories of manually held data. - Rome types of data that must be registered under the Act: -- Public and internal directories (e.g. of students

  • Court Cases of Naomi Campbell

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    but that the Daily Mirror violated her right of privacy under the Human Rights Act as well as the breach of the Data Protection Act 1998. While the court rejected the claim over the privacy law under the Human Rights Act in lieu that the information that was publicized was not much too confidential, but the second claim regarding the breach of Data Protection Act and the right to privacy under the Human Rights Act, Article 8 of the European (Lubbock, 2003). Convention of Human Rights and freedom

  • The Pros And Cons Of Transborder Data Flow

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    result to data to be transfer globally. As this must happen concern are arise as how to protect individual right and make sure that data are used lawful. Whereby the UK and EU has impose policy for the individual data to be transfer outside European must meet an adequate level of protection, yet there is an argument that to meet adequate protection of data will result the protectionism between country, while allowing transfer of data abroad may bypass the privacy of individual data protection law.

  • Confidentiality in Building and Sustaining Relationships

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    The Data collected may be passed onto interested parties but this must be only the appropriate information. Schools hold lots of information about pupils, staff and parents. Confidentiality A key component for relationship building and sustaining relationships is confidentiality. Confidentiality in any workplace is of utmost importance. It is an important right for every individual. Confidentiality creates trust, respect and shows sensitivity. These qualities are especially important

  • Case Study: Direct Marketing

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    marketing, and point-of-sale (POS) interactions. (, 2014). The fact that British Airways uses their resources such as the internet (through cookies, and customers filling in forms) suggests the large amount of data available to them. This data includes a large amount of information about many individuals and could hold a huge competitive advantage over other airline companies as they can refine their service offering for each individual’s preferences. The customer enters in

  • We Cannot Permit Infringements on Privacy

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    or skills to confront the invasions of the self they can see, let alone the far greater, more subterranean kinds of surveillance" (viii). With the rise of computers to their current capabilities, collecting, storing, accessing and sharing personal data has become easier than ever before: governments and companies no longer keep files of paper records on individuals, which accessing, stealing or sharing would be too arduous a task, but rather electronic databases that they can easily create, access

  • Influence of legislation on the development of policies and procedures

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    Scottish Government (2003). The Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Acts 2004 & 2009: Consultation on Changes to the Secondary Legislation and Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice [webpage] available at The Scottish Government website; [accessed: 23 rd March, 2014] • The Scottish Government (2007). Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 [webpage] available at UK Government website;

  • Impact Of Information Communication Technology

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    examine the impact ICT currently has, on private life and at work. The issues arising from the developments of these technologies will also be given consideration. Furthermore legislation relevant to ICT will be examined to ensure there is adequate protection to keep us safe from the risks inherent in the ICT product. ICT is an umbrella term that refers to the wide array of technology that has been developed to give access to, receive or send information through telecommunications. These technologies

  • Sweden’s Position on Personal Privacy in Cyberspace

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    middle of paper ... ...Data Directive", <> [15] Palme, J.; “Swedish Attempts to Regulate the Internet”, <http:/> [16] Privacy Exchange, “Summary of the New Personal Data Protection Act for Sweden”, <http:/> [17] Palme, J.; “Critical Review of the Swedish Data Act”, <http:/> [18]

  • Essay On Communication With Children

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    Explain the skills need to communicate with children and young people When communicate with children and young people facial gesture and body language are important. You need to make sure you speak clearly and slowly so that the child understands you. Also have to listen to children young people. You should also you use Makaton which is sign language. Make eye contact when a child is taking to stop what you are doing and listen as if you are looking away their may think you are not listening to them

  • The Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations

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    The Sale of Goods Act 1979 requires goods to be exactly as they are described as well as being in satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose of its use. The term ‘fit for the purpose’ means that it should be useable for their everyday purpose as well as the reason they bought it, for example, if you searched online for computer parts such as, a graphics card or motherboard, you would want it to be compatible with your computer. Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, 2008 The Consumer

  • Data Protection Essay

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    Data Protection is to do with you fundimental right to privacy, you may access and correct data that is about yourself. Anyone who keeps data about you has to comply with the data protection principles, there are 8 of these principles, and they are, 1. Fair obtaining, 2. Purpose specification, 3. Use and disclosure of information, 4. Security, 5. Accurate and up-to-date, 6. Adequate, relevant and not excessive, 7. Retention time, 8. Right of access. The following report is on an individuals rights

  • The Use Of ICT In Health And Social Care

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    1. Introduction The use of ICT in health and social care is an enormous advantage for both, service user and service provider. ICT at the working place is an essential tool to coordinate appointments. ICT provides quick access to patient data and records; it is a fast route in the transfer of case files to different departments. 1.1 Work without hardware components such as Computer, phone, mobile, laptop, printer, network and the use from input and output devices, is unimaginable in today‘s world

  • Importance Of Workplace Monitoring

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    An employer shouldn’t keep data any longer than is necessary and they must follow the rules on data protection. (   CLIENTS: The question focuses mainly on monitoring employee performance, employers can monitor employees through overseeing client information and data. Employers can also monitor employees through analysing feedback given from clients. (http://www.infoentrepreneurs

  • Collecting Information on Employees and Prospective Employees

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    These questions will be analyzed based on collected data and employer actual or constructive knowledge. In order to precisely elaborate about the risk and such, I will look at the employee monitoring at work, Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, and respondeat superior. In the United States, there is no direct legality of protection of privacy rights. However, the United States Constitution includes what could be defined as protection of privacy rights. There are certain area specifics