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  • Theme Of Dark Humor In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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    different styles in her narratives. Dark humor, irony, and symbolism are perhaps the utmost powerful and common styles in her writing. From “Revelation” and “Good Country People” to “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” all of O’Connor’s stories consist of different styles in writing. Dark humor plays an important role in O’Connor’s novels. Instead of simply stating the character’s cruelty in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” O’Connor chooses to reveal it through the use of dark humor. As the Misfit shoots the grandmother

  • Satire, Surrealism and Dark Humor in Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle

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    Satire, Surrealism and Dark Humor in Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle "And there on the shaft in letters six inches high, so help me God, was the word: Mother" (48) "'If that's mother,' said the driver, 'what in hell could they have raised over father?'" As the reader soon finds out, 40 cm of marble, as directed by Felix Hoenikker's will, that says "FATHER" (49). Vonnegut stops you short and plucks at your hand like a little boy who has just shaved the cat and can't wait to show you what he's

  • Tone and Word Choice in A Glass of Beer by James Stephen

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    Tone and Word Choice in A Glass of Beer by James Stephen Some readers may define the tone as anger in James Stephen's "A Glass of Beer." Others may even say that it leaves an unpleasant tone. By studying the choice of words that Stephen uses to convey the tone of his scene, I will demonstrate that beneath the seemingly outraged situation of the poem lies something funnier. The true tone of "A Glass of Beer" is a sardonic one. Examining each stanza of the poem offers numerous examples where

  • Theory Of Motigy In Gogol's Wife By Tommaso Landolfi

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    Schopenhauer, who derived his theory of humor from Aristotle, believes humor is “the understanding of a perceived incongruity”. Their definition of humor accounts for irony, and Gogol’s Wife is one giant irony. It is said the Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, the main character of the story, never had romantic relations with anyone, yet this is the story

  • David Sedaris' Holidays On Ice

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    experienced the good and the bad. David Sedaris in Holidays on Ice, shared with us some of his personal experiences as well as fictional stories that took those experiences to a whole new level. In this essay, I will be discussing the different types of humor found in his stories and how he presents those stories with two different approaches. First, I would like to speak about “Christmas means giving” which is an example of a story in which he created fictional characters. In my opinion, this story was

  • Dark Romanticism In Hop Frog By Edgar Allen Poe

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    The theme of Dark Romanticism is greatly portrayed throughout Edgar Allen Poe’s one of many famous short stories “Hop Frog”. This literary genre is founded on the idea of looking at a society from a dark perspective. It is based on the idea that the evil of this world lies only in the hands of man himself. The movement accentuates the notion that courage, determination, and ratiocination reach its heights when the thirst of revenge is at bay. This short story narrates a tale about Hop Frog’s schemed

  • The Dark Knight

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    I was dressed as a dark knight or rather, what the Knights of the Blooming Orchid thought a dark knight female would dress. My armor was a metallic black with foreign designs inlaid on it. It was strapless, covering my chest, but emphasizing what little cleavage I possessed. The armor continued down to my hips and stopped. The metal was custom-made, only fitting, as well as showing off, the curves of my body. My boots were made of soft, sturdy leather dyed black to match the night. The boots

  • Analysis Of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows

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    DARK SHADOWS It would not be hard to argue that Tim Burton has lost some of his magic in the last few years. Granted his bank account has grown considerable in this period especially since Alice in Wonderland. It seemed that financial wealth had paved the way to creative bankruptcy. Films like Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Planet of the Apes had shown that the director was less willing to take a chance instead trying to adapt his "quirkiness"" to already established properties. Trailers for

  • Mature Themes in The Dark Knight

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    In a movie where good and evil are divided by a very thin line, the Dark Knight rises up to fight against injustice and corruption in Gotham City. An action sequel to the original Batman Begins, this installment is a lot darker filled with more explosion, twists, and suspense. For the first time, a comic has been integrated into the issues of the real world. With the help of District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant Gordon, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining mob members and clean the streets

  • Steven Hawking

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    Steven Hawking A Documentation of Steven Hawking And his Life's Great Work "A Brief History of Time" In order to truly understand Steven Hawking and all his crazy theories and pure genius that makes anyone who tries or has tried to figure out what he is talking about, feel like someone who hasn't passed 1st grade. First a brief biography on his life and then I will, with the help of Mr. Hawking himself (actually his online website), try to explain some of his mind-boggling theories in