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  • Martha Graham and her Techniques were Universal through Dance

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    her dancing more emotional, which is one of her main reasons for creating her techniques. Another technique of Martha Graham’s most basic and widely used technique, is her use of contraction and release. Contraction is when the dancer inhales and release is where the dancer exhales. Kessel sates “During exhalation, the deep muscles of the torso contract, forcing the air out of the lungs. During inhalation, the same muscles release as fresh air rushes back in" (30). Basically Kessel talks about the

  • The Nutcracker

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    Waltz of Flowers. For both pieces, in the story, the dancers were brought out to entertain the

  • Essay On Stiletto Dance

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    what dancers can or cannot do. Beyoncé is known for heels choreography along with background dancers that adopt this same style of dancing to be able to perform with her. All of Beyoncé’s background dancers need to have the ability to dance in heels for hours which challenges anyone’s performance level. As I studied her background dancer’s majority of the shoes they perform in are character shoes. Character shoes are seen in jazz as well because the heel of a character shoe is so low dancers like

  • Concheros: The Traditional and Religious Dance of Contemporary Nahuatl Communities

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    Concheros: The Traditional and Religious Dance of Contemporary Nahuatl Communities Introduction to the Concheros Dance: “El es Dios!” And so the dance begins. Dating back to colonial times, the Aztec people of Mexico created the Concheros dance and used it as a way of acknowledging their ancestors. The dance came about shortly after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec people. Today, his symbolic tradition is, “conducted in the courtyards of churches in honor of saints and virgins represented there”

  • American Dance: Ted Shawn

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    dance, Ted Shawn impacted today’s American entertainment industry through his emphasis on masculine rather than effeminate qualities in male dancers, and the creation of his nationally renowned dance festival and institution known as “Jacob’s Pillow.” Ted Shawn’s innovations regarding movement and choreography greatly revolutionized the way the male dancer is viewed today. Commonly referred to as the “Father of American Dance,”

  • Degrees of Transcendence: Opposing Views by McKay and Hughes on the Consumption of Art

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    America. The trope used by the two poets within “The Harlem Dancer” and “The Weary Blues” is that of a performance and a single speaker’s recollection of it. While both depict an African-American performer presumably consumed by the isolation and oppression of their condition, the intensity of the performances prove to be vastly disparate. Hughes’ “The Weary Blues” features a much more transcendent performance than that of McKay’s “The Harlem Dancer” not only because of the relationship between the audience

  • The Importance Of Social Dance

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    Southwest, was geared more towards the middle and upper age groups. As I observed my surroundings, the individuals primarily dancing were close to the stage and interacting with the bands. I noticed that these dancers were mixed with

  • Analysis Of Through The Narrow Door

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    wonder. The music would change as the choreography change with the dancers moving on/off stage, changing their arm positions, changing tempo as the dancers sped up, or changing quality as the mood

  • Analysis of a Dance

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    encompasses the entire stage, and eventually the dancers are silhouetted as they return to a familiar movement motif in the end. The music is mainly instrumental with occasional soft female vocals, and the lyrics suggest emotion, which is interesting because the dancers do not convey emotion until the end of the dance. Also, the showing of emotion is directly proportional to how much clothing the dancers have on at specific points in the dance. The dancers start center-stage in a spotlight, and they

  • Reflection Paper On Dance Performance

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    Oluwadamilare Ayoride, Jennifer Payan and surprisingly, the dancers. Usually what I would expect from a piece of dance performance is choreographers dominating the process of being creative on the grounds o f coming up dance moves. However, this time, it is nice to see how the dancer actually participating first hand in the creating process of the whole performance which would definitely benefit the quality of the dance, since the dancers would their own choreography