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  • Customer Service Case Study Essay

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    Case Study: Training for Customer Service Specialists Customer service is a critical aspect of doing business for many organizations. This is where the consumer has contact with the organization, and if they feel like a problem or an outsider, their view of the organization will likely be diminished. Professional customer service workers will understand the process of responsive listening, a process that works to show the listener both hears and cares about what is being said (Stern, 1997). In

  • Good or Bad Customer Service

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    A large part of being a good service provider is ensuring customer convenience. Study findings show that strong leadership systems focus on customers, motivate employees, and implement their customer service vision. They also focus great attention on gathering the information needed to track customer satisfaction, and employees overall performance. Customer service should be designed and delivered seamlessly from the customer's point of view. Customer-driven operations lead to success. Decentralized

  • Customer Participation in Service Delivery

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    Customer Participation in Service Delivery INTRODUCTION Service delivery is an interactive and dynamic process which involves participation between the service organization, the service provider and the customer. According to Lovelock and Young (1979), customer participation can raise organizational productivity and efficiency and improve service performance. The principle behind this notion is that customers can fulfill some of the employees current functions thereby reducing the

  • How to Learn Process Improvement Projects for Customer Service Management

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    How to Learn Process Improvement Projects for Customer Service Management A commitment to providing quality customer service raises the competitive bar and is key to developing customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to, the connection between customer loyalty and increased revenue has been confirmed. Process improvement projects can help to systematically identify, analyze and improve existing customer service management processes and thereby drive profitability. Difficulty:

  • Customer Service and Consumer Protection

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    Customer Service and Consumer Protection Satisfied customers are important to Boots. If Boots can keep its customers satisfied, it is more likely to be successful. From Boots the customers expect good service from the staff. They also expect the shelves to be fully stocked all the time and they expect competitive prices. It is not always easy for businesses to judge how satisfied their customers really are. So they use a range of techniques to measure customer satisfaction. Customers need

  • Assessing the Quality and Effectiveness of Customer Service

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    Assessing the Quality and Effectiveness of Customer Service The issue of customer service has become very important to companies in competitive industries such as travel and tourism. There is not much point in spending huge sums in advertising for new customers to grow the business if the existing customers are defecting to competitors because they are not satisfied. On the other hand, a company, which has a solid base of satisfied loyal customers, will probably gain demand through personal

  • The Three Core Values Of A Customer Service

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    am a customer service representative at a health company funded by the state. I hear a lot and a lot is expected from me. My job description consists of talking to members over the phone. I explain about their benefits, services that we offer, obtain personal information, I verify authorization, look for provider and etc. With being the first point of contact I try hard to deliver the best customer service that I possibly can; so that I can show that I really cares about the members. The three core

  • Lesson 5: Dont Be A Customer Service Robot

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    Lesson 5: Don’t Be a Customer Service Robot Customer service is a very important description to a job. Every employee has a job description to their position that requires them to have some type of quality service that keeps their customers, patients and/or clients satisfied because of their business. Often, we see a lot of employees treat their customers as a part as a description, they become routine. Because employees’ tend to do the same exact thing, over and over again in the work place, they

  • What Are The Five Key Components Of Customer Service

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    a) Good customer service is a critical component of a quality product. Collier (2011) states that service needs to be consistent, continuous, thoughtful and available. These are crucial in meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Collier also continues on to state that staff providing customer service must have appropriate skills, knowledge and personal attributes to execute a high standard of service. These skills have been identified by Collier as listening skills, punctuality, courtesy, integrity

  • Analysis Of Latvijas Gaze Customer Service Center

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    As per our observation of Latvijas Gaze’s customer service center, we investigated the potential for certain areas of improvement to increase employee’s productivity in Latvijas Gaze customer service center. After analyzing the work place of Latvijas Gaze customer service center, we came up with three recommendations which we think are necessary for increasing the employee’s productivity. Our recommendations are : 1. We should control the noise at the workplace in order to increase productivity.