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  • Traits of Poor Customer Service

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    Customer Service We all deal with customer service on some level in our daily tasks. Our experiences are not always pleasant, and I feel that more focus needs be on providing not only just basic customer service but to step it up and provide quality customer service. While there are both external and internal customers, they both should receive the same respect. Service can be provided thru forms of both written and oral communication. How many times have you received an email and thought,

  • Customer Service at Sangria Company

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    Customer Service at Sangria Company Introduction ============ Sangria Company is one of the country largest soft drink companies. Sangria with it is 10 manufacturing plants all over United States and more than 1,200 employees produce an average of 5,40,5000 cases of soft drink monthly. Sangria Company recognizes that customer satisfaction is the key to their long-term success. They monitor customer satisfaction and are interested in finding ways to improve that satisfaction. Unfortunately

  • Manners in Customer Service

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    Manners in Customer Service Many people say that manners are on a decline. It is perceived that people are generally rude. I'm here to report that this is not true. In my two and a half years of experience in retail, I have met and dealt with hundreds of people. I have found that as long as you are courteous, trustful, and empathetic, people can't help but reciprocate these feelings towards you In my two and a half years at Kmart, I have learned many things about manners. I have worked in

  • FedEx Service Magnagement and Customer Service Issue

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    FedEx Service Management Issue: Federal Express, which is commonly known as FedEx, is regarded as America’s largest provider for overnight mail delivery. The company has a huge workforce of nearly 300,000 purple-blooded employees. In addition to having over 600 aircraft, FedEx has complicated models of Boeing and Airbus that transport over 3 million packages on a daily basis. The firm achieves its deliveries through the unique hub and spoke system, which are mainly used to transport packages that

  • Importance Of Customer Service In Business

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    Why customer service is so important for business Whatever your area of business, customer service should be at the centre of your business model for you to be successful. The ability to share customer service experiences online has increased expectations among consumers and put pressure on business owners to provide an outstanding service. Given that customers are the most important aspect of a business – without customers there can be no sales – it makes sense for business owners to put in the

  • The Customer Service of McDonald´s

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    For many important and well known companies its people are most important asset. For McDonald’s this applies as well. Employees who demonstrate positive attitudes and ability of commitment strive to be number one in customer satisfaction. For this same reason, McDonalds’s restaurants focus on attracting and hiring the best and at the same time provide the best place to work. Unfortunately McDonald’as well as other companies have to experience staff turnover. Many of these reasons consist of changing

  • The Importance Of Customer Service

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    Customer service has been around for many years. When customer service first came into place in the business world, it was in stores. In society today customer service is with any job with any company. “Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job. -Anonymous”. (Walter). Customer service is taking care of your customers. Every customer needs to be treated the same with excellent customer service no matter the business or the age of the customer. All employees need to adapt to each customers’

  • Personlized Customer Service

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    to mind when thinking about how to effectively run your business in this, and any, economy. What we should be thinking, and how we should be approaching our customers is, “it’s personal, it’s business”. People want to feel that extra touch of personalized service, and indeed, expect to be “wooed” in order to remain a customer. Regular customers want to be remembered when they walk into your store, they want to feel they belong. Consequently, calling them by name and making them feel welcome will set

  • Customer Service Improvement

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    Customer Service Improvement It is a beautiful day for father and son to take a trip to the home improvement store were things typically go horribly bad once they return home. Typically a home improvement project becomes a disaster once the supplies are purchased and the work begins. In this case the problem occurred much earlier than normal and the actual project never did get off the ground. Light bulbs, nails, a tube of caulk and one 40 lb. bag of asphalt patch was loaded into the home improvement

  • Improving Customer Service

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    Improving Customer Service There are many methods in Asda can improve there Customer service. Nowadays every Supermarket has there own way of saying Thank you to the customer this then shows the customer that they are respected and the are wanted back and they are welcome to shop at your supermarket as long as they like. Here are some of the methods that can be used to improve the Customer service at Asda: 1. Free Gifts 2. Loyalty Cards 3. BOG OF (Buy One Get One Free) 4. Special