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  • Cursive Essay

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    properly write in cursive. Cursive handwriting is an important aspect of a proper education and should be brought back to the school curriculum for the benefit of the students. As a child in elementary I was taught to write in cursive right along with basic handwriting, and It was a mandatory part of the public school curriculum at the time. Learning to write in cursive had many beneficial aspects for me as a child that children today need as much as I did then. Children need cursive handwriting because

  • The Importance Of Cursive Writing

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    Cursive handwriting has been taught in American schools for the past 300 years and once was the principle way of communicating (Blazer, 2010). The declining emphasis of learning cursive handwriting can be attributed technological advances. The debate over the value of handwriting instruction didn’t start with the introduction of the computer; it dates back to the debut of the Remington typewriter in 1873 and is revived with each new technological advance, including the Dictaphone, the Xerox machine

  • The Death Of Cursive Narrative

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    The Death of Cursive For centuries, cursive handwriting has been considered an art. However, to a increasing number of young people the form is becoming extinct. The graceful letters of the cursive alphabet have been transcribed on innumerable love letters, acted as the method for articulating thoughts in journals and diaries, and have been scrawled across elementary school chalkboards for generations. Yet, cursive is gradually vanishing due to the accessibility to keyboards and smartphones. While

  • The Joys and Benefits of Cursive Writing

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    “What is this? I am not accepting this paper until you rewrite it in cursive!” This is what I heard from my old teacher telling my buddy who didn’t take the ‘cursive only’ rule seriously. I attended MMI, a private military school that instilled many values in their students; including, the aforementioned ‘cursive only’ rule. I didn’t really understand why they made us write in cursive, I actually hated it! “Let me write the way I want to write!” is something I always dreamed about yelling at my teacher

  • Examples Of Cursive: The Slanted Script

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    Cursive: the Slanted Script When I first began to learn cursive in Mrs. Schuler’s second grade class, I wasn’t too delighted about the fact that I had to sit silently in my desk for what seemed to be an hour learning how to turn my page to the side and trying to remember how many humps an “m” and “n” have. It was incredibly tedious sitting there watching a video and following the steps as Mrs. Schuler would survey the progress of my class, never hesitating to correct us if we were doing it wrong

  • Examining an editorial: Cursive handwriting

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    editorial was written by the Denver post editorial board and discusses the opposing views on keeping cursive writing in U.S schools curriculums. It emphasizes cursive as a dying art form and expounds on how technology is more important than the traditions of cursive hand writing in this new day and age. It argues that cursive should be taken out of the curriculum completely and recently it has been. Cursive has been deemed irrelevant and kicked to the curb, but for this paper I will be dissecting the

  • Cursive Writing: A Waste of Education?

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    When is the last time you wrote in cursive besides writing your signature? If you answered honestly, it has probably been months if not years since you have last written a letter or document in cursive. Cursive is a style of penmanship that supposedly allows you to write faster by connecting the flow of the letters together. The handwriting is most popular among the older generation. State legislatures are currently going back and forth discussing if cursive writing should be included in the Common

  • The Palmer Handwriting Method

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    critical brain development, but at the same time, they are eliminating unnecessary instruction. The reality is that handwriting, albeit important, is a disputable topic and has its balance of advantages and disadvantages. Works Cited "5 Reasons Cursive Writing Should Be Taught in School." Concordia University's Online Education Degrees. Concordia University, n.d. Web. 16 Dec. 2013. Grossberg, David, and Debbie Grossberg. "We Lose Much If Handwriting Disappears." We Lose Much If Handwriting Disappears

  • The Decline of Classic Standards for the Advancement of Modern Technology

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    For the past few years, many educators around the United States have debated the decision of whether or not it is necessary to continue teaching cursive handwriting in elementary schools seeing as most classes are now being taught with computers. The decision left independently to each school, one may worry about the education of future generations and what effects may take place if classic standards are removed from the school system, replaced with a modern and technological way of teaching. Many

  • My Repretation Of Writing And Writing Skills

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    My interpretation of the writing sample I can sleep I can wake I can dam I can cut wood I can cuddle I like pizza and pasta sauce This essay provides an analysis of a writing sample from a foundation literacy learner at the beginning developmental stage in their spelling and writing skills. (reference). Overview of your analysis, which is what you will address and expand on in your body paragraphs. Cite the theories.. and strategies of foundation literacy and language development AND state the teaching