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  • My Favorite City Coffee Shop

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    If you 're in the market for a cup of coffee from someplace a little less mainstream, Oklahoma City has got you covered. Some of the best coffee places in the city are independently owned. No matter what your style is, if your palette is after a delicious bean, satisfy your caffeine craving at one of these independent Oklahoma City cafes. Cuppies & Joe Hands down, Cuppies & Joe is my favorite Oklahoma City coffee shop. The quaint café, carved from a restored vintage house, features wood floors

  • Essay On Drinking Coffee

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    up and drink a cup of dark French roast coffee. As I smell the scent of it, almost inevitably, I remember how my brother’s favorite coffee was hazelnut and how he smiled and said, “This is the ultimate coffee.” For a split second, I sense my French roast as hazelnut coffee and notice a smile on my face. Ready to function with caffeine running through my veins, I head to campus. Looking at the organism, myself, as a whole, drinking coffee consists of a swift motion of picking up a cup and sipping the

  • The Impact of Drinking too Much Caffeine

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    equivalent of almost 2 cups of coffee), with as many as 30% of Americans consuming 500 mg or more per day. The most common sources of caffeine includes coffee beans, tea plants, kola nuts, mate leaves, guarana paste and yoco bark. To understand the unique role that caffeine plays, it is useful to gain perspective on its common sources which is unfermented beverages. Some of the beverages in the amount 5oz contains the following caffeine content. Brewed coffee (90 to125 mg), Instant coffee (35 to164mg), Decaffeinated

  • Best Coffee Maker Essay

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    Title: Best coffee maker with grinder buying guide Did you know that you could brew your own coffee? Just buy the best coffee maker with a grinder. This appliance will simplify your coffee-making days. Like most people, you might love your coffee fresh and tasty. Without a coffee-maker, your odds of tasting yummy coffee are low. Most restaurants use the same powder products found in supermarkets. I am sure you buy these too. From what I have noticed, home-made coffee smells better. Its taste is

  • Sustainability: A Comparative Analysis Of Kwik Koffee Company

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    goal is to meet consumers with unique coffees whose crops do not adversely affect the environment and humans. Bearing in mind the superior quality and the distinctive flavors of these cafes, we seek to contribute to sustainability by enhancing these coffee producers in harmony with sustainable practices. Sustainability is a production model that aims at delivering better economic results for both human and the natural environment (Kuhlman and Farrington, 2010). “Environmental sustainability means ensuring

  • Starbucks: The Best Coffee Around

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    Starbucks: The Best Coffee Around I could not survive without coffee. Starbucks is one of the few coffee companies who give their customers the service they deserve. Founded in late 1987 by Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegl, and Jerry Baldwin Starbucks aim was to become the best coffee company around the world. These men first started the company in the city of Seattle, Washington but now have thousands of locations. Throughout the years, more people found out about the company as stores spread. Starbucks

  • Analysis Of Nespresso Pixie Espresso

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    Getting a great cup of espresso is a joy. The strong flavor of the brew and the creamy, rich crema cap is like nothing else. The best espresso machine under 200 will be a machine that has more of the luxury features than a lower cost machine. It will not have all the features of a far more expensive machine. What it will have are solid and well-made internal mechanics, an attractive exterior and a well-rounded set of features. These three machine are some of the nicer machines on the market at this

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Starbucks Cups Much Abrew About Nothing

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    Rhetorical Analysis of “Starbucks Cups Much Abrew About Nothing” Whether you get you a venti, grande or a tall at Starbucks they hand you just a cup right? In the article “Starbucks Cups Much Abrew About Nothing” the author explains how the uproar has grown about the latest Christmas cup that has hit the stores nationwide. In the Hartford Courant, published on November 17th, the article is gearing towards people who drink Starbucks regularly or people who wait all year for the special holiday drinks

  • Where Do We Begin?

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    Snack: Banana (105 calories), 1 coffee with 2 Tbsp half and half cream (40 calories) Breakfast: 2 scramble eggs (140 calories), 1/2 ounce shredded cheese (60 calories), ½ cup of strawberries (25 Calories), skim milk (90 calories) Snack: Spiru-Tein shake made with skim milk (189 calories) Lunch: 5 ounce pack of Tuna with mustard (180 calories), 1 serving whole grain crackers (140 calories), 10 olives (48 calories) Snack: smoothie, small (200 calories) Dinner: 8 oz ground turkey burger without the

  • Cooling Rate of Certain Liquids

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    Experiments to Determine the Cooling Rate of Coffee, when Milk should be Added and what Container should be Used The aim of the first experiment was to find out and record the cooling rate of coffee under three different conditions and thus showing when milk should be added assuming you have a phone call. The three different conditions were chosen because these were the most likely situations encounted by someone who is making a cup of coffee. We used Tain instruments to accurately calculate