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  • The Importance Of Education In The 21st Century

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    the country will be more informed about what is happening in society and politics. They can gain knowledge about current affairs and status of country. A person can give opinion only if he has some knowledge regarding that field. So if people are educated they can easily participate in political affairs and can give their opinions according to the situation. They can raise their voice if something bad is happening in politics. They can remove corruption from the country. Being educated it help the

  • Cultural Activism and Culture Jamming

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    Cultural Activism and Culture Jamming Cultural activism is not quite the same as traditional political activism. Within the sphere of traditional activism, there are issues like war, nuclear power, abortion and standard organizational principals and consciousness-raising strategies. Cultural activism (and more specifically culture jamming), in many ways goes beyond traditional strategies that have typified political action concentrating on issues like distribution and the public nature of art

  • Political Judgments Should Be Based on Merit and Performance Not Political Labels

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    on April 6 was indeed interesting. Apparently you consider yourself a socialist and have some deep seated sensitivity regarding the definition of the word itself. Judging from the tone of your letter you also apparently subscribe to "identity" politics and place great importance on labels. My wife and I are not from the Midwest and can not understand why so many people in Milwaukee continue to focus on race, labels, and political party identities. We prefer to make our political judgments based

  • The Importance Of Public Space

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    spaces where increasingly diverse peoples negotiate such differences as language, ethnicity and race, and wealth. The fate of truly public space hinges on how these and other challenges are addressed, like exponential growth and increasing social and cultural complexity and other issues: Who has the right to the city? Who determines exclusion and expulsion from the ‘public’ and what effects does it hold on our fundamental ideals? (Blomley, 2000) At least since the Greek agora, public spaces have had a

  • Is Party Competition Still Driven by Ideology?

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    Is party competition still driven by ideology? A variety of ideologies and parties nowadays is an inevitable and essential feature of the democracy. Every party by its nature tends to gain the official state legislature position, and essentially every party differs from other ones in its ideological core. The modern political system, parties, believes and attempts are different form those 50 years ago, and it is the normal sequent political world development. It is claimed that the modern party

  • Summary Of The Age Of Federalism

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    the diverse impact it may have on the emerging republic. This book was written in order to give an analytical survey of the nation’s crucial decade under the constitution. This book provides a historical account of political, military, economic, cultural and diplomatic problems that faced the new nation. These issues are examined in the book from different point of views. The authors conducted a well-organized research using hundreds of sources such as, government documents, US documents, statesman’s

  • Jaques Maritain and Political Life

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    and grace within the very order of civilization, a view of seeing the human person and political society in a way that is in opposition to both liberalism and an inhuman anthropocentric humanism. Rather, this Christian lay conception of the body politic will be an “Integral, or theocentric, humanism,” a humanism rooted in a Christian Incarnational anthropology.

  • Protecting Women from Domestic Violence

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    intimates. While policies and practices designed to protect women have emerged in a number of countries, many lag behind on the issue. This paper will examine the causal factors behind the variation in protection for women. The literature on women and politics suggests that women’s representation may increase the level of protection against domestic violence because female legislators are more likely to put women’s issues on the agenda and make policy choices that benefit their sex. Alternatively, the

  • Religion and Politics

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    Religion and Politics Both liberals and conservatives have become quite adept at mixing religion and politics in our current society. One also continues to observe an ongoing practice of civil religion demonstrated by presidents and office-seekers on both the left and right. Generally, the leftist merger of religion and politics has received greater social acceptability because it has been cloaked in such rights' causes as civil rights, women's rights, or economic rights (the social distribution

  • Politics In Caesar: Prostitute's Control On Politics

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    that creep repay you ?” He tries to regulate your job with new laws. Prostitutes were able to affect politics through the men they serviced. Politics tried to regulate prostitution in order to limit their control on politics. War was the reason for the increasing control prostitutes had on politics and the senates need to control prostitution increased because of war. Prostitutes sway over politics was stronger than any woman in the Roman republic because they were allowed to discuss with their clients