Cultural Industries

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  • The Cultural Industry: An Introduction To Cultural Industries

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    Introduction to Cultural Industries: According to UNESCO, Culture industries can be defined as “It is a series of activities in which cultural products and cultural services are produced according to industry standards, reproduced, stored and distributed.” The idea of cultural industries has been constantly improved. It is branched into two parts now, “academician” and “practician”. Academician usually characterize the cultural industry from “theoretical-ideological” attitude, however, practician

  • Nicholas Garnham - The Cultural Industries

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    this paper in Cultural Studies 1.1 (1987). In it, he introduces a neglected dimension of cultural formation within cultural studies, i.e., the constitution and the formation of cultural industries, the intensification of cultural distribution, and therefore access to audiences and what contribution cultural studies can offer to policy making. We do not often see this level of analysis studies of cultural consumption (p. 2). CONCEPTS OF CULTURE: PUBLIC POLICY AND THE CULTURAL INDUSTRIES 1. introduction

  • Cultural Industry Of The Animation Industry In The 21st Century

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    Some scientists have predicted that one of the promising industries in the 21st century is cultural industry. Animation industry, as one branch of cultural industry, is one potential sunrise industry in the 21st century, which has the large number of consumer groups, huge market demands and long life cycle of the products with added values and high internationalization. Now it is playing a more important role in cultural industry. However, if we make a comprehensive survey of the situation of animation

  • Cultural Industries – Theory Assignment

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    Cultural Industries – Theory Assignment The dominant traditions have an important role to many economies in terms of assessing change and continuity that involves the growth of prosperity and employment in the cultural industries. The process to determine the best solution may be complicated and tiresome as controversy surrounds these traditions. Profit generating and control may be the main reasons of these approaches, but they also carry an important characteristic in how society understands “the

  • The Movie Industry and Western Cultural Values

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    It is evident that Western Cultural values are diffused worldwide through the movie industry. The films are controlled by western funding and reflect Western perspectives vividly. Between the lines in the scripts, filmgoers are urged to link the Western culture and “whiteness” with positive-hence legitimate-values and accept whites dominant position. Film is a powerful medium, thus movies were created with emotional designs on the individual audience in order to control his or her mind hence Hollywood

  • Tourism And Cultural Values In The Modern Tourism Industry

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    Nowadays, culture is becoming more important for modern tourism industry and represents a significant force of attraction for both domestic tourists and international tourists. In order to gain more knowledge and to become more involved in the history or culture of the tourism destination, more and more people are willing to spend days in cultural heritage sites. Cultural Heritage is defined as an assembly of monuments (including architectural works, monumental sculptures and paintings, elements

  • The Importance of Creative and Cultural Industries in Britain Today

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    The Importance of Creative and Cultural Industries in Britain Today The creative and cultural industries play a huge part in the everyday life of British society. In London, there is a variety of creative industries ranging from musical theatre in the west end, to mime artists working on the streets. There is dance, plays and much more for an audience to choose. This can be considered important, as these industries bring society together, and create a means of entertainment for the people

  • A Cultural Studies Analysis of “From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry”

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    In Justin Pearson's memoir, From the Graveyard of the arousal Industry, he recounts the events that occured from his early years of adolesence to the latter years of aduthood of his unforgiving and candid life, set in the late 1970s "Punk" rock scene. Through pure determination and perserverance, Pearson is able to successfully see through his aspiration to become a musician. From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry offers a valuable insight about what culture is, how it differs from ideology and

  • Does the UK TV industry reflect its cultural diversity

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    black presenters in the UK. The lack of black TV presenters is the most current topic but I will be undertaking research into the entire media spectrum, gathering statistical information and opinions on whether the media appropriately reflects its cultural diversity. Argument Reggie Yates stated that he believes there was more of an opportunity for black presenters in the US than there is in the UK as there are more opportunities in America as well as a larger black audience. Reggie Yates believes

  • Media Conglomeration

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    media example, the Walt Disney Company, and two media approaches, the media as cultural industries and media conglomeration. The first part of this comparative analysis will be a frame of reference to understand Disney’s ownership and structure within the media sector. Discussing the Disney Companies subsidiaries will show this. The frame of reference will also be used to state facts that show Disney as a cultural industry. The reason for this is to firstly help us understand the two media approaches