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  • The Significance of Library and Archives Canada in Preserving Canadian History

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    139-149. Retrieved from McCormick, P. (2007). Preserving Canada's cultural heritage: Library and Archives Canada. Feliciter, 53(5), 260-262. Retrieved from:

  • Australia’s Economy

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    Australia is a stable, developed, democratic country even though it’s the Smallest continent in the world. Australia has a mixed free market economy founded on agriculture, mining, and services. Australia has a strong economic trade with most of the Asia-Pacific countries. It lies between the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Australia is in one of the fastest growing regions of the world. Its capital is Canberra and its largest city is Sydney. Australia has the population of 23 million people.

  • What are Traditional Sacred Groves?

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    of primary forest left in Southern Nigeria. And it is also one of the largest sacred groves that have survived to nowadays. Because of its magnificent importance and traditional culture value, Osun-Osgogbo was inscribed in the list of UNESCO world Heritage Site list in 2005. The Yoruba goddess of gertility is the deity that people in Osun believed in. More than four centuries ago, they began to build the sacred grove and kept maintaining it. Not only the place are well remained, but also the culture

  • Different Roles In Alice Walker's Everyday Use

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    background influence in the formation of their personality. Maggie and Dee has an opposite trait to generate their mother’s attitude toward different way. Alice has cleverly written by black people of generation complex attitude on the ideas and cultural heritage in Everyday Use. Mother-daughter relationship also is complicated in those two articles. In No Name Woman, the mother tells the daughter a story about her aunt and do not allow tell anyone else. The mother is traditional person and she hopes

  • Native Culture In The Movie: The Education Of Little Tree

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    there are stark contrasts made between the Cherokee and European way of life. It becomes evident that cultural influences have an effect on the young boy and they can be seen through the process of acculturation, the sensitive period for culture

  • The Woman Warrior and The Interesting Narrative

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    the issue of one’s cultural identity by way of the telling of their own story, and how it has affected them. By telling their stories as persons who have emerged themselves into a new culture, but at the same retained vestiges of the old, Olaudah Equiano and Maxine Kingston are exemplifying a duality in cultural identity, that is often times lost. Before continuing, though, it is important to clarify the definition of “cultural identity,” at least for this paper. One’s cultural identity is the

  • Cultural Capital Essay

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    need to be exploited effectively. The main aim of this section is about that cultural tourism as a tool to build community well-being capital which is cultural capital in Can Tho. Literature Review 1. Cultural capital Cultural capital can represent a communities’ identity, their traditions, and understanding of each other. Cultural capital can be enacted through common occupations such as farming and ranching. Cultural capital can also be framed by a common attitude. ( Jacobs, 2011) For example

  • Sara Smolinsky and Cultural Pluralism in Jewish-American Culture

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    a unique African-American culture extant of the standards of a singular American cultural identity. For Hughes, this unique culture lies within the working-class, out of sight of the American national culture. This culture, while neither completely African nor American, maintains the vibrant and unique roots of the African-American experience. Schuyler advocates cultural assimilation, while Hughes promotes cultural pluralism, in which minority cultures maintain their distinctive qualities in the

  • Masterchef Israel’s Diaspora Representation

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    appreciation of diaspora nationalism. Through emphasizing Franz’s cooking style, the judge’s appreciation for the variation in the dishes, and the camera focusing on the types of ingredients used, Masterchef Israel aesthetically reflects Israel’s cultural bonding through diaspora nationalism. Masterchef frames Franz as a humble chef who is aware of the Israel kosher practices, and yet does not let these cooking limitations hinder his German influences and creativity. Citizens of Israel take great

  • Assimilating into American Culture

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    perspective stems from my heritage; which is Irish, Apache and Cherokee; my family chose to settle in Texas rather than face forced conefinement on a reservation. My family has finally incorporated a blend of all these different cultural traditions and customs. This was not an easy transition nor did it happen overnight; it has taken many generations for my family to embrace all the discordant cultures into a harmonious environment. My grandmother denied her Indian heritage for many years; her coloring