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  • Cultural, Religious and Language Conflicts in Bless Me, Ultima

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    Cultural, religious and language conflicts in Bless Me, Ultima Bless Me, Ultima, written by Rudolfo Anaya and published in 1972, has become one of the most widely read as well as critically acclaimed novels in the Chicano literature. It is first in the trilogy of novels by Anaya, with Heart of Aztlan (1976) and Tortuga (1979) following it. This novel can be viewed from many angles as well as layers, as it intertwines issues or themes of psychological maturation, social changes, identity crisis and

  • Cultural Conflicts in the Workplace

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    Cross-cultural conflict can arise at any time in the workplace and sometimes we are not aware it has even developed until it has become a major issue with another worker or client. Sometimes issues can be resolved simply by talking to each other but at other times mediation needs to be used to come to a reasonable truce and understanding. Even if we speak the same language and follow the same religion there can be conflict because we are all individuals with different thoughts and ideas. There are

  • Cross-Cultural Conflicts In The United States

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    Post your thoughts about the potential impacts of cross-cultural conflicts within the United States. As a member of the Military Intelligence Community and an All Source Intel Analyst instructor, the concepts of cross cultural awareness is something that I must consider and address frequently. I am a certified instructor for an INSCOM approved Critical Thinking Course that was designed and developed off the teachings of Dr. Richard Paul and Dr. Linda Elder from the Critical Thinking Foundation out

  • Cultural Shock in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard

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    Cultural Shock in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard projects the cultural conflict of the turn of the twentieth century of Russia. With a historical allusion, Chekhov exhibited the changing Russia with "slice of life" in his play. The Cherry Orchard is not only a depiction of Russian life but also an understatement of changing traditional value. Cultural conflict itself is an abstraction. To explain it, it is the traditional culture that is unable to resist the

  • Explaining The Twenties

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    In 1920, for the first time, the United States census revealed that more Americans lived in cities than in rural areas. This fact speaks to a dramatic cultural shift that had taken place. The older ethnically homogenous white Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) culture, characterized by their traditional religion and farm life fell into decline. Overtaking its influence was a new, secular, urban mass culture rooted among diverse ethnic groups. It was a culture that provided more opportunity for equal participation

  • Native American Boarding Schools During the Westward Expansion

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    Native American Boarding Schools During the Westward Expansion People know about the conflict between the Indian's cultures and the settler's cultures during the westward expansion. Many people know the fierce battles and melees between the Indians and the settlers that were born from this cultural conflict. In spite of this, many people may not know about the systematic and deliberate means employed by the U.S. government to permanently rid their new land of the Indians who had lived their

  • Conflicting Cultures in Gish Jen's Mona in the Promised Land

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    Conflicting Cultures in Gish Jen's Mona in the Promised Land Novels that illustrate a confrontation between disparate cultures provide particularly straightforward insights into basic human behavior. Characters confronted with a cultural conflict must explore basic human commonalities to breach the gap between the cultures. In doing so, one diminishes the differences between her culture and the unknown culture, ultimately bringing her closer to her raw humanity. Simultaneously, this sets

  • A Modern Black Arts Movement through the Instrument of Hip-Hop

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    Hip-Hop Since the decade of 1920, America has been the setting for a progressive "Black Arts Movement." This African-American cultural movement has taken shape in various genres, gaining mass appeal, through multiple capitalistic markets. Even with the use of capitalism this cultural arts movement has stayed set upon its original purpose and direction, by aiding in cultural identity awareness. The knowledge of the duel-self through community awareness as it pertains to economic perceptions and other

  • Pilgrimage /Christian, Muslim

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    Pilgrimage /Christian, Muslim A Study of the Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land And the Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca SSC 231 Cultural Conflict and Human Solidarity University College Utrecht May 2001 Introduction A French folklorist and ethnographer, Arnold Van Gennep (1908-1960) gave us the first clues about how ancient and tribal societies conceptualized and symbolized the transitions men have to make between states a statuses . He demonstrated that all rites of passage are marked

  • Cultural Conflict In Ama Ata Aidoo's Dilemma Of A Ghost

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    Culture Shock The conflict within Dilemma of a Ghost by Ama Ata Aidoo seems to arise from the Eulalie’s foreignness, however; it arises from both party’s lack of knowledge of the others culture and Ato’s new Americanized beliefs. The world is comprised of diverse cultures and beliefs. Ideals of one’s culture can be tested when influences from the outside changed a person’s ideals. In Dilemma of a Ghost, not only does culture conflict arise between Ato’s wife Eulalie and Esi but also from Ato himself

  • Essay On Cultural Conflict

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    cultures, there will always be disaccord in major ideologies and ways of thinking which eventually leads to reform or sometimes regression. Concepts of morality and cultural practices can create dissonance when there are opposing views, causing a shift in ethics in order to protect their original way of existence. At times, this conflict can birth efforts at positive social reconstruction, however during specific instances it causes severe destruction and loss of ethical direction. Both in the 16th

  • Cross Cultural Conflict

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    each other, the more they develop personal assumptions that could lead to conflict.’ (, 16/02/14) There are many issues which may arise in regard to cross-cultural conflict, from both sides of the interaction. It is acknowledged, for instance, that this writer, like everyone else, has his own preconceptions that will influence how he processes data and behave, and which are primarily due to the ‘accident’ of his cultural up-bringing. These ‘prejudices’ may influence the way he works with others

  • Cultural Conflict In The Classroom

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    how to be good individuals, while still teaching them how to succeed in modern society, and it is made very clear that it is very difficult to educate students without considering their culture and race. In the book Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom, the author, Lisa Delpit covers arduous topics about problems in the education system that causes students to not receive an equal education as another student, due to their socioeconomic status, culture, and race if the teacher

  • Cultural Conflicts In Nursing

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    As the nurse manager of an oncology unit, I often receive employee complaints. However, a recent confrontation has stuck my attention and after analyzing the situation many cultural conflicts seemed to present themselves. From the information I was given many of these complaints involve one of my nurses, Miryam, a 29-year-old Nigerian Muslim. Miryam is said to be slower than other nurses and takes too much time, as well as foisting her religion on to the patients she works with. From past incidences

  • Cultural Conflict In Health Care

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    There are times when our values conflict with our professional roles. Religious values, cultural, social values might affect the way service is being rendered in the health care industry. There are challenging events happening every single day in the daily activity setting of nursing. I value respecting one another. I believe in diplomacy than violence. I place my faith at the highest level. Like most of us do, I have found it hard in my life to make peace with people who disrespect my dignity and

  • Cross Cultural Conflict Case Study

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    It is very common that conflicts arise within teams and this likelihood increase in a diverse group. Different backgrounds, values, beliefs, race and age trigger differences in a diverse group, if these differences are not mediated on time or prevented the performance of the job and deadlines could be jeopardized. In this case, a diverse team is working on a project called the monitor project for a health care client. The team is composed of six team members who came from different backgrounds. With

  • Cultural Conflict In The Guatemalan Civil War

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    Cultural conflicts often revolve around certain topics such as: quality of life issues, the recognition or strengthening of identities, third generation rights, and the concept of cultural citizenship (“Understanding Social Conflict” 40). The five main addressed issues within these topics are political struggles, public safety issues, environmental issues, human rights conflicts, and issues of values, beliefs, and identity. A well known and unfortunate event caused from cultural conflict is the

  • Cross-Cultural Conflict and Communication Barriers

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    Introduction In this essay, I will be discussing ways in which cross-cultural conflict may arise, and ways to overcome these communication barriers. Effective communication between people of the same cultural background is complex and challenging at the best of times. Trying to understand and have good, effective communication between people from different cultural backgrounds is even more challenging. When counsellors engage with clients from different culture backgrounds, there can often

  • Cultural Conflict Theory And Juvenile Delinquency

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    this observation, the focus will center on the conflict theory, the culture conflict theory, and the cultural transmission theory as an attempt to clarify the connection between the two variables; juveniles and the delinquent behaviors that they exhibit. Juveniles spends most of their adolescent years trying to find their place in society. Social hierarchy among school aged children holds a particular importance (Sweeting & Hunt, 2014) The conflict theory expands the idea that delinquency steams

  • Comparing the Impact of Darwin on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and She

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    The Impact of Darwin on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and She Who Must Be Obeyed Imagine what would happen if everything you believed to be true was suddenly challenged.  How would you feel if the solid rock bottom of your religious and cultural beliefs turned into a slippery slope of doubt?  Such was the dilemma the Victorians faced with the publication of Darwin's Origin of the Species. The questioning of man's origin in the form of evolution and survival of the fittest brought an uneasy