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  • Crusades And Crusades

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    The Crusades: Salvation or Exploitation? Name Institutional affiliation The Crusades: Salvation or Exploitation? Crusade originates from the French word ‘croisade’ which literally translates to ‘the condition of being marked by a cross’. It describes maneuvers mostly about religious, social or politics matters. The origin of crusades can be traced back to approximately 1054, when the Roman Catholic Church invaded the Muslims in Turkey. The Church convinced its believers that agreeing with the church

  • The Crusades

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    Spanning from 1095 to 1212 C.E, the Crusades were an effort made by medieval Christians to regain their holy lands back from the Muslims. There were five crusades in total going in order from the First Crusade to the Children's Crusade. A few were effective in their own respects although these Crusades proved costly to the European Kingdoms as a result of large losses of life. This paper will explore these crusades and explain why some succeeded whereas others failed. The year was 1095; Pope Urban

  • The crusades

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    The Crusades were a turning point in history that affected the Middle East and Europe. The Crusades did transform the economy of the Middle East, but many of the changes were bad for Middle Eastern countries, but beneficial for the European Countries. Even while the Crusades benefited the Middle east by making European nations weak to invasion, the Muslim nations were more hurt by the Crusades because: the Europeans gained new intelligence, making the European nations just as developed as the Muslim

  • The Crusades

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    The Crusades At the end of the night of the Dark Ages a multitude of our ancestors left their homes. They started out on what they called the voyage of God. It was a migration, and a journey, and war. All kinds of people joined the marchers, lords and vagabonds, weapon men and peasants, proud ladies and tavern drabs. "A thing unheard of," said a chronicler of the day, "that such divers people and so many distinguished princes, leaving their splendid possessions, their wives and their children

  • The Crusades

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    The first crusade was started by Pope Urban II in the year 1095 with goals of liberating the sacred city of Jerusalem and the holy land from the Muslims. What started as an appeal by Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos for western mercenaries to fight the Seljuk Turks in Anatolia quickly turned into a wholesale Western migration and conquest of territory outside of Europe. In July of 1099 Knights from western Europe captured the city of Jerusalem, thus establishing the kingdom of Jerusalem and

  • The Crusades

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    The Crusades Though the causes of the crusades can easily be distinguished the one cause can not be effectively since there is always something that will contradict it. The crusades took place because of the rivalry as well as the clash of cultures between the Catholic Church and the Muslims, they both wanted power, the crusaders wanted more land, and more wealth and both parties wanted to be closer to the Armageddon. It can easily be determined that there was a rivalry between the Catholics

  • The Crusades

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    will prove that the crusades are important for today’s students to understand why they happened. The Crusades were a series of wars of Christians called the Crusaders who wanted the holy land back; because the Muslim’s had conquered Jerusalem (Holy Land)and they had conquered many other countries, so the crusaders wanted to conquer them, so that was the reason for all the wars. This was the Crusades. The Crusades directly contributed

  • The Crusades

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    apologizing for the heinous actions of the Crusades toward the Jewish and Muslim communities. Although all the people who were a part of the actual event are no longer living, the situation continues on because there has been no closure. The Crusades, an event close to 900 years ago, needs to be ended with a formal apology from Christians to all those effected. To the Muslim and Jewish families today, who are ancestors to some of the victims of the Crusades, an apology would finally close the open

  • The Crusades

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    THE CRUSADES Many great civilizations went into a depression after they had their golden age. One of these civilizations was the Western Europe civilization. After the fall of Rome the Western Europe civilization went into the dark ages while Eastern Europe called the Byzantine Empire prospered. Western Europe was brought out of the dark ages by the crusades. The crusades were the one thing that brought Western Europe out of the crusades After Rome fell Western Europe had lost their civilization

  • The Crusades

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    The Crusades A major turning point in Medieval history were the Crusades. The Crusades were a series of wars fought between the Christian Europeans and the Muslim Turks, which occurred between the years of 1096 to 1272. In this Holy War the Christians goal was to obtain the Holy Land from the Turks, in which they did not succeed. Although the Christians did not meet their goal, many positives did come out of their attempt. Due to the reason that they did not meet their goal, yet numerous positives